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Suzanne Ross

Sedona Performance Arts Center – March 8-10, 2024

By Dale Nickey

Sedona, AZ (The Hollywood Times) 3/16/24 – The Sedona Ascension Retreat is the Super Bowl of ascension conferences. On March 8 through 10, an A-list lineup of Writers, Researchers, Channelers, Academics and Ufologists descended on the Performance Arts Center in the quaint hamlet of Sedona Arizona. All there to speak, meditate, self-promote, and co-mingle with a community that grows exponentially in proportion to the number of UFO sightings that are flooding social media the world over. Globally, something big is happening. A lot of it bad, and the Ascension community is about cultivating and emitting a collective energy of love and consciousness about what lies beyond the 3D veil we occupy. It’s heady stuff that’s hard to capture in a snappy byline. In fact, the conference itself barely scratched the surface.

Sedona resident Suzanne Ross is the driving force behind the retreat. She’s a channeler, healer, content creator, and author who radiates clean energy enough to power the whole conference for a three-day weekender. Her co-host (and onstage foil) is Alan Steinfeld; an explorer of consciousness and star of his own weekly TV series New Realities based in New York. Together they keep things moving onstage in a light, breezy manner and can be found mingling with attendees in the vendor area, giving the whole conference an extended family vibe.

Sedona is fast becoming the ‘it girl’ of vacay destinations. It’s a vortex buffet for those coming for healing energy and expanded consciousness. It ranks with The Great Pyramids and Glastonbury in the top 13 most powerful energy centers in the world. It’s home to the famous Bradshaw Ranch, a storied dimensional portal that has been subject of countless books and documentaries. UFO, sorry…I mean, UAP sightings are common.

The retreat was a multimedia smorgasbord of lectures, films, workshops, outdoor excursions, and musical performance. What follows are my personal highlights in (more or less) chronological order:

Mark Anthony (Psychic Explorer)

Mark Anthony

I admit to being a newbie in my journey to ascension and awareness. I want my spiritual leaders to dispel my doubts and bring receipts. Mark Anthony did all that. A former attorney, he makes a case for afterlife and psychic contact that any jury of his peers would affirm. He mixes humor, humanity and a deep well of knowledge on neuroscience, physics, and metaphysics. He quotes some of the most revered mainstream academics in medicine and physics. He cites published studies and research in the fields of Quantum physics and neurobiology and breaks it down in plain speak for everyone to understand. Anthony’s personal story of losing his best friend to suicide and his journey to make contact resonated with me on a personal level. His tears were real (as were mine). Mark Anthony reinforced my growing certitude that there is something more beyond this plane of existence. So powerful was his talk, I made a bee line for his vendor table after his presentation and bought every book the man wrote.

Linda Moulton Howe (Investigative Journalist)

Linda Moulton Howe

Of all the featured speakers, Howe has the most impressive pedigree as a mainstream journalist and broadcast media figure. At 82, she’s still an awesome and erudite crusader for (what she refers to as) classified truth. A Stanford graduate with a master’s degree in communications, she has worked as a reporter at ‘big three’ network television affiliates in Los Angeles and Denver in addition to production work with PBS and HBO. She features regularly as a contributor on the long running History Channel series Ancient Aliens and has a YouTube subscribership of over a quarter-million. During the conference I attended both her lectures and an intimate workshop where she advanced some earth-shaking concepts regarding (already existing) colonies and research facilities on the Moon and Mars. Save your eye rolls until you hear her speak on the subject. She’s walked this walk for 45 years and has an impressive archive of testimony from whistleblowers in the U.S. Military, Intelligence and Aerospace communities. Recent Congressional hearings (on the subject of UAPs) only served to support her conclusions that our Galaxy and the known universe is teaming with intelligent life. Her closing dissertation on the possibility that our physical world is simply a holographic projection will blow your mind. Moreover, mainstream Physicists are starting to get on board the holographic train. In the Ascension community, Howe is a full-on Rock Star.

Suzanne Giesemann (Medium)

Your store-front psychics and craft-fair tarot card dealers have done no favors to the reputation of Mediums and Spiritual Guides. Full disclosure – my BS detector went on high alert when Giesemann took the stage. However, her background as a commanding officer in the U.S. Navy, and her stint as a top aide to the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Bush Administration put my detector on mute. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in National Intelligence Affairs. Her power point had many photos proving her credentials. Clearly, she didn’t need a career as a medium to pay the bills. Further, her personal journey to enlightenment following the death of her beloved Stepdaughter (at a young age) was moving and dripped with credibility. Comforting was the fact that she gave no easy answers on how to reach absent loved ones beyond the veil. She contacted her beloved the old-fashioned way, via hard work, dedication to meditation practice and persistence. The fact she offered no short cuts or expedited entry to the spirit world further advanced her credibility. Speaking of which, if you want a one-on-one session with Giesemann, the wait list is 3 months.

Willian Henry (Writer, Researcher)

You hear it time and time again. The worldwide coverup of ET’s, Alien Technology and off-earth civilizations is about preserving world order and avoiding mass hysteria. The prevailing theory maintains that organized religion couldn’t handle not having an earthly monopoly on creation. Curious, since the whole Judeo-Christian ethos revolves around intelligent design, which is also the basic tenant of Ancient Alien Archeology. Henry connects a lot of dots, and his presentation is dense, and fact filled. He’s done a deep dive into The Bible, Egyptian Archeology, Astronomy, and ancient texts from the world’s major religions. His talk at this conference centered on Star Walkers, and their depiction throughout recorded history. He makes a compelling case that mythology describes star travel via wormholes as represented in ancient artifacts and hieroglyphics. Theologians who see Ancient Astronaut Theory as a threat to religious doctrine might want to check in with William Henry. He could Bible talk most evangelicals under the table.

Anita Moorjani (Author)

Anita Moorjani

Moorjani has run the gauntlet. An East-Indian woman born and raised to serve men. Educated in China. Her passions were education and the ability to earn her own way in life. She bailed on her arranged marriage and suffered the enmity of her family. She eventually married and raised a family of her choosing. Stage four cancer took her life. Plot twist…, she stepped into the next dimension and realized her work on 3D earth was not finished. She emerged from her coma and experienced a miraculous remission. Physician reports and family testimony support her incredible story.



Melissa Tittl

Melissa Tittl (Investigator, Filmmaker)

12 months in a year. 12 hours on a clock. The 12-tone music scale, 12 days of Christmas, 12 apostles. 12 signs of the Zodiac; The list goes on. What’s up with 12? At some point earth civilization was a base 12 system. Now we’re base 10. Why? Melissa Tittl’s new film, Code 12 attempts to find an answer.


Aurora Luna Star & John Dumas (Musicians)

Throughout the conference Star and Dumas were a constant onstage presence. They provided ethereal live music interludes that never failed to enchant and relax the audience. Sound bowls, 4 chamber flute, various organic instrumentation mixed with instrumental loops weaved a spell that aligned perfectly with the communal vibe of the conference.

Dr. Desiree Hurtak and Dr. J.J. Hurtak

Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak (Researchers/Authors)

Like William Henry, the Hurtaks have done a deep dive into religious iconography as it relates to dimensional awareness and ascension. A married couple who are so in tune with each other and their subject matter, they finish each other’s sentences and telepathically pass the narrative back and forth like some cosmic frisbee. Entertaining and informative in equal measure.



This writer did not intend to write a profile of Sedona Ascension Conference. However, as the theme of unconditional love and the pursuit of your passions with service to humanity unfolded, I realized that my service entailed spreading the word about dimensional awareness and the power of communal projected thought. Mainstream religion fancies itself as keepers of a divine blueprint that has all the answers. Those of us in the Ascension community fully acknowledge we don’t have all the answers and seek to know more. Be it Science or Religion, we’re a wide umbrella that excludes no possibilities. A hard rain’s gonna fall and we seek to have our frequency in order when it all goes down. This writer has seen spirits. Still think I’m babbling hazy cosmic jive. OK, before you fit me for a tin foil hat; try playing a drinking game, where you watch the next Star Trek episode and spot how many fictional technologies are now part of our everyday lives. Facetime? Neuralink? Quantum Entanglement? 3D printers? Or maybe just ask Alexis.