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West Hollywood animal hospital featuring Dr. Sehaj Grewal

Dr. Sehaj Grewal loves to make a difference in the world by taking care of the plethora of cats and dogs who come through his West Hollywood animal hospital. After hearing many people complain they are still having trouble getting vet appointments, he decided to implement emergency vet hour to support pet parents.

“Our emergency vet service is a vital resource for the community, ensuring that pets receive the care they need when traditional clinics are closed,” said Dr. Grewal, known by residents as The Melrose Vet.

“By offering extended hours, we can provide immediate, life-saving treatments and peace of mind to pet owners during critical moments. I love being able to provide around the clock attention, because pets are so deserving!”

In the near future, Dr. Grewal also plans to expand his vet practice by offering day care and boarding.

Recent events, such as the disappearance of dogs under a pet sitter’s care in Santa Monica, highlight the need for reliable and trustworthy pet care professionals. We prioritize building strong, trusting relationships with our clients. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence in care ensures that pet owners can feel confident leaving their beloved pets in our hands.”

When he is not working out of his West Hollywood practice, Dr. Grewal is heavily involved in helping the homeless’ cats and dogs on Skid Row.

“Our charity work, through the Underdog Community Project founded by Liv Siegel, focuses on providing medical care and support to pets in need, particularly those in shelters and rescue organizations. Recently, we’ve launched initiatives to offer free vaccinations and spaying/neutering services to local rescues. This helps reduce the number of homeless pets and ensures they are healthy and ready for adoption. You can reach Liv at udcommunityproject@gmail.comfor more information or a quote.”

Dr. Grewal’s strong desire to work with pet rescues and be a source for the rescue community is evident–he hopes to work with local LA rescues who are ongoingly in need of vet care for the cats and dogs they pull from hi-kill shelters.

“We are passionate about supporting pet rescues and being a reliable resource for the rescue community. Our clinic offers cat boarding, vaccination services, and medical care to rescue organizations. By partnering with rescues, we aim to provide the necessary care that helps pets find their forever homes and live healthier lives.”

With warm weather almost here, Dr. Grewal is adamant about the importance of getting flea medication for your pets.

“As summer approaches, it’s crucial to ensure your pets are protected against fleas. Flea infestations can cause severe discomfort, allergic reactions, and transmit diseases. We are currently offering specials on flea medications, including discounts on Bravecto and Revolution. These products provide long-lasting protection, helping your pets stay healthy and comfortable during the warmer months.”

In addition to flea prevention, pet owners should be mindful of hot spots and allergies during warmer months.

“Hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis, can develop quickly in hot, humid conditions, especially in pets with thick fur,” Dr. Grewal acknowledged. “Allergies can also flare up due to increased pollen and other environmental factors. Regular grooming, proper hydration, and preventive care can help manage these issues. Our clinic offers treatments and advice to keep your pets comfortable and healthy throughout the summer.”