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9th Anniversary Opening/Closing Night of Filming Italy LA at the DGA

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 27: Tiziana Rocca and Pietro Scalia attend the opening night of the 9th annual Filming Italy Los Angeles at Directors Guild Of America on February 27, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images)

9th Annual ‘Filming Italy Los Angeles,’ Showcases The Best of Italian Cinema, Underscoring Italy’s Longtime Connection To Hollywood, with Stellar Opening Night at the DGA Tuesday, Feb. 27th and closes at Harmony Gold on Thursday, Feb 29th; both evenings sold out!

“For the ninth year in a row, we are honored to further fuel this partnership by highlighting the best of Italian film and Hollywood’s groundbreaking films spotlighted during awards season 2024,” comments Filming Italy artistic director/CEO Tiziana Rocca.

This year’s opening night red carpet gala is set for Tuesday, February 27th at the Directors Guild of America (DGA), featuring the U.S. premiere of Italian feature, I Told You So (BIM Distribuzione), starring Greta Scaatchi, Valeria Golino, Danny Huston, Ginevra Elkann, Riccardo Scamarcio, and others. The evening’s program began with the best-of-the-best in Italian film honoring  Oscar nominee Matteo Garrone (Io Capitano) and his starring cast as well with Danny Houston presenting his new film I Told You So and an award to his director, Ginevra Elkan, just before it’s US premiere.  Io Capitano screened following at 9pm, its last one before next week’s Academy Awards.

Veteran Italian-American film star, FRANCO NERO, honored last night with the Lifetime Actor’s Achievement award presented by Dolph Lundgren and his most recent film, Giorni Felici was screened at 9th annual Filming Italy LA in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture.

Also on hand were:

  • Ilenia Pastorelli – Godmother of the Festival
  • Matteo Garrone – Director IO CAPITANO & his stars Moustafa Fall, Seydou Sarr
  • Riccardo Scamarcio, Actor I told You So
  • Benedetta Porcaroli – Actor I told you so
  • Ginevra Elkann – Director I told you So
  • Franco Nero – Legend, Actor Django
  • Danny Huston – Actor I told you So
  • Marisa Tomei, star
  • Ido Samuel, co-star We Were the Lucky Ones
  • John Savage, Deer Hunter
  • Joe Cortese, Green Book
  • Nick Vallelonga, Green Book
  • Caterina Scorsone – Actor Grey’s Anatomy
  • Raffela Valentini – Italian Consul
  • Emanuele Amendola – Institute of Italian Culture Director
  • Alessandra Rainaldi – Italian Trade Agency President
  • Scott Nemes – President of AGBO
  • Kelley Kall – Director , actress, panelist
  • Lucia Magi, producer, panelist
  • Tiziana Rocca, CEO Filming Italy
  • Emanuele Boni, ENIT
  • Ido Samuels, We Were The Lucky Ones (Hulu, March 28)
  • Mamadou Kovassi
  • Marco Manetti

The director of Italian Institute of Culture, Emanuele Amendola, and the Honorable Consul General of Italy, Raffaella Valentini.