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Weekly Love Horoscope- Soulmate Edition – August 6th

Lions Gate Love Manifestation

This week we have a lot of positive and powerful energy surrounding us. Last week we experienced a lot of heart healing in preparation for the supermoon, Tu B’Av the day of soulmates, and for this week’s Lions Gate Portal which falls on 08/08. Basically, our manifestation muscle is now at full flex. And we are not going to waste a minute of it!

We are still circling the drain of the Venus Retrograde and my guess is that you have been experiencing a lot of ex-appearances, ex-partners springing up out of nowhere, old disagreements in current relationships coming back around, and maybe a very clear picture of some of the things you don’t want in relationships. That’s great! Ok, maybe it doesn’t feel that way in the moment but boy is that great information in calling in what you do actually want!

So, this week’s task is fairly simple (sort of) it is crafting our manifestation list. The Lions Gate Portal occurs in Leo season on 08/08- 88= karma, manifestation, things coming full circle, and infinity, the symbol of soulmates. So, while we continue to ride that Tu B’Av wave and maybe a little leftover moonlight magic we are basically walking into a portal of pure potential. Wow, what a ride!

To prepare your manifestation list, maybe take a look back at the previous week’s To Do Lists. What things came up for you that you didn’t particularly love? The things that made you say Yuck! Now take a gander at all the things that felt good or would feel good in partnership. The things that make you say Yum! While the yuck is well…yucky, it is important info for us to get into that yummy energetic we desire.

We just take it all in as information, so we can get busy utilizing all this manifestation magic.

Astrological To-Do List:

Using all the information you have gathered over the past few weeks, months, or maybe even years, begin to craft your soulmate or manifestation list. If you are already in a relationship, you can craft dynamics or energetics you want to call into the relationship itself, how you want to feel, or how you want the interactions to feel. You can call in goals for the relationship or collective manifestations like a new home, a family, etc.

(Keep in mind when we use this powerful energy to call things in, including and especially a soulmate dynamic, the universe will help us reach that, meaning anything in our way will be brought out to be cleared, which can be a wild ride. Long story short, be sure to craft your list with care and ensure you are truly ready to call in what you are asking for, there is no turning back once you get on the rollercoaster lol)

  • What are three things Venus Retrograde has brought up for you around relationships? The good, the bad, and the neutral
  • If there have been some negatives, what are their opposite? For example, a partner going behind your back with an ex= betrayal. The opposite of betrayal=loyalty aka what you want to call in. Remember, when calling things in we want to use the affirmative, so instead of “not a liar” = “honest.”
  • What are the energetic attributes you want out of a soulmate pairing? Ex: inspiring, passionate, secure.
  • What are the intellectual or spiritual attributes? Ex: Into astrology(obviously) does meditation, studies Kabbalah, works on their inner world and mindset, etc.
  • What are the relationship attributes? Ex: Is loyal, dedicated, considerate of my needs within the home, always has my back/is on my side, stands up for me, includes me in their life, loves my pets, etc.
  • What are the character attributes? Ex: Is funny, intelligent, works hard, is dedicated to their career, etc.
  • What are their physical attributes? (Yes, this is important as we live in a physical world, but we don’t want to get too attached to it.) Focus on the energetics these attributes bring up and lean more towards calling that in. For example, a muscular body could arouse a sense of desire and passion and call in that feeling. Muscular, healthy, broad shoulders, etc. what do those things make you feel? That is where we often get surprised when someone shows up and makes us feel passion for a physical attribute we never noticed before, like for some reason their glasses are such a turn-on(raises hand) By tuning into the energetic and letting go of the details, that is where we can let the universe surprise us.
  • What are some fun/light details or aspects you want within the relationship? Ex: Laughter and inside jokes, joint baths, face mask Friday, sunset hikes, starting an Etsy store together, dressing up, and going on picnics, etc.

Make these fun, light and inspiring. Get excited about your partnership, this doesn’t have to be all heavy, hard, and work-like. The higher and more excited your vibe the quicker you can call it in. You can also listen to happy, upbeat music while crafting your list, I use the Beach Boys songs to help me manifest because they are simple, light, and happy.

You can also add ritualistic aspects like candles, crystals, sage, or incense. Use a fun notebook and your favorite pen to write them down in, add some tea or lemon water, and make this an exciting experience as opposed to a job. Get excited! You are calling in your highest partnership! Or something else wonderful and exciting in your life! Get pumped!

Also, if you are calling in a manifestation like a home, you can use these same concepts- the feeling of the space, fun things you will do in the home, physical and energetic aspects, and logistics like pricing, it’s the same basic concepts just switch it to an object, job, or whatever it is you are calling in. Also remember, you can bring soulmate-level connections to multiple aspects of your life, such as a boss, realtor, literary agent, etc. It’s just a higher-level connection that can bring in your highest good and most aligned outcome, it doesn’t mean you will have a romantic connection with that person. A “soulmate” is often termed in the romantic world, but that general level and vibration of connection can be obtained in many forms.

Pro Tip: 

You may also want to ensure that while looking at your list you are embodying everything you are asking for out of another person. There are several reasons for this, first off because we don’t want to just call in a partnership, we want to keep it! Which means we ourselves have to embody one aspect of the perfect partnership, one-half of it. So, if you’re calling in someone loyal and trustworthy but you yourself are not those things, then you’re not going to be able to hang on to someone who is. You will destroy the relationship. Even if you manage to wrangle someone with those qualities in, they are going to get one whiff of your bad behind-the-back behavior and be on their way. We don’t want that for anyone.

Also, a very common thing that happens in partnership is that we often call-in things about other people we want, but that we secretly want for ourselves. It’s a weird phenomenon. For example, maybe you are calling in someone wealthy, but you yourself are not financially stable. Perhaps some part of you (subconscious) believes that if you call in this person, they will help you become that way too. Or if you are calling in let’s, say a musician, but you yourself secretly want to be a musician. When we think we can’t have or be something, we often call in the next best thing, being as close to it as possible.  But that doesn’t work, we don’t magically become the thing someone else is, and when we don’t we become resentful of them having it but not us. They also become resentful at feeling like they have to pull you along, like financially supporting you or having to teach you about money, etc.

Once again all of this is great info. If we have crafted our list and something on it is something we aren’t embodying ourselves—why not? Do we have some part of us that wants to? Perhaps now is the time to call that in for ourselves while still holding that list for our potential partner. When we embody our most authentic and healed selves, often our lists change. Maybe if we begin pursuing our own music career we no longer care if the person we date is also a musician. Or we are ok with someone making a little less money in their career if it means they are truly fulfilled and following their passion. It’s funny how all of this works, there are a lot of layers to it. But starting with your list and working your way through the “why” of each, is a great place to start!

Horoscopes: The Soulmate Signs

This week as we are talking soulmates I am diving into the “soulmate signs” but please bear in mind these are general. Moon and Venus placements, karma, wounds, desire, house placements, and free will can and do play a big role. The below is just a general guide, but as with all readings, take what resonates for you, and leave what doesn’t.

Aries: Aries partnership manifestation often works a little bit differently than the other signs. Aries is typically a lone ranger, the leader of the Zodiac, and quite the mover and shaker. It is not unusual for Aries to change locations, jobs, cities, and even desires quickly and regularly. They have a fiery need for independence and freedom and often need to define themselves before they can define the parameters of partnership.

Meaning often Aries achieves a certain level of self, before wanting to call in a partnership. So the first place for Aries to look to determine their readiness for long-term commitment—is in a mirror.

They are most comfortable with a partner who walks beside them at the front while they blaze trails together. Mission is very important to Aries so a strong partner who can hold their own in life and the relationship is often very important.

Aries often partners best with itself (other Aries), Leo(it’s considered soulmate sign), or Gemini, another fast-paced zodiac sign. They can pair with their opposite, a Libra in an opposites attract scenario, but both have to be very aware of the dynamic going into the relationship. Fire partners best with fire and air, earth can feel heavy, and water can be a real drag to a fast-paced Aries.

Taurus: Taurus partnership is often steady, stable, and long-term. Sometimes a little too long-term. Taurus can value stability, luxury, and earthly companionship above the higher connections of mind, soul, etc. Basically, if it’s cozy and it feeds their needs, they are in. But that is not always the best way to bring in a true aligned partnership.

Taurus usually finds their soulmate connection by stepping out of their comfort zone. Whether that is saying goodbye to a long-term but incompatible partner, by making the first move on a dating app, or by simply trying out a completely different type of partnership with someone they normally wouldn’t be interested in, these are the ways their soulmates usually present.

Taurus matches well with other Earth signs including itself, Capricorn especially, Virgo, and the water sign of Cancer.  It’s a fairly easy-to-pair sign and tends to get along at least minimally with most. Yet because its true soulmate usually comes just on the other side of change; its most karmic sign often presents as a Scorpio. Scorpio sits on the opposite side of the zodiac and is dark, transformative, and very sexually open. Taurus is ruled by Venus who also likes to explore the sensual pleasures of Earth. While there may be some friction, often that is how true diamonds are formed.

So, if both go in with the right mindset, and Taurus is willing to face the challenge and step out of their comfort zone (way out) then this dynamic duo can create a passionate romantic pairing. Although sometimes this pairing is not life long as it takes a very specific mindset to make work.

Gemini: Gemini is about as fast-paced as they come. Their minds(and mouths) often move at the speed of light, as sometimes do their affections. They need someone who can keep up with them and their creativity. They are excellent at passionate and creative pursuits although relationships don’t’ always fall into that category for them. Often Gemini finds their perfect partner after trying all the possibilities first.

They might date a variety of people of differing ethnic groups, personality types, backgrounds, interests, and maybe even genders. They like to try before they buy. So it’s not unusual for their romantic partnerships to appear later in life. Yet there is great benefit in that because they know for sure exactly what they want and why they want it. There is no “what could have been” or “what if” type of thinking, they’ve been there and done that so when they are ready to call in their soulmate they are sure to know they are the one.

Gemini pairs well with other air signs(see the pattern here?) but most especially Libra. They are both air signs, prone to intellect and logic, and can hold deep conversations. They will align on a lot of things and Libra’s calm calculations can help slow Gemini down enough to stay put in a relationship. They also pair very well with Aries because they are both equally fast-paced and creative. They can handle each other’s intensity and both like exploration and movement.

Sometimes interestingly enough however they can have very strong attractions to Sagittarius. Sag sits on the opposite side of the zodiac and Gemini and the sign of the twins loves to see things from all perspectives. Both are very quick moving and excitable, but both also have very spontaneous natures and can change their passions on a dime. Meaning they might have short-term compatibility but there isn’t enough of a grounding force to keep them both in the same place, or relationship. Which is where Libra often helps Gemini out, they give them a sense of grounding without fully tying them down.

Cancer:  Cancer loves love. They love feeling comfy and cozy in partnership and their nurturing side really blooms in that arena. Yet they can tend towards codependency and can hang on to partners and past experiences way past their expiration date. Meaning they can be tough to pair if it isn’t truly the right person for them. They might be too distracted with past partnerships to be fully present in a new one, or they are so entangled with the current one, the current one feels smothered.

Yet once they work on their own sense of independence in relationships, which with the North Node in Aries they are being very called to do right now, then they can make great long-term partners.

While their best match is generally Taurus, their soulmate match can often come in the form of Leo, although they are not considered “soulmate signs.” Leo is fiery and fierce which initially seems an odd pairing for Cancer, but by tuning into the take-charge vibe, they can actually learn to stand up for themselves in new ways, step into the spotlight also, and finally burn off their previous bad relationships. They might feel coziest with a Taurus, but codependency can often reign in that relationship, while a Leo is not going to let anybody sit in the corner.

While Leo may initially come across as fierce, that is the very thing that might make a Cancer stand on their own two feet and roar back. Remember, soulmate pairings are not always what make us the comfiest, but the ones that challenge us(in good ways) to bring out our highest selves and most profound growth. Leo can lavish in the Cancer’s attention without necessarily feeling overwhelmed, and their passionate nature can create a sense of deep love for a Cancer.

Leo: Leo and Aries are generally considered “soulmate signs.” While some signs in the zodiac can pair well with lots of other signs, Aries is not one of them. Leo is one that can actually adapt pretty well to a large number of signs, although they may become bored or be viewed as intense. Yet Aries and Leo play very well together. They are both fiery, passionate, born leaders, who combined can make the ultimate power couple.

Virgo: Virgo and Capricorn are considered “soulmate signs.” Meaning they are born for each other. They both love rules, law, and order and they are often happy to make a commitment to each other. Plus, their combined home is spotless!

Their energy levels, preferences, and needs out of a relationship often align fully and they are great at creating long-term partnerships based on shared goals, values, and mindsets. They can however be a bit limited in their thinking and after several years together they can begin to feel like they are in a business partnership as opposed to a marriage. Learning to tap in more deeply into their emotional connection with each other can help them avoid that outcome.

Libra: Talk about being born for partnership, Libra is the sign of the scales, of creating partnerships. Two are better than one. Libra and Gemini pair very well under their airy element and both love intellectually stimulating conversations.

They are not likely to suffocate each other with heavy demands or emotions and they both enjoy movement. Libra allows Gemini a safe container to form a partnership in one of the few ways Gemini doesn’t feel tied down. Libra also helps Gemini recognize the other side of situations and feeds into the Gemini twin growth perspective. Libra is very calm and level-headed so when Gemini is spinning out, Libra can provide a calming influence that once again does not feel heavy.

Scorpio: Scorpio is another one of the shall we say, more difficult to pair placements. Only because it is not satisfied with shallow connections or surface-level interactions. It dives deep and it needs a partner that can meet it on that level. While it gets along with other water signs generally, Pisces seems to be its best pairing.

They are almost two sides of the same coin; Pisces is the sign of the psychic and Scorpio is highly intuitive also. Scorpio loves diving into the depths of shadow, past lives, and the subconscious and Pisces is more than happy to meet it there. It is also capable of floating away from the sting of the jealous scorpion and can usually pick up on whatever underlying motivations are propelling Scorpio’s bad behavior.

Scorpio’s pairing with Taurus can be karmic but isn’t always soulmate stable.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is wild and free; they move from idea to idea and passion to passion as quickly as fire’s flames can jump around. Meaning it needs a good, sturdy companion to keep up with it. That usually comes in the form of Aquarius. Aquarius is the Sag “soulmate sign.” Aquarius is an air sign, very laid back, sometimes avoidant, which can actually work quite well with Sagittarius. Sag likes to jump around and have the freedom to do so, something Aquarius won’t take personally.

Both enjoy partnership but are fine with alone time. They both are adventurous and like to travel and explore new ideas and concepts. They don’t rub each other the wrong way and can come in for closeness or step out for alone time. Aquarius doesn’t escalate the Sag flame when they are angry, instead their calm, almost avoidant demeanor allows Sag to burn itself out.

I’ve also seen Sag do well with the sign of Capricorn. Sag is happy to burn off in the other direction without directly confronting Capricorn, allowing Capricorn to keep their home and life how they like it. While they sometimes make an almost child/parent pairing, it for some reason seems to work in some of the relationships I’ve seen and worked with.

Capricorn: For Capricorn—see Virgo. Yet Capricorn can also do well with Sag, as mentioned above, and a few other signs. They can be viewed as rigid or unfeeling by some of the more free-spirited and passionate signs, so they don’t always pair well with everyone, but when they have found their person they are often in it for the long haul.

Aquarius: Aquarius and Sag are two signs matched in astrological heaven. But truthfully Aqaurius’ laid-back ways can make it a fairly easy pairing for several signs. Although they may come across as unfeeling, overly logical, cold, or avoidant to many of the more passionate signs. Aquarius matches are often more of a matter of preference. Yes, you could make the relationship work, but do you want to? Often, they can present as “peace at any price.” They aren’t truly happy, but they aren’t willing to confront their partner about that.

Sag however has just enough fire to bring out Aquarius’ more passionate side and has a good sense of when to back off or push a little harder.

Otherwise, Aquarius does well with other air signs and there are some astrological practices that feel Gemini is the best Aquarius match or “soulmate sign.”  (Again, these are all up for debate.)

Pisces: Pisces, despite being a water sign, often has its head in the clouds, so it does well with others who have a similar vibe. It is very intuitive, and loves matters of the ethereal. It pairs well with Scorpio and other water signs but can also do well with Earth signs. I like the Pisces/Scorpio pairing because it is like two sides of a coin. That being said Pisces and Cancer isn’t a bad match either. It really just depends on how it all plays out in their charts.

Pisces is highly intuitive and their best guide for picking a partner is their own intuition.

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