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A Conversation with Kirsti Manna About her Online Course “Spark Your Creativity: The Steps To A Successful Creative Journey”

Kirsti Manna (Photo Credit Bridge Mihalik)

By Judy Shields

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 074/05/2024 – “The music business has taught me that relationships are the glue of any successful endeavor. You must be present, effective, and productive because life is a series of building good actions. It is this belief structure and my whatever you do stay inspired practice that I have based my success on and how it has sustained me for the last 40 years.” – Kirsti Manna

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 18, 2024) – Renaissance woman and entrepreneurial creative who is also a powerhouse in the music world, Kirsti Manna, announces the launch of her online course, Spark Your Creativity: The Steps To A Successful Creative Journey. It is designed for creatives from all walks of life and careers, allowing participants to tap into and discover their creative potential. For more information visit https://courses.kirsti.com/courses/spark-your-creativity.

Manna founded Songwriter Girl in 2009, an organization that hosts events across the US, empowering girls and women to find their creative voice. With her “Whatever You Do Stay Inspired” mantra, Kirsti has become the go-to for inspiration. She will kick off Songwriter Girl pop-up events this summer, with the first one in Nashville on July 11 at the renowned venue, The Commodore.

The passion for inspiring other creatives has opened doors for her as a keynote speaker/performerShe continues to expand her message of the power of creativity to bigger stages with her infectious energy, enthusiasm, songs, and wit, drawing the attention of CEOs and Fortune 500 companies with her new Create The H.I.T.S. presentation.

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Kirsti about her new online course and let me tell, what an inspiration she is and we all might learn something from this new online course.  Enjoy the conversation:


Kirsti’s creative endeavors are not limited to songwriting and speaking but also include her successful podcast, KIRSTIcast. Listen here to her live show, Songwriter Girl, which honors the American Songbook of Carole King. She is currently writing her new book, Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired.

Her six-week Billboard #1 smash hit, “Austin,” introduced Blake Shelton (of NBC’s The Voice) to country radio. She’s also left her mark on the music scene with Big & Rich’s single and energetic anthem, “Loud,” which served as the theme song for CMT’s show Gone Country.

Manna’s songwriting prowess extends globally, with an impressive repertoire boasting five #1 hits in Australia and over 200 cuts with national and international artists. Her songs have been heard worldwide on ESPN, The Gayle King Grammy Special, Nascar, NFL, MLB, The Tonight Show, The David Letterman Show, Friday Night Lights, Dancing With The Stars and more.

Follow Kirsti on her websites kirsti.com and songwritergirl.com, Spark Your Creativity, and more. Stay updated with her on Facebook, SongwriterGirlPage, Instagram, the Kirsticast YouTube Channel and more here.

About Kirsti Manna
Kirsti Manna is a powerhouse in the music world, recognized for her chart-topping hits and creative ventures. Beyond her songwriting accolades, Kirsti shines as a performer with her show “Songwriter Girl”, where she celebrates the music of Carole King. Whether it’s headlining on Holland America cruise lines or with symphonies in performing arts centers and venues across the US and Canada, Kirsti‘s dynamic presence captivates audiences.

Her passion for empowering creative souls led her to launch Songwriter Girl, a platform fostering songwriting education and creative empowerment for girls of all ages. Through her inspirational podcast, KIRSTIcast, she highlights entrepreneurial women, while her online course, Spark Your Creativity: The Steps to a Successful Creative Journey, guides participants on their path to success.

Her diverse talents also extend to acting, with credits including creating and starring in her national children’s TV show, “Kirsti‘s Manor,” which was viewed by millions of households.

As the VP and Creative Director of Publishing for Nashville-based record label LuckySky Music, Kirsti continues to shape the industry’s future.

Kirsti and her husband, Bill Warner, have been celebrated as a music industry power couple. They even appeared in the quirky mockumentary Paper Heart in 2009.
As a volunteer with Nashville, TN’s Pet Community Center, Kirsti gave back to the Nashville community as a master cat trapper with the trap/neuter/return program, helping to reduce the intake of cats into Nashville shelters by 80%. 

Kirsti Manna continues inspiring and uplifting artists worldwide with her unwavering commitment to creativity and empowerment.