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Acting Class with ABC Daytime’s “General Hospital” Casting Director Mark Teschner

Casting Director Mark Teschner ( ABC) General Hospital

“Command Your Audition”

By Josie Goldberg

(The Hollywood Times) June 17, 2024

Josie Goldberg Photo shoot “Farmer Wants A Wife” 2007

When I was younger, meaning in my twenties, and thirties I would have opportunities that most can only dream of.  Especially in the entertainment business, I had a great run being a Playboy Model and Reality TV personality. My first casting I was discovered on a date by Marla Brodsky and brought to Fremantle Media Head of Development Eugene Young for my casting for “Farmer Wants A Wife” on CW network. Eugene asked me who I was and what I was about, and I told him who Josie Goldberg really was unfiltered at 24 years old. He listened to me and said “Don’t focus on your personal life, you have it and focus on your career as a television personality.  He told me though, first I must meet the reality tv executives at CBS Ghen Maynard and CW Dawn Ostroff.  If they greenlight you, your life will change forever. To me the prior week I was in finals in grad school. Eugene probably could tell that I was dying to start my life and indirectly told me that big things would happen for me after the show.  Well, the studio execs loved me, and I was casted. I was able to parlay my 15 minutes of fame, and honestly got an amazing run, and was so ever thankful.  I loved Reality TV especially when I was going through my growing pains, to me it was therapy, trips, A list parties and lots of amazing events where I was able to network with the best of the best in our Entertainment industry.  To me reality tv and posing for Playboy was just my beginning, and as I evolved I wanted more and more!

LOS ANGELES – MAY 31: Creator, writer and executive producer David Milch arrives at the premiere of the HBO original series “John from Cincinnati” at the Paramount Theater on May 31, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It was not until I went on the Dr. Phil Show that my LUCK changed. I told Dr. Phil that I wish the industry would give me a real chance and I could meet a tall handsome A-list Jewish, director, who could get me on scripted tv and I could have a chance as a scripted actor. I was tired of the negativity of reality tv.  I kid you not, after the show aired within a week, I was called to read for Michael Mann, and David Milch for HBO PILOT “Luck”. I did not get the part but was given the opportunity to work as union background and join “SAG”. On the last day of filming, I met an actor on the set who was also a thoroughbred jockey for David Milch’s racehorses. He and I became friends as we bonded over our Jewish heritage.  He one day invited me to go meet David Milch at his production office in Santa Monica.  As I walked into David’s office he was in the middle of a meeting with executives from HBO and when we walked in and said Hi, I could tell something was off. Total different vibe than reality tv land. David quickly grabbed my arm and said “Nice to meet you, I like you, but I need you to wait for me outside as the other executives gave me some glances. I came dressed up like a playboy model. Sexy short dress to show off my legs, beautiful hair duo and bubbly.

Julie Ariola (David Milch’s Personal Acting Coach

David and I became friends and he not only paid for my training with his personal coach Julie Ariola (who trained Jeremy Renner and other A-list working actors), but David would call me weekly and eventually we had a three-hour dinner where he shut the restaurant down just to have dinner with me and basically told me how my life and career was going to change for the better.  He was BRILLANT.  He told me he was going to write me in his HBO show LUCK, but that I needed to learn patience and might need to be medicated as he said he saw something in me which resembled him and his moods swings. I told him in all honesty I passed all my psych evaluations in Reality TV pre-production and have had some outbursts and meltdowns but never was told to take medications or given a diagnosis. He said nothing embarrassing about taking medication Josie, most brilliant people have mental issues.  He also told me to stop with realty tv as its beneath me since I met him, he was going to change my life in the right direction. He emphasized the importance of working union versus my nonunion reality tv. (Healthcare, financial, pensions, He said as a Jewish woman I understand you! I made Sharon Stone and many other successful actor’s careers. I could not believe my ears; I completely fell hook line and sinker. Eugene Young told me a similar plan, and it all worked out. I always believe people the first time in all affairs of the heart and business. That’s my program I follow, and it usually works for me.  What could go wrong??????

David Milch started to tell me about how I was going to play the “Lucky Pix Six Winner” and I would be driving through Arcadia and just drive randomly to the Santa Anita Racetrack and come to the Front Runner (a restaurant at the top level of the track), meet a wealthy older man where I would put pix six ticket together and win the bet.  Then this man would buy me racehorses, and I would be dating various jockeys around the track. That was his story line he was writing. David then told me about his thoroughbred horse trainer Julio Canani, who was portrayed by actor John Ortiz and the amazing relationship they had with all their winning horses. Honestly that dinner was amazing, and I lost control and fell in love with David Milch at 66 years young. I was taken! He even took out some cash for me and said, so you know I am serious here is a little boost!

All was great for about a year until one day the acting coach told me that it’s just not working out. She told me I am extremely talented, but I’m just not there. She told me to get a life, and not be so invested as preparing for this part consumed me. I mean I spent a year on this project so yes, I was all in.  It was so devastating to hear.  She said until someone writes you a part solely for you, that cannot be played by another you cannot fit into any roles. She said I am just too big of a character and personality. I said well I’m not Tori Spelling and my dad is not Aaron Spelling. I asked her to teach me how to change so that I can book entry level roles so I can slowly work my way up. She said I’m sorry, but David Milch pays me big money and I must do my job.

I ended up calling David and asked him to give me a 5 and under or work background to get more of a better footing. He said you’re a shitty actress, and my coach told me that you’re not an actor. I was shocked because David flipped on me. Granted he was a bipolar, but I could not believe this was happening to me. I almost had a nervous breakdown; I literally started to have intrusive thoughts and believed my life was over. I could not grasp that I was promised this part and at the end, it all fell apart in a New York Minute.  I even got in the car and went to Santa Anita Racetrack to find David Milch and get some in your face closure. (Russian Style) I did not find David Milch, that day but the irony Is that everything he wrote for my part that went to another actress became reality for me in my world and I was back on reality tv living the script that David Milch wrote for me.  I tried to elevate my craft by going scripted and got sucked back into reality tv and portraying the character of Spoiled and Entitled for Dr Phil nonunion. Everyone was making money on the reality show except me.

I bounced back through equine therapy and some anxiety meds but that was one of the darkest times in my life.  At first, I believed the coach because after that all the doors closed for scripted tv. However, many other doors opened, and I was back to being a reality tv personality, with a new life of owning thoroughbred’s that brought me lots of money, romance and glamourous lifestyle with my new brand “Spoiled and Entitled”.  I recently bumped into actor Dustin Hoffman who was one of the Exec producers for “Luck”. He said you know Josie, David wanted to give you the part, but he lost control of his show and he felt bad, the network took away his power and he could not.  I said wow you remember. I could not take the rejection and really lashed out on my reality tv shows and various media platforms, where looking back it was not me, it was the “PTSD”.

They say time heals and all in due time.  My talent agent recently recommended I take acting classes with ABC daytime General Hospital casting director Mark Teschner. My agent said Josie, you have to re train if you plan to work in scripted.  Mark has been described by Rolling Stones magazine as an actor’s casting director. Mark is a four-time Emmy winner for outstanding achievement in casting.

I just started his acting classes.  It’s time to get what I started in 2010 with David Milch. I went to my first class, and I have to say I have a long way to go. We had to pick a scene to do, and I picked a scene to play as Dr. Kelley Lee from General Hospital.  To be honest I was a bust. I was totally not up to par. I was lucky that I got to watch the others before my read with Mark, and I must say the others were extremely talented. Not only did I freeze when it was my turn, but I realized I am extremely insecure when it comes to reading lines especially with scripted casting directors and executives. They don’t hold your hand and tell you how beautiful and talented one is…or else me. In Reality TV land I was always told you have it; Goldberg just tones it down when the cameras are not rolling. I knew when it came to improve, ab lib or improve I could take on anybody. Even in my interviews I have zero fear factor with A listers to D listers.

Creator And Exec Producer Of Sex In The City Darren Star And Josie Goldberg At An Industry Event

I even jumped on Darren Star the creator of “Sex in the City” and currently “And just Like that” a couple years back and told him that I would love for him to give me a part in the re boot.  I’m Josie Goldberg and thought he would like me and my schtick. He never called and probably never will! Like Dr. Phi says, those dreams of grandeur are over. Mark said “Josie your looks, charm and or big personality will not land you a job on a scripted tv show. You must do the work and learn to be an actor and then maybe one day you will work. I told him you know this does not come naturally and I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I asked him, “do you see me as actor? He said I can’t answer you! I told him My goal is to have my own talk show on network tv that will be union “Only Josie Knows” where I will interview my fellow actors and entertainers and promote them.  My goal is to book (5 and under) or costar so I can do better interviews and evolve my craft.  Also, it’s fun to play various characters like I did on reality tv. Plus, it’s the only way to make real money, earn a pension and be around respectable people. I can’t keep doing reality tv which is non-union, and it becomes degrading as it’s hard to do as one matures. It was fun when I started but now, I look at it in a different light. It depresses me!  If reality tv was union, I would have already made my money and pension as my series on Dr. Phil “Spoiled and Entitled” ran internationally and domestically from 2010-2017 as a hit show. It is still running currently.  I was cast to portray a character in demand called SPOILED AND ENTITLED and let me tell I made a hit series.  I ended up suing Dr. Phil as the show was union and Dr. Phil and his wife Robin McGraw were processed under the “SAG/AFTRA Bargaining Agreement” and I wanted that too, but I lost fair and square. The business of reality tv is not set up for Union Actors (unless your Dr. Phil and his wife). I could not do It for myself.

Former President Of SAG AFTRA Gabrielle Carteris and Josie Goldberg at a SAG/AFTRA Event

I met Gabrielle Carteris while my lawsuit was going on as she was the President of SAG/AFTRA at the time. She also is an established actor for many seasons on Aaron Spelling’s Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day.  She said Josie, “Your right no one should work non- union, the wages are degrading and not reasonable to build a productive life.  If anyone can make a change for us meaning union actors, I know it will be you. Unfortunately, I could not fight city hall or the business. I would rather do continuing education and do work in the union scripted sector.

So here I am friends, it’s going to be an uphill battle as these jobs at the networks are so competitive but like everything else in life, we have to keep going and hope for the best with hard work and patience. I truly believe that the only way to be happy and content in the entertainment industry is to work on union shows where there is competitive pay and stability. There is a reason why the union pushes for us.

I will be reporting on my journey with my new acting coach Mark Teschner and maybe one day I will reach my goal as a working scripted actor. I am “Only Josie Knows” and I if I can make this transition I promise to help you get there as well!

Wish me Luck.