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Why Fashion Photographer Jorge Duva Captures the Artistry and Passion for His Projects

By Debra Wallace

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (The Hollywood Times) 04/25/2022- Colombian-born fashion photographer Jorge Duva is definitely one of the lucky ones who gets to live his dream. Coming from a background in graphic design, Jorge has established himself and created a dynamic reputation for his dynamic work in his field.

Jorge knows that finding your true calling at any point throughout your life is an experience that is cherished by anyone fortunate enough to experience it.

Before he was recognized as a distinguished Miami-based photographer, Jorge received his B.A. in Digital Media in Colombia. He moved to the U.S. some 22 years ago after receiving his degree and began working as a graphic designer before redirecting his creative talents towards photography.

For 15 years, Jorge worked in the editorial field designing magazines. Surrounded by a multitude of creative talent and artistry, Jorge sought inspiration from it and thus his passion for photography began. After one of his contacts decided to give him a shot at it, Jorge soon began to work with Latino celebrities and gained momentum for his artistic and compelling work.

Since then, Jorge’s brilliant and colorful work solely focuses on fashion editorials. Jorge’s work has been featured in magazines including Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Women’s Health, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more.

Having worked in editorial for companies like Televisa and American Media, Jorge credits those opportunities as integral to his development as a photographer. Through his work, Jorge has also had the opportunity to work with icons in the fashion industry like Olga Kurylenko, Bond girl and notable cover girl, and Victoria’s Secret models Adriana Lima and Barbara Fialho. Although he notes these as memorable collaborations, there’s one story that beats the other by miles.

Photo Credit: Jorge Duva

“The most captivating stories I have are the times I had the opportunity to capture the birth of my daughter and son,” Jorge recalls. “I think those two are my most important pictures ever.”

Success to Jorge is being able to thoroughly enjoy what you do for a living. Jorge’s passion for photography feels endless as he continuously is practicing his craft and challenging his capabilities.

In his work, Jorge holds color to a high level of importance. “As a Colombian, I like to transmit life and colors into my photography,” he says. “You can see I usually don’t do black and whites because the color for me is very important and this is something that is part of my signature.”

Jorge finds inspiration for his photography in tools like Instagram, Pinterest, and Google and is always able to discover new trends and amazing concepts through these mediums. He notes how fortunate enough we are to have such tools that allow us to broaden our creative scope.

As someone who cherishes the time spent working with his creative colleagues on set, Jorge hopes to inspire up-and-coming photographers to instill that same mindset.

Being an established name, Jorge frequently receives messages from aspiring photographers who hope to gain a tip or two from him and Jorge never hesitates to share his knowledge with them.

“When I started to practice my photography, I became frustrated because I was met with the opposite, so I promised myself that when it was my turn, I wouldn’t do the same,” he says. “You really can’t be selfish with that information- your work as a photographer is reflected in your capabilities.”

Jorge’s passion for the world of fashion and the artistry from every creative on set that it takes to get to one single complete photograph is what drives him to continue to work in his field and expand upon his skills. With dreams to one day be able to photograph a Hollywood beauty like Anya Taylor-Joy, anything is possible for the notable photographer, Jorge Duva.

Read on for an in-depth Q and A with Jorge Duva on his love for family, fashion, photography, creativity, and inspiring others with his artistry.

Photo Credit: Jorge Duva

What does it mean to ‘find your true calling?’ and to be ‘fortunate enough to live your dream?’

A lot of people live their lives without finding their true calling and this is a big reason to live a life without purpose and motivation. I’m so lucky because not only did I find a beautiful family (my beautiful wife and my 2 amazing kids), but also found my vocation, something I don’t call work. I’m living my dream. I can’t ask for more and I have a big responsibility because I have to always be better and better for my clients, my followers, and the industry. It is important to feel respect for what you do because the effort and love you put into it are reflected in your work.

What has helped you during difficult times in your life and career?

I think it is very important to have God in your life. I offer everything I do to him. I pray every day for my family and friends. It is important to always be a good person, all this has helped me to go through all the difficult times.

What are the top life lessons do you think have helped you achieve your goals?

  1. Walk your own path.
  2. Don’t hesitate when you should act.
  3. Experience what you have learned.
  4. Good things don’t come easy.
  5. Never fail to try more.
  6. Make every moment count.
  7. Comparing yourself with others will make you lose your inherent beauty. Let them do their work, wish them luck & focus on your ambitions.

What is the best advice that you ever received and from whom?

From my dad who is my hero:

Wherever you find yourself at work or in your personal life, do the very best you can do.

What do you love about photography?

The ability to capture something as you see it – sharing the things you care about and what excites you – is what makes photography special to me. There’s something powerful about being able to share an image and have it remind somebody of a memory they have or inspire them to do it!

What do you believe your photos say about you as an artist?

I think they express my love for beauty, colors for nature, and beautiful scenery.

Talk about what you enjoy most about fashion photography for major magazines. What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

For sure, creating concepts for each magazine. Every single magazine has its own and it is very important to understand it cause you and your team have to be able to transform a model to make it work for the story.

You have said that capturing the birth of your daughter and son were ‘the most captivating stories’ you ever told and ‘the most important pictures’ you ever took. Tell me more about this.

The first time I saw my kids were through a lens, waiting without breathing for the perfect shot and this means a lot to me. Always wanted to capture their first photo, it is a gift they will always remember.

Who/what inspires you to do your best work?

My love for photography. It is something I can’t explain but makes me happy. Every single part of the creative process brings me so much fun and interaction with others. I never get tired of thinking about concepts and making them real.

Photo Credit: Jorge Duva

How does social media drive your work?

Social media right now is everything, we interact in a way we never did before, and we can learn and communicate with others.  What we do can be seen on a bigger scale and we have access to a lot of information which helps us a lot to develop better. Even with this platform, we have the opportunity to get hired without needing an agent anymore.

What do you love about being based in Miami and how does it inform your work?

I love Miami. I wouldn’t change this city for anything. I developed myself here and started a family here. The quality of life is everything to me. My job hasn’t been easy for me because Miami photographers are not well received in the fashion industry so I’m always working hard to try to make my work stand out.

What does your family support mean to you?

It is everything because I had to spend so much time practicing and working to really be someone and to be recognized. I took a lot from their time but now I’m so lucky I can share more with them.

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