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The Wright Way

Krystle Wright And Milano (Photo: THT)

By Valerie Milano

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/16/24 – Krystle Wright, a legend in her own right, fearlessly ventures where no one has dared before, capturing breathtaking directorial footage and photographs that defy imagination. On March 18th, 2024, National Geographic invites viewers to witness a glimpse of her extraordinary world in an exclusive feature showcasing a typical day in her remarkable career as a renowned adventure photographer.

Upon first encountering Wright’s magnificent work, photography enthusiasts immediately recognize the immense effort, determination, and daring required to capture such dynamic shots. Many photographers may feel a twinge of apprehension at the thought of undertaking the challenges inherent in Krystle’s work. Yet, fear is a familiar companion to Wright. As she asserts, “The interesting thing about fear is that I actually find it to be a very healthy asset. The great thing about fear is that I know it’s going to keep me alive. For example, If I am rock climbing, I’m on a rope, and I am about to propel over the edge, I can guarantee that my heart will begin to pound; I know that this sensation is a good thing. The day that I’m in that situation and I am about to go over the edge and I’m not scared, that would signal to me ‘something is wrong, I am being complacent’. I think when we become complacent is when accidents happen. Fear, whilst it can be an incredible asset, It can also be a detriment and I hope that others don’t let it become their detriment. “

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The nuanced perspective that a photographer provides into the lives and worlds of many is truly remarkable. Indeed, Wright credits much of her personal and professional growth to her esteemed career in photography. She unveils, “The camera became that tool that I used to actually engage with the world. I’ve met so many people from different walks of life; the camera really forced me to come out of my shell. When I was younger I was really shy, I did not know how to approach strangers and strike up conversations. I think as a photographer we get to live many, many different lives. To be able to come into someone’s space and document their life. It is sort of like this show in that regard; I let a film crew come into my life and I had to be completely transparent and vulnerable for the story to work. As a photographer I am doing this as well to quite a few people- It was very interesting to be on the receiving end.”

Viewers will be treated to an enriching experience, delving deeper into Wright’s approach to her craft and her unbridled passion for adventure photography. Just as she has boldly carved her own path and established a captivating presence, she fervently urges aspiring creatives to embrace their uniqueness and forge their own exciting narratives! “For younger photographers, I would encourage a couple of things. To start, this career will definitely challenge you. Along the way, do not let your earnings define your success. If you cannot find a full time job in photography, that does not mean you are not a photographer. There are so many different pathways to become a creative. Whatever it is that you are doing, always have a passion project on the side; always shoot something for yourself. I would say from my experience, my passion projects have been what has helped me set myself apart from the rest. Your own unique voice, you would be surprised how many people resonate with it.”

Be sure to catch Krystle Wright’s installment in Photographer on March 18th and visit www.KrystleWright.com to stay updated with her stunning art!