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Don’t Miss the New Season of “60 Days In” on A&E May 30th

By: Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/29/2024- The hit documentary series “60 Days In” is returning with a new season that promises to be an exhilarating and eye-opening experience for viewers. This time, seven participants are embarking on a daring mission as they go undercover in the Utah County Jail, one of the largest facilities in the state, hoping to shed light on the pressing issues of drug trafficking, contraband smuggling, and gang activity. Their objective is to help Sheriff Mike Smith, who is currently serving his second term, identify flaws within the system and implement positive changes for the benefit of both inmates and staff.

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In an unprecedented move, a new rule has been introduced: once a participant signals distress, they will be immediately extracted from the program, leaving no room for second chances or moments of weakness. Undeterred by the heightened stakes, these fearless individuals have formed a pact, unified in their determination to expose the system’s vulnerabilities and refrain from quitting prematurely, no matter the challenges they face. With diverse personal motives fueling their resolve, this new season of “60 Days In” promises to be a gripping exploration of the realities behind bars.

The Utah County Jail, one of the largest facilities in the state, is run by Sheriff Mike Smith, who was elected in 2018 and is currently serving his second 4-year term as the Utah County Sheriff. Prior to entering the facility, Sheriff Smith introduces the participants to one another so that once booked into the facility, they can work as a team to complete their missions.

The participants’ primary missions revolve around three key areas: exposing drug and contraband circulation, investigating gang activity, and identifying areas for improvement within the jail system.

One of the primary objectives for the undercover participants is to shed light on the prevalence of drug use and contraband smuggling within the Utah County Jail. They aim to uncover the various methods employed by inmates to obtain and consume illicit substances behind bars.  The participants’ findings on these methods could help Sheriff Mike Smith implement stricter protocols and security measures to combat the influx of drugs and contraband within the facility.

Another critical aspect of the participants’ missions is to investigate the extent of gang activity and its involvement in drug distribution and violent crimes within the Utah County Jail. The Utah County Major Crimes Task Force, comprised of local, state, and federal agencies, aims to “identify, investigate and dismantle major drug trafficking organizations operating in the Utah County area with emphasis on heroin, methamphetamine, and clandestine lab operations.”

The participants’ undercover work may uncover valuable information about gang-related activities, such as drug trafficking, violence, and the formation of alliances or rivalries among different groups. Their findings could assist the Task Force in targeting and apprehending high-level drug traffickers and gang members operating within the jail system.

Throughout their 60-day stint, the participants will closely observe the day-to-day operations, procedures, and potential vulnerabilities within the Utah County Jail. Their objective is to identify areas that require improvement, whether in security protocols, inmate management, or overall facility operations.

By experiencing the jail environment firsthand, the participants can provide valuable insights into issues that may go unnoticed by correctional officers and surveillance systems. Their observations could lead to incremental changes, such as stricter inspections of food trays, implementation of body scanners, or upgrades to video monitoring systems, as seen in other jails featured in previous seasons of “60 Days In.”

The information gathered by the participants will be crucial in helping Sheriff Mike Smith and his team implement positive changes that enhance the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff within the Utah County Jail.

The new season of “60 Days In” promises to be a captivating and eye-opening experience. The undercover participants, driven by personal motives and a united determination, are poised to shed light on the Utah County Jail’s most pressing issues, from drug trafficking and contraband smuggling to gang activity. Their unwavering commitment, even in the face of heightened stakes and immediate extraction upon signaling distress, showcases their dedication to exposing the system’s vulnerabilities.

As the participants immerse themselves in the jail environment, their findings and observations hold the potential to catalyze positive change. Sheriff Mike Smith’s proactive approach demonstrates his willingness to address identified flaws, paving the way for enhanced security protocols, improved inmate management, and a more rehabilitative environment for all. The culmination of their efforts aims to foster a safer and more secure correctional facility, benefiting both inmates and staff alike.

Season Premiere– Aired May 30 at 9pm ET/PT