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WriteSeen The New Creative Connection

WriteSeen Homepage (C) Featured/ Photo credit: Writeseen Limited

By: Julia Peterson

Los Angeles, CA, (The Hollywood Times) 03/12/2024 – Everything has a beginning and across the Atlantic, there’s a new social network blooming – WriteSeen.

A platform created by British screenwriter and poet Jonathon Nimmons, an encrypted space for all creatives worldwide to put their work in front of industry professionals who can see their talent, content, and turn creative ambitions into reality.

Once a passionate writer hindered by barriers into the film industry, Jonathon saw that there was an opportunity to modernize the process in creatives connecting direct with key people in their industry and without the possibility for unsolicited contact. Social apps today such as Instagram, X, and LinkedIn, are the norm for creatives showcasing material, however, the problem lies in concept theft and this content being lost in the ocean of everything else. Posts, likes and comments rarely translate into publishing deals, scripts being optioned, or music produced. Trying to get noticed as an up-and-coming writer, creator, and artist is flawed.

Jonathon Nimmons (C) Featured/ Photo credit: Writeseen Limited

That’s where WriteSeen steps up, a free platform where all your creative content can be securely uploaded with a timestamp, against your authorship and in one place which is viewed only by verified agents, producers, publishers, and managers. It’s simple, right? A new feature coming shortly allows extracts of content to be displayed on Feedback, an incubator for creative peer and industry ratings with commentary, issued by its members and without charge.

Creators have complete IP ownership of all their content which is streamlined into key details and can be supported by a video pitch, audio, and video clips, then discovered anonymously in a global database. For industry professionals interested in this material they can instantly save it to their dashboard, on review and wanting to represent, publish or produce this work they can offer Shelf. An opportunity for the creator to temporarily remove their content from the database and sit on the shelf of the interested industry professional, disabling any possibility of other professionals disrupting a now exclusive conversation of working together. No one is tied in and both sides can remove themselves from Shelf if they choose to part ways. In Read, notes on material can be tracked by page and are downloadable to all devices. The entire process is organized, time saving and more efficient than ever before.

Another key feature on WriteSeen is restrictions where members can restrict comments, likes, and reposts on the posts they put out to the feed. The pressure of popularity comes second to the creative journey and material in development, being seen is enough on a platform where every member is pushing in the same direction. Supporting one another, connecting, and introducing themselves to professionally work or collaborate together.

With members already signed up from more than 30 countries since launching, WriteSeen is actively evolving its technology daily and closing the gap on an age-old problem, creative connection. Their features are pioneering, and the exciting part is this is only their beginning!