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Introducing Mr. Maurice Wilson- “The Bodyguard 2.0” Joey Newport Beach

Maurice Wilson

By Josie Goldberg

Fashion Island, Newport Beach (The Hollywood Times) 04/16/2024

I have to admit my favorite shows to watch lately are the Narcos series on Netflix. It’s quite bizarre because I have to admit that I have never done cocaine or even pot for that matter. In reality I don’t associate with drug users, and I clearly remember the movement “Just say No” that Nancy Reagan started in the early 1980s which was taught to us in grade school in our public school system in Laguna Niguel, California.

The Narcos series are about the famous drug lords and their cartels from the start of manufacturing illegal drugs to their multi- billion drug trafficking worldwide There is a lot of passionate sex, loads of cash, and some gruesome killings which make for an exciting tv show. I was thinking about why I love these series so much and realized it’s because it shows the journey from rags to riches which most can relate to and find inspiring granted being illegal activity. Each country has its own laws. The one thing that I learned from all the series of famous drug lords is the ones that made it to the top had the best sicarios (plural sicarios) hitman, hired killer (especially when referring to Latin American drug cartels). These men were the most important in their organization because they kept them alive and would kill off anyone trying to harm them and or their families and business. These sicarios were pivotal for them to rise to the top and gave them a chance to stay in the game for a period of time. Since we live in America, not Latin America, our government and country does not allow us to have serious problems (although it would be nice). If I ever made it to the top (just joking). In America we are only allowed to have professional bodyguards that can carry a sealed weapon (with a license or permit) and protect us from people trying to physically harm us.

Maurice Wilson

Like the famous movie The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. In America there is no preemptive protection. We can only defend if attacked. So we have to always be prepared, If you’re a person of interest to anyone.  I would like to introduce a different kind of protection and bodyguard. His name is Maurice Wilson. He works at some of the most exclusive bars and restaurants in Newport Beach as a maître d, door guy and bouncer. He is licensed to carry a sealed weapon.  There is such an affluent crowd and Maurice not only has the job of being the protector but he also makes the guest feel relaxed so all can have a good time while feeling safe. There is a way to have protection without feeling over protected, as Mr. Wilson says, “he takes care of business.”

Maurice knows many corporate execs, professional athletes, and entertainers and many of them come to the spot when Maurice is working as they feel they have a good time and let their guard down. I know because he has personally introduced my friends and I many times. When Maurice is working you can expect the men to be gentleman and the ladies very ladylike and woman to feel safe. Maurice’s job he says is one of the most important at any function is because he keeps the bad energy out the good energy in without any outside interference. Mr. Wilson has over 11 years’ experience working in the night life in Orange County. He is currently expanding his services and taking on new clients for personal protection for people in need. If you, your family, your company and or friends need his services, call Maurice Wilson at (949)887-8680.

Maurice Wilson

“I am Only Josie Knows” and protection is key to any successful venue.