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Minneapolis’ Own Rock and Roll Heroes The Suburbs (in their 45th year) Perform at the Historic First Avenue Nightclub.

Story and Photos: Jimmy Steinfeldt

Minneapolis (The Hollywood Times) 6/12/24 – First Avenue remains an ideal venue to see and hear a great concert.

The charm of an old Greyhound bus depot, converted over 50 years
ago, to a club with now a state of the art sound and light system.
The band’s history is long and winding. Formed in 1977 they were
influenced by the Punk and New Wave movements in New York and
England. The Suburbs became part of the Minneapolis Sound. They
released their first album on Twin/Tone in 1978. They would go on to
have follow up albums on a variety of major labels and eventually
release albums on their own labels, sometimes with fan co-funding.
This night The Suburbs took their fans back in time. The excitement for
this show was overwhelming. The main floor was packed to the gills
while the rest of the club was full-up.

The band consisted of original members Chan Poling vocals/keyboards
and Hugo Klaers drums. The other band members were Max Ray sax,
Rochelle Becker sax, Janey Winterbauer vocals, Stephen Kung
trumpet/keyboards, Jeremy Ylvisaker guitar, Stevie Brantseg guitar,
Steve Price bass.

The set list covered the band’s entire career: Credit in Heaven, Waiting,
Music For Boys, Faith, Good Sign, Cig in Backwards, DD69,
Hobnobbin, Girlache, This Monkey, Dumb Ass Kids, Life is Like,
Spring Came, Radio On, Hey Muse, Girlfriend, Buckle My Head, Baby
Heartbeat, Rattle my Bones and the encore Cows, Love is the Law.

The sound was great with much credit to the crew. Poling thanked
the fans for sticking with them for 45 years. I thought imagine what the
50th anniversary will be like. I’ll be Waiting, Waiting!
To see what’s next for the band check out their website

Hugo and Chan (L-R) chilling out backstage after the show