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Week 3 “Nurse Sheila” Mark Teschner Casting Director ABC “General Hospital

Josie Goldberg

“Ain’t No Stopping us Now”

By Josie Goldberg

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 7/8/2024

Just like my winning thoroughbreds, when I put my mind to my goals, no one can stop me. When I was younger, and my foundation was not set I let other people tell me I am crazy and delusional when I went for the right stuff in life or as they say the good stuff (which everyone wants).

What I think is right others seem to think it’s the good stuff and for some reason most don’t wish that upon me. I think converting, elevating, and moving forward is the only way to live one’s life. I found myself the most miserable in life when I was stagnant or as they say in the industry “Gatekeeping”. I love to have a goal and either win or lose. Just sitting and watching others to me is the worst ever.  When I created my brand “Spoiled and Entitled” my mission statement was compared to my brief education in graduate school where we learned about the “NCLB” No Child Left Behind” law that the Bush Administration created in 2002 which gives equality to every child in their education in the “United States of America”. As a former Reality star and Playboy Model, my brands mission statement was “NWLB” No woman left behind” meaning when Hollywood A-list Jewish men did not pick me for love marriage and or career, I found a way to push forward and the live the glamorous life I wanted with or without them. I worked extremely hard in my career (education, talk therapy, and exercise) and found amazing romance with powerful men domestically, internationally who gave me what I needed to live my best life (if you know what I mean). I realized that I oversee my own destiny. I make the choosing and I am “Only Josie Knows”. Now that my goal is to be a working speaking actor on a network tv show, I created my new movement “NALB’ “No Actor left Behind”.    I am determined not to get left behind and more than ever push myself and others forward through my journey and hopefully my success.

Week three of class with was a complete success for me and according to Mark I was in the “Ballpark”.  I was playing a nurse “Sheila”. Basically, my character was sick of one of the Drs talking down to the nurses, and nurse Sheila not only stuck up for herself but for the other nurses as well. Mark said this was the first time I was listening to him which he played the megalomaniac Dr., and I was responding. I have to say I finally feel like I can act. It’s like when my horses went from being last to placing second, third or fourth. We did not win the race, but we did win by moving on up. Honestly, it’s the best feeling ever because I am learning a skill, that one can build a solid foundation and It feels feakin great! Each read is getting better and better.  I even dressed in character and wore my scrubs throughout my workday, and it helped me get into character for my evening class. Everywhere I went people believed I was a real nurse.  It’s kind of ironic because I dated so many Drs, and told off many as well, so this scene came naturally.

Like all dating coaches say its all a learning experience and it will all pay off in the end. All my lovers, dates etc. have helped me move forward and get closer to making big money.  A couple months back my agent had me shoot some pictures as a Dr. and Nurse and I posted some on my social media.  Many of my subscribers told me I looked aged and not my beautiful young self. I had to explain to them, I am not playing myself anymore, I am hired to play a character so I must look at the part, whatever it may be aged, serious or professional.

I have to say Mark is my best acting coach so far. When I met him initially, I tried to charm him and impress him with my big personality as he is one of the top casting directors in the industry. He did not respond at all but said “Josie you must do the work and learn a new craft of reading other people’s lines.  Don’t be hard on yourself, this is all new to you.  So, the first time we went slow. Okay he spoons fed me. He understood me and when he read to me for the first time the fear and anxiety of who he was (Casting director for General Hospital) for 30 years plus disappeared. It was just me, him and the script.  He was tough, but with a compassionate touch.  He was not allowing me to go back to Josie Goldberg land, instead he had a way of turning me into an actor that believes in herself, who with hard work, patience, can read lines, execute the character in the scene and is ready to go the post for her final scene for Mark Teschner’s final Class “Command your Audition.”

I am “ONLY JOSIE KNOWS” and this week Mark gave me a special scene that he handpicked and let’s see if I can nail it.