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Aspiring Magazine Summer Party – “Skybar” West Hollywood

Josie Goldberg & Tatiana V Tom Wearing Yasaman Fashion by Diana Babayan

By Josie Goldberg

West Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 6/10/2024

On June 4, 2024, Cynthia Hudson Chief Editor of Aspiring Magazine (www.aspiringmag.com) and Jackie Lewis of Jackie Lewis Media and Events and Bionic Buzz (www.bionicbuzz.com) hosted one of the most exciting summer Industry events in town at the renowned Skybar in West Hollywood.

Well, what can I say, I seem to love and admire Cynthia Hudson more and more as I attend her fabulous events for networking with all the starlets in the entertainment industry from all over the world. Cynthia Hudson is the Owner/Publisher of Aspiring Magazine. We all had the blues when we returned from Cannes Film Festival, and it was nice to go to an industry event where various artists were mixing and mingling the night away.  Aspiring Magazine threw a party to celebrate the cover of Carolyn Hennesy.

I must tell you that I met some international actors, which was quite interesting. My first interview was with Leni Rico, a very sexy sultry Spanish actress. She was so elegant and genuine.  Besides being on various Latin soap operas, her dream acting job would be to work on Money Heist. We spoke about how the men in the Telenovelas are so handsome and that I could see myself dating all of them if I were to be filming with them, as they are so irresistible.  They are just so hot.  Leni Rico is her stage name, but her actual name is Maria Magdalena and she agreed that the men are extremely sexy in the Latin soap operas as she has been in many.

People in America say I am too picky but when I watch shows that creator Alex Pina created on the Latin market, I seem to be sexually enthralled by most male characters on his shows. Then I bumped into La Mexicana, Sandra Santiago who was dressed in a bright red dress. She has a costarring role in an episode for Fox’ hit show 9-1-1 which she plays Gabriella.  Sandra also told me she has some steamy scenes in Molly Guacamole. As an actor myself, I asked Sandra if she ever gets emotionally involved while watching these Latin series. I always talk with her about Telenovelas that I am watching and she looks at me funny when I get too sad or happy in the story lines. You’ll have to watch her interview as see what she says about her attachment to characters on shows she watches.  I had the luxury of trying Mescal which I was told that there is no hangover. Which is true. I felt good that night and the next day. Trust me!! I recommend this drink!

I found another lovely British/Welsh actress who currently lives in London and is in LA for some work opportunities.  Her name is Megan Wilde.  I learned from her that their union in the UK is called Equity like equivalent to our SAG/AFTRA. We spoke about one of England’s hottest male actors, and if she would do some steamy scenes with him in a professional setting if she had the chance?  This is an interesting topic with actors. Watch the interview and you will find out who he is and where Meg stands. Meg was with her actress friend Rachel Hip Flores who has a film coming out called Angel. It’s a dark comedy and I am excited to check it out. Watch my interview with Rachel and see what her dream shows to work on in 2024.

Josie Goldberg wearing Yasaman Fashion by Diana Babayan

The party was so much fun, there were a lot of models, tv personalities, actors, and brands in attendance. I was lucky to have been introduced to Diana Babayan owner of fashion brand Yasaman Fashion by my dear friend and model Tatiana V Tom.  Diana provided beautiful red carpet dresses for us and brought me lots of luck with the mixing and mingling.  I must say that her dress that I wore made me feel sexy and professional, which is hard to pull off.  The beautiful dress I was wearing attracted Teddy Cabugos who is the owner of Sunstone Winery and treated us ladies to a fabulous dinner at the posh restaurant Casa Madera at the Skybar. We all had such a fun night especially when your with a real gentleman. Teddy invited me to his vineyard sooner than later, so stay tuned and let’s see how much fun and wine I can drink at Sunstone Winery.

Life can be cruel sometimes and sitting at home and mopping around won’t get anyone anywhere. I am super thankful to Cynthia Hudson for getting us all out of the house and not only pushing us to evolve but being able to meet others and make connections for future collaborations and work opportunities, and maybe some romance!

Jackie Lewis Media team who ran an impressive red carpet and event management, which made it a stellar event.

I am “Only Josie Knows” brining you all the information that I can find to push you all forward as well as myself.  Don’t worry my friends, sooner than later things will have to work out and come full circle because if they don’t it will not be called Life.