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The Spinners to Make a Magnificent Return to the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills

At the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, The Spinners will defy time by returning to the stage to celebrate by dancing while singing some of Motown’s greatest songs.

By John Lavitt

Agoura Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 06/16/2021 – On Friday, June 25 at 9:00 pm, The Spinners will take the stage at the iconic Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, marking a return of classic Motown bands to Southern California. In the latter part of the celebration of life, each member of the classic group displays faith and fortitude by returning to the stage and heralding the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the Rubberband Man, they return to their glory at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, and The Hollywood Times is proud to celebrate such courage.

The Spinners are as Stylish as Ever

In terms of maintaining safety and building fan confidence, on the Canyon Club’s where this link will land you, the event organizers reassure music fans by stating clearly, “To assure fans’ safety during these uncertain times, all tickets are subject to restrictions and requirements put in place by venues, teams, or government authorities as it pertains to social distancing, wearing personal protective gear or similar measures (see venue/team website for more details).” Indeed, safety remains a priority so we can all have a lot of fun and return home to our families with a smile.

Indeed, this reporter is excited to see the latest lineup of the group, which still tours actively, and consists of Henry Fambrough (the only surviving original member), C. J. Jefferson, Jessie Peck, Marvin Taylor, and Ronnie Moss. At the show, they promise to dance and swing while playing all of their classic Motown hits, including “I’ll Be Around,” “One of a Kind (Love Affair),” “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love?” “I’ll Always Love You,” and “The Rubberband Man.”

Born May 10, 1938, and still grooving in his eighties, Henry Lee Fambrough is one of the original vocalists of the band known as The Detroit Spinners. Indeed, he was present when the group formed in Ferndale, Michigan, in 1954. Although they started as the Domingoes, they quickly changed their name to one of the many versions of the Spinners. On June 30, 1976, Fambrough was there when the group received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2015, they were nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The rest of the band today includes bass singer Jessie Robert Peck and tenor Marvin Taylor. They have been touring with Henry Lee Fambrough since 2009. Ronnie Moss joined the band in 2013, and the new guy has an incredible set of pipes capable of hitting all the high notes during his numerous solos. Finally, C.J. Jefferson, the even newer guy, is proud to be a part of the legendary group, and his good looks are sure to rock crowds for years to come. Indeed, he brings youth and sex appeal to the stage.

Beyond singing, the five members are known to banter with one another. After all, a jab here and there gets the blood running and the feet moving. But, more importantly, they also have a funny and loving rapport with the audience. So if you want to bring back the nostalgia of 1960s and ’70s Motown and forget the troubles of recent times, then the Canyon Cub at Agoura Hills is the place to be Friday, June 25 at 9:00 pm.