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Why Rising Star Lucas Royalty Loves Being an Actor, Influencer, and Activist — The Hollywood Times

By Debra Wallace
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/3/21 – While Lucas Royalty is a rising star best known for playing Gus on the award-winning short film Charming, he doesn’t take his brilliant career for granted. Currently nominated for two “best young actor” awards for this role. He is also a youth influencer who strives to spread positivity for his important anti-bullying message.
At the young age of 11, Lucas has secured partnerships with notable brands ranging from Hugo Boss to Abercrombie & Fitch. Most recently, he booked a supporting role in Jennifer Lawrence’s project Mob Girl that has not yet been filmed.
But utmost in his priorities is giving back, something he feels strongly about. “I love helping people and being active in my community,” Lucas explains. “I think most people on my social media accounts would classify me as an activist before an actor.” 
Lucas, when did you discover your passion for acting? 
Lucas Royalty: Well, from what I remember, it was when I was about two. I was obsessed with the movie Cars, and I memorized the whole movie and would act out the scenes in my mirror. I told my mom and dad I wanted to be on TV or a film. I didn’t really understand at two what that meant, so we started with modeling, and then I kept bugging my mom to let me act. Finally, I got cast in a music video, and I loved everything about it, and that’s when I knew for sure it was my passion. 
You are best known for your work as Gus on the award-winning short film Charm. What intrigued you about this character? 
Gus was a hilarious and naive kid that always wanted a happy ending. I watched many Disney movies at the time, and Charming was like all of them in one. Gus had a super funny and witty personality, just like I do, but he was sweet and sensitive and just wanted everyone to be happy — which I how I am now. So, it seemed like a perfect fit. 
What do you look for in a role? 
I like roles that are challenging and take me out of my comfort zone. It’s easy for me to play funny or comedic roles, so I like that when I get a super different one. I also like characters that evolve and change during a film. An example of a role I would have loved to play is Chris Chambers in Stand by Me.  He seems to be kind of a bad guy, but in the end, he had a good heart, and I like that type of character development. 
You were nominated and won two awards for your role as Gus. Why do you think this character resonates with audiences? 
Well, the part was originally written for a seven-year-old, and I was only five. When I went into Audition, the casting director was so surprised I knew the lines; in fact, they didn’t even think I could read. Lol, looking back, it was a terrible audition, but there was something in my child-like delivery of the lines that won the director over. 
I also had a slight speech impediment, which added to the character and made him more real and funny. It’s so surreal now when I watch the movie seeing this tiny little kid act with all these grownups. But to me, I wasn’t even acting. This whole idea of meeting a prince and helping him find true love is something that everyone wants, so I think Gus was hopeful and authentic and optimistic, and that’s what resonates with audiences! 
How did this role challenge you? 
It was my first actual speaking role ever. I literally just started acting like a few months before, so just little things like wearing a mic and knowing where “my mark” was completely foreign to me. And the day we filmed there were hundreds of flies. You can see me swiping one away from my face in the movie. I guess I had a more fantasy-like thought of what it would be like. But other than those little things, I enjoyed every single minute! It’s still one of my best memories ever. 
What would a director notice first about working with you? 
I am very mature for my age; I’m two grades ahead in school, so my mind is constantly developing and thinking. Like I can’t shut it off. 
I am an only child at home and in almost all of my films, I was the only kid in the movie. So, I naturally can interact with adults almost easier than kids my age. But, I also have so many ideas on my brain that they sometimes come spilling out. That’s something I’ve learned to control. Well, maybe not on my current feature. Lol 
I’m hardworking and professional. I never complain when I am working on a set, and I won’t ever settle for a performance from myself that isn’t the best I’m capable of. I’m bold, I take chances, and I follow my instincts. I think those are the best qualities a director would notice
How important to you is giving back to those in need?
Omg, I’m so happy you asked this question. Giving back is even more important to me than acting. I have several charities that I’m involved with, but I committed to doing 12 charities for 12 months this year!
In September, I started my 12-month charity challenge with Solving Kids Cancer, which is childhood cancer awareness month, and raised about $1000. For October, I raised money for the St Jude Children’s Hospital, and for November, I’ve been raising money for No KidHungry,” which helps kids get well-balanced meals to keep them healthy. I’ve surpassed my goal.
What is next for you?
Right now, I’m filming my first full-length feature film, ironically with the same director that I worked with on Charming, Tom Albanese. We shot the first part on location way up north, and we are filming the rest in LA after the holidays. It’s a drama with a very unique and mysterious plot. I am co-starring in the movie, and I’m super excited to share it with the world when it’s finished. I also just finished my first original song, and I’m working in the studio to get it produced. I sing all the time, but this will be my first real-time in public. Other than musical theater. And, of course, a trip to Cabo San Lucas once I wrap my film is definitely in the near future! It’s my favorite place to vacation!
What are some of your social media links so my readers can get in touch with you?
Instagram: Lucas Royalty
Facebook: Lucas Royalty
[Lucas Royalty is represented by Lisa Malcolm, Lynk PR].