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Iration and Autumn Brand’s Launch Party – What an Afternoon!

By Judy Shields and sons

Photos The Hollywood Times & Autumn Brands

Carpinteria, California (The Hollywood Times) 07/08/2024

My two sons and I attended a VIP Iration and Autumn Brand’s official launch party, celebrating their new three hand-chosen strains from Autumn Brands‘ clean, spray-free family farm.

We had the opportunity to tour the Autumn Brands Nursery and Greenhouse:

What a beautiful place it was at this farm and I learned so much about the health benefits from many of these products. I brought my sons along, as my younger son Jesse (32), who knows all about growing products for health use and my eldest son Billy (39) who is a big fan of Iration, so they were both so excited to have been invited by their mom.

This is what what the younger son had to say: “The Iration sativa “Day Trippin” is a great strain and flavor to start your day or first smoke of the day. It has a great aroma with a hint of citrus to it and it smokes well, not harsh at all. Smooth with great flavor.  The Iration hybrid lemon “Time Bomb” is a great stain. It has a strong pungent smell with fruity hints to it reminds me of a nice OG. The flavor is smooth.  The Iration “Summer Night” indica strain is a smooth burning strong couch lock high. It has a fresh earthy sent with a smooth burn you can really tell Autumn Brands grows quality, clean flowers when you smoke their products. Each jar they gave to me had a barcode on it that gives you points and I scanned a couple and earned a free hat and that was way cool.  I really appreciate the staff on hand at the event, who really took care of my brother and me and even gave some samples of gummies for my mom for her anxiety.” Jesse Shields

Autumn Brands Iration Strains (Photo Autumn Brands)
now melt Pucker me Peach Gummies

I wasn’t sure about the gummies, but they have really helped me to sleep and my anxiety is in check.  The product I was given was called Now Melt – Pucker me Peach-Gummies.  Highly recommend these.  Judy Shields, The Hollywood Times

“Iration” so much to say about how much they truly bring reggae movement and good vibes. It’s so awesome to see how much they have grown in the culture and to bring what reggae stands for, One Love and blowing smoke. For Iration to have such a partnership like this opens a path for other bands and grow groups to really acknowledge that there are cleaner ways to grow the best tasting flower out there. I am personally super stoked to attend Iration tours to purchase and enjoy smoking the cleans FLOWER out here while Day Trippin. One Love to everyone…. Billy Shields

Iration is a reggae/pop group from Santa Barbara, California. All members originally hail from Hawaii. They play a mix of reggae, dub, pop, and rock.

This special event celebrated Iration’s hand-chosen strains from Autumn Brands‘ clean, spray-free family farm. Iration hand-picked their favorite strains including “Lemon Time Bomb”—hybrid, “Summer Nights”—indica, and “Daytrippin”—sativa, named after some of their classic hits and new album Daytrippin. The Santa Barbara cannabis farm is known for its commitment to spray-free, clean cannabis and sustainability, with strong strains that keep customers coming back.

We got to indulge in a curated Happy Hour with the Iration Flower Bar an Autumn Brands PAD Table, savor delicious bites and drinks, and the best part was to hear Iration play several of their songs.

Photos Courtesy of Autumn Brands:

Here is an age-restricted YouTube Video of that tour, copy the code and paste it into YouTube: iIH2T1vb_cM

Autumn Brands is a purpose-driven, women-owned, and family-owned company leading the industry in clean, sustainable cannabis cultivation. Its plants are grown without pesticides and are 100% spray-free. Each cannabis flower is meticulously hand-selected and hand-trimmed, guaranteeing the highest-quality product. Autumn Brands is dedicated to serving cannabis consumers, supporting the community, and protecting the environment.


Iration is a reggae-influenced rock/pop band, originally formed in Isla Vista, CA. Their deep-rooted island influence and Hawaii upbringing is fused with elements of rock, pop and soul to create smooth, uplifting original sounds. After almost two decades creating music together, Iration has racked up more than 1 billion streams, topped Billboard charts and established themselves as one of the most beloved independent bands to emerge from the SoCal scene. The band recently released their 7th studio album Daytrippin worldwide on October 6, 2023, available now on vinyl, CD and all digital platforms. To learn more about Iration, visit www.irationmusic.com.

We also received a gift bag too, with details about Fohse Lighting, known for the highest-rated LED grow light on the market with the most balanced spectrum.

Autumn Brands Swag bag with product and Iration hat, stickers and pins and details about Fohse Lighting, known for the highest-rated LED grow light on the market with the most balanced spectrum
To find more about this collaboration, and check out Autumn Brands‘ many offerings, including flower, pre-rolls, and wellness products, visit www.autumnbrands.com
Photos courtesy of Autumn Brands: