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Life is Beautiful Art Installation – Laurie Shapiro x Weedmaps Collaboration

Weedmaps, the premier destination for consumers to discover cannabis products and retailers, and wanted to encourage you to stop by their popup (on festival grounds) in collaboration with LA-based psychedelic artist, Laurie Shapiro. 

When: September 17-19 

Where: Life is Beautiful Festival grounds, Las Vegas, NV 

What: Weedmaps has commissioned LA-based artist, Laurie Shapiro to create an art piece for the upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival. The artwork is titled, “Flowers Are Not A Crime” with the mission of bringing people together through appreciation of nature in an immersive art installation and driving cultural awareness for cannabis. The interactive piece features floral images, those reminiscent of the cannabis plant, covering what will look like a cannabis-themed chapel (providing visitors with the feeling one would get from standing within a stained glass chapel), offering an intimate moment of reflection within a bustling festival. Flowers Are Not A Crime will act as a colorful nucleus inside of Weedmaps’ footprint, connecting festival goers to the beauty of the plant, and the brand. 

For additional background, the title of the installation was chosen to bring awareness to the fact that while cannabis continues to be legalized around the U.S. and many can profit from it, there are still over 40,000 people – disproportionately minorities – behind bars for cannabis related charges. Together, Weedmaps and Laurie want to ensure that this is in the spotlight and that visitors understand Weedmaps’ mission to create a transparent and inclusive cannabis economy.