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Mary J. Blige Teams up w/ Lifetime. What Viewers Can Expect?

By: Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/18/23Mary J. Blige is a name that needs no introduction in the music industry. She has been around for decades, giving us some of the most iconic songs we still cherish. However, Mary J. Blige’s talent is not just limited to music. She has also proven herself as an actress starring in films such as Mudbound and her reoccurring role as Monet Tejada on the hit series Power Books 11: Ghost.

She most recently teamed up with Lifetime to bring to life a series of films that have been inspired by her music, with both films barring the name of two of her most iconic song titles — “Mary J. Blige’s Real Love” and “Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman.” The first film aired on the Lifetime cable channel on June 10, and the sequel debuted on June 17. Here’s what you can expect!

Mary J. Blige’s Real Love

“Mary J. Blige’s Real Love,” tells the story of an aspiring photographer named Kendra, played by Ajiona Alexus (Empire, BMF). The film details her life, from attending an HBCU in North Carolina to falling in love with her classmate Ben played by Da’Vinchi (BMF), and eventually facing an unexpected pregnancy. Along with this came financial struggles and, of course, disappointment from her family. Longtime fans of Blige’s will see how this film runs parallel to her own life story, showing Blige’s resilience and determination, which helped her overcome the challenges and obstacles on her way to success.

Strength of a Woman’ based on Mary J. Blige song

During a recent virtual press interview on zoom, the film’s producer Jordan Davis was asked about her experience collaborating with Blige; she said: “I’ve always been a fan of her music, so this collaboration was an amazing opportunity; she was with us every step up the way weighing in on casting, scripts, and wardrobes.”

The film does not dwell on the negative aspects of the main character’s journey. Instead, it focuses on how to overcome them and emerge stronger. It’s an ode to Mary J. Blige’s music and spirit, inspiring millions of people worldwide.

Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman

“Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman” is a follow-up to “Real Love,’ delving into some more of Kendra’s struggles. The film is set fifteen years later. Kendra is now a successful photographer who ends up in a failing marriage. Her former classmate turned boyfriend Ben also appears unexpectantly; now she is forced into two different realities and must choose what’s best for her.

“Mary J. Blige’s Real Love” and “Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman” showcases talent and resilience. The films are a testament to Blige’s spirit, which has helped her to overcome the challenges and obstacles in her life. If you are a fan of Mary J. Blige, these films are a must-watch. They offer wisdom and insight into the mind of one of the most iconic artists of our time.

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