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Weekly Love Horoscope – Ready…Set…Retrograde! – June 18


I know, I know, it always seems like some planet is retrograding. So which one is stepping out of line this time? One that we really need to pay attention to, the big lord of karma itself—Saturn.

Saturn is basically the big papa energy of the zodiac. Did you ever hear the phrase “Just wait until your father gets home!” as a child? That’s what we are experiencing now with Saturn, papa is coming home, and all of our deeds and misdeeds are going to be examined. So, get out your homework, it’s grading time. But before you go and hide under your bed, remember while Saturn may be a strong force, it is a strong force for massive good. Everything it does is in our best interest and for our highest good.

So, what does all of that have to do with our relationships? A lot. Our relationships are one of the places we learn the most lessons and often hold the most karma. We hear the terms soulmates, twin flames, unrequited love, etc. a lot within that realm, and for good reason.

As it is the place where we often learn the most lessons, it is often the place we make the most mistakes, thus where our karma can show up.

Relationships also work as mirrors because sometimes no matter how much self-introspection we do, we miss things. It’s like having a piece of lettuce on your face (I know, great analogy) and no matter how much we feel around on our face we just can’t find it. Then we hold up a mirror and BAM, we see it! Sitting right there on our left cheek all along. That’s pretty much how relationships act.

So, with all this going on, this week might feel a little bit…retrograde-y. Big intense lessons, makeups, breakups, work upheaval you name it. It is retrograding in the sign of Pisces, so where Saturn and Pisces fall in your chart, can give you some additional info on how it will affect you personally. You can also create a transit chart to see where the retrograde falls for you, for example, this retrograde is affecting Virgo’s 7th house, the house of relationships, meaning the relationship realm is about to get rocked. For Sag, it’s the 4th house so home and family could be at the forefront of your life right now. Check out the Horoscopes section to see more of how it could affect you personally.

How to Survive the Saturn Retrograde

Well, with a Saturn retrograde, sometimes it is simply about the experience. Remember, karma is not about punishing, it’s about experiencing. What goes around comes around, is simply to allow us to understand the experience we have created for another. We often speak about karma in very punitive terms “Oh they got what was coming to them” or “Karma will get them” etc. Yet that is really not the goal here. Karma is not our personal executioner, coming around to exact our revenge or anyone’s revenge, really. It is about understanding. When we understand how another person may feel in a situation, then we recognize why it is or isn’t something we want to do to another. It helps us understand that whole Golden Rule thing, on a completely different and experiential level.

All of that to say, this retrograde just try to ride the waves as they come to you. Search for a deeper meaning and understanding and talk with your partner about what is going on. Let what comes come, and let what goes, go. Yes, even if that means the loss of a job, a partner, a house, etc. We are not holding the reins here, so the best we can do is experience it with grace and try to find the deeper meaning behind it.

While Saturn helps us experience, the experience is meant for correction, so begin thinking about how this might affect your life and loves moving forward. Sometimes it is too chaotic to make an immediate change, but you can begin mulling it over. For example, the day you lose your job might not be the day you look for another, it could be the day you pause, and examine what went wrong, what you actually want out of a job, how much you actually want to make, etc. Same with relationships. If a partner dumps you out of the blue, it might not be time to go out searching for another, but to reflect on the experience. Have you ever dumped someone that way? Did you see this one coming, but you ignored it? Were you actually even happy in the relationship? What are things you could do differently next time? What are the qualities and aspects you want in the next partner? These are all great avenues to explore. So, let’s do that!

Weekly To-Do List: 

Grab your notebook and let’s get started!

  • Notice what is coming up for you (although with a Saturn retrograde, it might be pretty hard to miss)
  • Don’t panic- Remember this is all for your highest good!
  • Journal about the events- how do they make you feel, when have you felt that way before, and what does it bring up for you?
  • Try to ride the waves as they come, it is not necessarily the time for massive action but it’s not the time for avoidance either.
  • Begin to open your mind to future options and possibilities- journal about what you do want out of a job, partner, experience, etc.
  • Look at some of the things that went wrong, and what could make them right.
  • Examine the experience, have you ever had this done to you before? Or have maybe done this to someone else? Or is this something a lot of people experience? Karma teaches us compassion, so tapping into that emotion can sometimes help free us from the feeling of isolation tough lessons bring.



Aries: Why Aries why? Why do these self-sabotaging behaviors haunt your life and love? Aries is a lot like a Border Collie. Mission-driven, very intelligent, lots of energy, and need for speed. So with a Border Collie, what happens when you lock them up in a room all day? They destroy the room, they destroy themselves, and they turn all of that energy and aggression on themselves and their environment. That is exactly how Aries operates. If they don’t have a cause, a purpose, a mission, and a way to act that out, they will turn on themselves and those close to them.

Oppression, captivity, restraint, these are not Aries words. So, this week see where you may be holding back. Whether you are doing it to yourself, or a restrictive partnership or friend group is doing it for you. Then see where you can free yourself from the restraints of your own life. This retrograde falls in your 12th house, the house of karma so things might feel especially heavy and intense for you right now. Yet while it may seem like a mountain, no one can overcome obstacles like the mighty ram.

Taurus: The lord of karma will be visiting your house of friendship so your love life might be safe, but your friend group might be in trouble. Taurus can be known to let things slide, and slide, and slide until BOOM. The bull comes out in full force. This can be especially true in relationships and friendships. Taurus is a sign that can get along with almost anyone, but while that is a wonderful quality to have, it doesn’t always give way to discernment. So, this week work on discernment in your life. Just because you CAN be friends with everyone doesn’t mean you should. Same with your relationships by the way.

Gemini: Let freedom ring! With the sun and Mercury in your sign, a lot of your karma is going to be around freedom. What makes you feel free? In the same way, a shark needs to be moving in water to breathe, a Gemini needs to be moving in air to live. Otherwise, it feels stagnant, depressed, and despondent. It is just not its natural state of being.

So where in your life are you feeling those things? If it’s a relationship dragging you down, try to remember you are a sign that is not meant to be caged, which means your level of partnership and compatibility might not be as high as say a get-along with everyone Taurus. You need someone who is willing to ride the wind with you, and not everyone is as adventure driven as you are. That’s ok! To each his own. Just make sure you are including people in your life who are a good fit for you.

Cancer: Ahh yeah! I’m picking up good vibrations. With the moon rounding into your sign, its natural home, you are feeling pretty good. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for you, wet blanket energy, tough life lessons, and a stirring of your emotional pot. Yeesh. No wonder you are ready for a vacation. Well, here it is. The retrograde is in your 9th house so this could be more of an examination of your higher learning, life philosophies, morals, ethics, and anything living in the higher realms that could be on your mind and in your life. Yet after the emotional turmoil of the last few weeks, even this could still feel like a break. So, enjoy! Use your intuitive skills to dive deep into the waters of the subconscious and enjoy your swim!

Leo: You are one cool customer, and your life is looking so bright you might need shades. Venus, the planet of love is still hanging out in your sign and that probably feels like you are right where you like to be, in the spotlight. The retrograde is hanging out in your 8th house the home of sexual passion, mystery, and deep dives. It is also one of the karmic houses as the number represents the infinity symbol, what goes around comes around. So, there could be all sorts of things coming up for you in the realm of relationships, including sexual compatibility. Leo is fiery and passionate; you need a partner who matches you in that realm. It’s ok to let your passion guide you, logic isn’t everything in relationships. Remember, sexual compatibility is an essential aspect of a good relationship. Embrace that!

Virgo: This retrograde is going to be affecting your 7th house, the house of relationships. So watch out, it’s going to be a wild ride! Virgos are excellent partners in many ways—grounded, loyal, and determined. Yet they can sometimes miss the boat on the more subtle, softer aspects of relationships, and the more intuitive pieces. Also, their determination can sometimes keep them in relationships long past their expiration date, feeling they will make this work no matter what! Yikes. So, this week while the tides of Saturn turn, it might be a good time to examine your intimate relationships and partnerships. Is it a one-person show or are you taking into consideration other people’s roles in the relationship? Their feelings? And notice if you are carrying the entire relationship on your back, just because you are strong enough to do so doesn’t mean you should.

Libra: Why oh why? What is it about the house of routines that seems to throw you for such a loop? While Virgo thrives in that placement, Libra seems to struggle with it, often vacillating between the extremes of overcommitment and complete avoidance. While the retrograde is hanging out in your sixth house, this could translate into your relationships as well.

Sometimes our routines and sense of service can be more in the realm of relationships and that is especially true with Libras who value partnerships so much. So how is this showing up for you? What role are you playing in balancing the scales of your relationship through your own routines and actions? If you are looking to improve your health, getting an accountability buddy or your partner on board might double your chances of success. Remember work with your astrology instead of against it, Libra’s success often comes through partnership with others, so use that to your advantage!

Scorpio: I would not want to meet you in a dark alley right now. I feel turmoil, upheaval, lashing out, and general internal chaos. And all of that while the retrograde sits on your 5th house, your house of love and romance. So basically, you are a fun person to be around right now—NOT! Tell your partner to head for the hills because this explosion could be fierce. It’s more directed inwardly but it could be in how you show up in your relationships, what role you play in them, and how you do or do not let other people affect you. Scorpions are known for their self-sabotage. They can get so angry while lashing out to protect themselves they end up stinging themselves instead, often causing their own death. Scorpios have this innate ability, to die a thousand deaths in search of rebirth. That part is natural but the concept of allowing your anger caused by other people to destroy you is not the way you want to go.

Scorpios can easily become distracted by their need for revenge. So during this chaotic time, try to keep your eye on the prize. Success, happiness, relationship stability, and balance. When you feel yourself spinning out, pull yourself back to center. Separate completely if you have to, cave up for a week or so if need be, and just keep a sharp eye on that harmful, self-destructive compulsion during this time.

Sagittarius: You are in full beast mode right now. Wheels are turning, thoughts are thinking, and your inner world is percolating. The retrograde will be hitting you right in the feels of your house of home and family. I feel it is going to be more aimed at the family you are building for yourself however, as opposed to the roots or your family of origin. It feels a lot more forward-facing than that. It could really be asking you to take a look at what you are building.

We do have the gift in this life of choosing friends and partners that become family. We can create our own families. So, choose wisely. We don’t want to end up repeating the negative patterns of our family of origin and without Saturn’s help, sometimes that is exactly what we end up doing. So even if what is coming up is an extreme “no” for you, that is all good information to have moving forward.

Capricorn: Whaat is happening with your work life? Nothing good probably. But that’s ok! Often Capricorns can get very stuck in one way of thinking. They are probably the only sign that not only does well but actually likes the 9-5 lifestyle, work until you die mindset. Yet that can often lead to them feeling like they are taking on the world and then martyring themselves for working so hard. They complain about the size of their backpack without realizing they are the ones packing it. So, this week put the backpack down and step out of the one-way-of-life mindset.

This can apply to relationships too. For example, are you holding tightly to pre-determined gender roles? Why? It’s perfectly fine for the masculine to do the dishes and cook dinner, it’s fine for the feminine to be the breadwinner, it’s all good. The lines of gender in our society are becoming very blurred, as they should be. So, take that time to re-examine where you are holding onto preconceived notions of life and love. It might turn out you have been holding the keys to your freedom all along. This realization is nothing short of karmic.

Aquarius: You are really coming into your own. Your sense of self, your individual valuation, and all of the things that make your life worth living are at the forefront of your mind right now. Just in time for Saturn to demolish it all. Just kidding…sort of. Yes, Saturn is ripping through your 2nd house right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into it. After all, you are the water bearer, riding waves is kind of your thing.

So don’t worry too much about how this is all going to look on the other side, you are really feeling into yourself during this one. How you present to the world affects your ability to spread information, which you love to do. So, examine how you value yourself and how that translates to others.

P.S. I also feel like if you are in a business, it’s time to raise your rates. You’ve been valuing yourself too low, which could also translate to your personal relationships. It’s time for an uplevel my friend. You are worth it.

Pisces: Well, well, well if it isn’t the sign of the hour! You have the pleasure of housing Saturn through this wonderful retrograde period. Don’t you feel special! And probably wildly uncomfortable. Saturn is logically based, down to business, and earth-based reality-driven, meanwhile, Pisces is over here floating off to outer space. Basically, the two don’t always see eye to eye on things, but opposites are often each other’s medicine. They can add value to each other and expansiveness to their point of view. We need both.

We need cold hard facts, and we need dreamy, obscure visions to function in the world we live in. Dreamers are often the ones who make great changes to the world, they can see things before anyone else can. Yet without some logic and grounding their dreams may never come to fruition or be sustainable in the long term. There is a requirement for both. So, while it may seem uncomfortable try to find the value in this time. Also, be aware a lot of karma related to your otherworldly gifts might be coming into play. For example, things like the “witch wound” the “persecution imprint” or even a good ol’ case of imposter syndrome, might be front and center for you. It is time to work through those things so that nothing will be holding you back.

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