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Surrender to exciting art at DeFrenS Gallery 

By Gordon Durich

Westlake Village, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/13/24 – The “Missing Children of” is a wonderfully eccentric, whimsical, macabre and thought-provoking exhibit of paintings and sculptures, exploring themes of the weird and wonderful, lightness and darkness- and the beauty and the beast of life.  At DeFrenS gallery in Westlake Village, Curator Carolyn Kramer is also one of the artists in this exciting show and worth a trip to this new gallery.  One of the other artists is Anahid Bhogsian who lives in the San Fernando Valley.

A powerful and arresting installation, “Surrender” by Boghosian, confronts the viewer when entering to watch and consider themes related to women.  Using recycled materials, the work is unique and mind-blowing.

At the show’s recent opening, I learned a lot about contemporary art I didn’t already know. As an artist myself, I was riveted.

Other show artists were Rick Friesen, Daniel Hustrut, Kathryn Pitt and Donnal Poppe.

“Surrender” is a representation of women and all that we are, the many ways we love and how we carry that with us in everything we do,” said Boghosian.  “Surrender” is made entirely of salvaged items. Boghosian believes in recycling and reusing objects in her art.

Eclectic and visually stimulating, “Missing Children of” is not to be missed.

DeFrenS Gallery (inside DeFrenS consignment shop), 790 Hampshire Road, Suite B, Westlake Village. Hours are 10 am to 5pm, Monday to Friday; Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.

defrens.us          805.371.7166