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Alexey Paninn – Runaway Russian Actor

Alexey Paninn

By Josie Goldberg

(The Hollywood Times) 07/09/2024

As a new celebrity reporter, I have been covering various topics, brands and entertainers from all over the world. However, this interview was a little bit more complicated. Although I grew up in a Russian speaking house my fluency in topics regarding theatre, politics and sex were put to the test with controversial, yet extremely successful and talented actor Alexey Paninn.

My Ukrainian friend Tatiana V Tom who is a successful fashion model who I met through an industry event at the Aspiring Magazine launch party was having a Russian style birthday party for herself at her house. Russian style meaning, all ages, lots of great food & alcohol, sex and maybe a fight or two.  She told me one of her friends who is a prominent Russian actor was going to be there. I was excited as I am a big fan of Russian TV & Film.

His name is Alexey Paninn. He emigrated to America in the beginning of 2024, as jail time awaits him if her goes back to his native country Russia. When Putin’s regime unjustly attacked Ukraine according to Alexey, Mr. Paninn gave various interviews to Ukrainian news station against President Putin and called him a killer, Fascist and basically went against the President and Russia‘s politics and policies.  Mr. Paninn, knows that if he is he goes back, he will be arrested at the airport and die in jail like country man politician who spoke against Putin “Alexei Navalny.”

So we all know that talking about politics never leads anywhere good, but I wanted to describe my guest because Alexey is trying hard to break into the American Film and TV industry. He is in his mid-40’s which is still young for American Standards. He had to leave everything behind and start from zero. Alexey has been in over 100 films in Russia and is the equivalent to our Mickey Rourke as he says.  He was an A list actor, drove fancy cars, made big money, and as most wealthy Russian men had and have many mistresses, he explained her did not have to have multiple mistresses (even he could afford it) because he is a bi sexual swinger and with both marriages lived that lifestyle. He had and has a lot of amazing sexual escapades which most men only dream of. He had it made as most would dream of as he said, but he could not keep quiet with what his president is doing to Ukraine and its people.  I have had similar problems in my career, and voiced my various opinions where I was either blacklisted or asked to leave for a period of time, but thank God as they say Hollywood is a very forgiving industry. Alexey even met President Putin twice and even received awards from him.

When Alexey started speaking up and giving his opinion, doors started closing for him and his career in Russia.  The good part is that most of his friends stayed loyal. Which he says he is lucky to have good friends who have helped him and his daughter out in Los Angeles start a new life.  I don’t care what anyone says it’s hard to go from riches to rags. I asked him if he regrets giving his opinion and leaving his lavish style behind to start over? You’re going to listen to his interview and see his answer.

Tatiana birthday party was fun, I had a blast doing my interview with Alexey. He was a little arrogant with me as he said it’s embarrassing that I don’t know Russian literature and famous plays. I told him I only watch their pop culture and he basically he told me that there is nothing more to discuss with me. I also asked him if he liked or fancies my friend Tatiana as I could see their chemistry. He got offensive and said again he is a swinger.  I told him I’m “Only Josie Knows” and put him in his place in my second Russian language.  Russian or English I demand straight answers from all men weather I am sleeping with them or not. It’s my lifestyle, straight to the point and transparency. After our little tiff when he realized that he could not dominate me or evade me asking about his interest in Tatiana, he lighted up in our interview and said “we are talking about shit, let’s talk about sex” and then I saw the real Alexey Paninn, which my friend loves and adores.

Then the birthday party for Tatiana V Tom started, the bottles of champagne started popping with the shots of cognac in between and the beautiful Russian ladies started the barbeque with shish Liques and various Russian salads.  Then romance started to ensue, with dancing, singing, telling jokes and some arguments (Russian opinions). It was a fun night; I don’t know If it’s a Russian custom but usually your guests spend the night when they come to your house for parties. Around 1 am I could not keep up so I went to take a little nap, and I woke up to some sexual activity between my friend Alexey and Tatiana. I thought it was Déjà vu, I had flashbacks to my Swingers experience with the Dr. from Miami and my former friend. How do I get myself in these situations? I am a professional journalist and reporter so this time I got the real raw footage (DM) for details.

Alexey Paninn currently has a play running worldwide called “Skameka” go check it out!

I am “Only Josie Knows” and I am bringing you the questions and answers that people want to ask but don’t have the guts to, but I have a way of getting that information to you!