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Mariel Hemingway – Down To Earth

By Gordon Durich

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/23/24 – With a paternal surname that carried with it a famous reputation, Mariel Hemingway was destined for fame.  And the odds were strong for a career in the arts.  Indeed, she made her mark early, at just 14, in the movie “Lipstick” and even garnered a Golden Globe nomination for her effort. “Manhattan,” directed by Woody Allen, added to Hemingway’s fame and success, with nominations for Academy and BAFTA awards.

Ernest and Margaux Hemingway

Mental health challenges plagued the Hemingway brood, pun intended, and Mariel eluded the fatalities of its hold, unlike Grandfather Ernest and her sister Margaux — the latter playing her sister in “Lipstick.”  Three other Hemingway’s committed suicide.  It was a cross to bear for the naturally- talented actor and writer, named for a Cuban port Ernest Hemingway would fish at with his son, Mariel’s father.

Mariel has had her share of controversy, sexual and spiritual, in her eventful life.  From Playboy nude cover to “Personal Best” role as a bisexual athlete.

She practices “T.M.” (Transcendental Meditation) and hosted Spiritual Cinema about yoga, and even published in 2002 a memoir about yoga, “Finding My Balance.”  “Out Came The Sun- Overcoming the Legacy of Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide in My Family,” her book about her dysfunctional family released in 2015. It was reviewed on Amazon in an underplayed way, as an “interesting” autobiography. Confronting is more like it!

Currently, Mariel Hemingway is reportedly producing a TV series about her and her sister.

The intriguing Malibu resident has fascinated me for years.  I worked at a temp job at Dole Foods where I was told she conducted yoga classes. When I learned she had addressed mental health on different media platforms, I wanted to know more.

She also addresses the mutually relevant topic of mental disease in the fascinating documentary “The Earthing Movie.”  “To sort of survive was getting out in nature,” Mariel says. “Anytime I could be outside that would make me feel better.” Regarding the practice of walking barefoot outside, she added.
“This is a much bigger thing than just walking barefoot on the ground. This is helping me have a way more balanced life.”

Mariel Hemingway is down to earth, and that is perhaps how she has managed to survive the pretentious Hollywood scene and keep taking a stand for issues that really matter.

Born November 22, 1961 (age 62)
Mill Valley, California, U.S.