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Weekly Love Horoscope – New Season New Seeds – June 25

New Season New Seeds

It is with a grateful heart that we open ourselves up to this new astrological season. Ok, I know after this last round of retrogrades gratitude may not exactly be what we are feeling. In fact, we may be feeling more road worn than road ready, but this new season can bring new changes to your life—if you let it.

We just had the summer solstice and have officially entered into Cancer season. While Cancer is not an Earth sign, to me it has always symbolized a deep connection with the Earth, the original mother. Cancer is very feminine energetically, it is watery and deep, emotional, ruled by the moon, and highly intuitive. It also symbolizes our home, family, womb space, and everything that ties us to this earthly experience. So, while much of the time the cure to Cancer’s watery ills, is more water, this week I want to recommend a return to a more earthly energetic, like literally, the Earth itself.

A wonderful ritual for the summer solstice (aside from dancing naked under the moon) this week could be planting new seeds for the upcoming season. While the first week of the Saturn retrograde may have turned our attention to the past, this week I would like for you to turn it towards the future. What would you like to bring in? What would you like to leave behind? As you are weeding your garden and getting ready for the new planting, imagine yourself weeding your mind and your life. Imagine getting rid of all the things you no longer need to make way for the new growth to emerge undisturbed. Perhaps it’s negative thoughts, addictions, behavior patterns you’d like to change, or old relationships, friendships, or jobs that have been hanging around your psyche or subconscious. Old wounds, toxic family dynamics, you name it, it’s time to clear it.

Then as you intentionally plant the seeds, focus on what you want to bring in. Picture it so clearly you can practically taste it, feel it, sense it, and hear it. Perhaps it’s a new romantic interest, a new career path, an improved relationship, or a focus on healing, all of these things are beautiful intentions to create right now. The practice itself is also wonderfully symbolic in bringing all the dreams in our minds, down to the physical. We can have all sorts of wonderful intentions floating around in our minds, but until we plant them in the reality we live in, they may not ever be able to grow or come to fruition. So this week let’s really ground them in, literally.

Weekly To-Do List: 

It’s time to plant our new intentions! If you are a city dweller with no real gardening space, that’s ok, the intention remains the same whether it is planted on a 12-acre plot or in a tiny pot in your city apartment.

  • Take a moment to journal your thoughts.
  • What things are you ready to let go of? What has been holding you back? Dig deep we want to make sure we get everything out of the way.
  • What intentions would you like to bring in to replace them with? What new behaviors, thoughts, and relationships are you hoping to flourish over the coming months?
  • Make a list of both.
  • Think of what can you do to take these intentions and physically plant them in your life?
  • How can you continue to care for and foster the growth of these brand-new seedlings of intention?
  • Now take action.
  • Weed, weed, weed- Prepare your gardening space. Physical, mental, and emotional. Clear out the old and create a safe, well-cared-for space for your seeds to take hold.
  • Plant, plant, plant- Plant those seeds with love and intention and prepare to watch them grow.
  • Sit back and watch the magic happen!


Funny story. My mother grew up on an apple orchard, her parents were farmers. Yet the green thumb seriously skipped a generation with her. She has almost no natural growing ability at all, she kills almost everything she plants. Yet she never gives up. Week after week she shows up with some new plant to try to garden with.

So, this week as I attempted to get her garden back in shape, and as I dug through the box, pulling out weeds and old root structures, I couldn’t help but giggle. I continued to find layer after layer of place markers of previous plants, the small paper pieces you stick in the ground to identify the plant. It was like a vegetation graveyard in there. Layers of these things and tons of old root structures, and dead plants simply planted over. And while I dug them out, giggling all the way, I realized how much this is like our own subconscious. How many things we’ve planted and forgotten about, how many intentions we set but didn’t care for, or cared for too much, drowning them in our well-intentioned but hypervigilant attempts to make them grow. Also, the old root structures. How many old systems of beliefs, old relationships, friend groups, jobs, are we holding onto in our mental gardens, things long forgotten but perhaps still getting in the way of new growth and change?

Basically, it’s a process. As we continue to dig deeper, new things may surface, so we simply dig those out too, and replace them with the seeds of our better intentions.

It is also symbolic of what happens when we don’t do regular gardening of our minds and lives, things pile up. They entangle with each other and create layers of complicated roots, making it impossible for anything new to grow. It takes much more time and effort to untangle and dig it all out, as opposed to gardening and maintaining it on an ongoing basis.

As it is with our relationships. Often by the time couples come to me, their problems are many layers deep and as we attempt to untangle them, I similarly find markers of previous fights, root structures of old beliefs, and many things that if addressed sooner, would have been a much easier fix. So, while we plant these new intentions for our lives and loves, perhaps one of them could be an ongoing process of maintenance. We intend to keep up with what is growing in the gardens of our minds and lives and ensure that the process is monitored with care.

Happy Star Surfing!

P.S. While we mainly cover love and relationships in this column, money, and love are often closely tied so you never know, by calling in positive changes to your love life, your financial situation may just change as well.


Aries: This past week may have felt especially tough on you, with Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer archetype in your sign, plus the Saturn retrograde hitting your house of karma, there could have been A LOT coming up for you.

Yet remember, as a leader, you are often the one whose garden has to be the cleanest so to speak. You may have to take on challenges and efforts that others do not, simply because that’s what leaders do. Think about it, people in power and leadership positions are under the most scrutiny and also have to have a very vast ability to help others, meaning they have to continually work to make sure they do not have their own stuff getting in the way of that. The cleaner your glasses the clearer your vision so to speak. I know it may seem unfair, but the role of a leader is not for everyone, but it is for you.

Guides often have to take on some of the greatest challenges. Why? Because they can. Meaning, you were born to do this dear Aries, so ram it up and step forward to face these oncoming challenges. Show others how it’s done. Be the born leader you are. You were always meant to.

Taurus: Luck remains on your side with Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion remaining under your watchful care. It might feel a little bit like having the Midas touch right now like everything you touch turns to gold. This is so! Use this time to your advantage. It’s like having an especially fertile garden, now is the time to plant all the best seeds and get ready to watch your bountiful harvest unfold.

Gemini: It may feel a little bit like someone let the wind out of your sails. When things go from having a lot of action and planets in your sign back down to one, it might feel like a bit of a letdown. A lot of energy down to a more peaceful time might feel relaxing to some, but not to the free-spirited, wild-hearted Gemini. Yet try to reframe it. This is a time when things can recalibrate and settle down and you can create closer connections without all the mischief and mayhem. It may seem like a quiet time, but that is precisely the time you can hear your partner, the universe, or your own inner voice the most. Start the conversation, then sit back and listen.

Cancer: It’s your season! Your time in the astrological sun! Although all that pressure can feel a little overwhelming to you right now. I almost feel like a shrinking, like an urge to retreat back into your crab shell with your feelings. Yet now is the time for opening up to the expansion. I also feel like there will be a lot of sexual exploration at this time for you as part of that opening-up process. You are in a time of great excitement and exploration, but you have to come out of your shell to find it.

Leo: Wowza. You’ve got a lot going on right now. But that’s ok you were born to shine, and you can totally handle it. Mars in your sign, Venus in your sign, and the Black Moon Lilith in your sign are giving you some pretty heavy indicators that your love life is about to meet its match.

You are learning who you are, what you want, and how you want to present that to the world. You are learning who and what is worth fighting for and how to express that. There is an indication of healing, but that is only going to come to fruition by you stepping firmly forward and roaring loud and proud. Don’t ask for what you want, tell the world what it is.

Show them who and what you are. A born king/queen of the jungle.

Virgo: You are something else right now. Almost giddy in the face of new light, new growth, and new realizations. Your house of relationships probably just got hit hard by Saturn but on the other side of that is tremendous growth and realization. A lot of taking responsibility for your own actions and co-creation of your life. While taking responsibility can feel overwhelming, it is not about blame or shame, it is about the excitement of feeling that if the choices you made got you in this position, then the choices you now make can get you out. I’m so proud of you! You’ve definitely got this!

Libra: Your kind of sitting pretty right now. No planets are really bothering you, and nothing and no one is entering your space so you’re kind of in a spot of equilibrium. That will change this week as the moon will interrupt this homeostasis for you with a big dose of feelings, but it doesn’t feel like anything you can’t handle.

Your partnerships feel remarkably balanced for what we’ve been through this week but one thing about the sign of the scales is that they are not afraid of justice. Saturn the lord of karma is all about dosing that out, but Libra’s can be pretty good at keeping their lives clean and fair so it’s possible if you’ve been keeping up with your inner gardening work, the retrograde didn’t nail you as badly as some of the other signs. Keep up the good work!

Scorpio: *pokes head out from behind rock to see if you’re still standing there* Yep. *pulls head back in* You are not exactly the calmest you’ve ever been. When attacked you have the tendency to fight back. Hard. Which is no shame in the game it’s what you do but with Saturn poking at you last week, you may still feel a little sore about the whole thing.

That’s ok you two will work it out. After all, you really aren’t all that different. You’re both feisty, not afraid to push back on people, and definitely not afraid to fight for a cause you believe in. And believe it or not, you both are unfailingly loyal, always ready to go to battle with and for the ones you love, no matter the consequences. So, remind yourself that it probably wasn’t all that bad. You can make a lot of beneficial changes from the lessons you learned last week. So, take this week to figure out how to apply them and plant those seeds moving forward.

Sagittarius: “What do you want from me?” That is the phrase I am hearing coming from your general direction. I know it’s been a tough week; Saturn can feel like no friend of yours when you are in the midst of things, but it truly is at the end of the day. This week will be about processing that information for you and using it towards the greater expansion.

So, whether that phrase was aimed at your partner, your life, or the universe in general, try to see the bigger picture this week. You are the overseer of higher thinking and philosophy so sometimes that overriding wisdom can feel a bit like a punishment. You can overthink things or try to categorize things that simply need to be observed. It’s not your fault, all great philosophers are kind of like that. It’s the way you spot patterns and see things that others can’t.

Always looking from a higher perspective, which makes it hard to take things at face value. Where someone else might see a run-of-the-mill disagreement, you are always looking at its greater cause and consequence. Which makes you incredibly intuitive, interesting, and unique. If not sometimes completely overwhelmed by it all. Yet this week, try to use all of those special skills and tools to your advantage this week instead of letting them work against you.

Capricorn: Overdrive does not even begin to cover it. Sometimes without specific planets or energies to keep you busy you get a little antsy. Capricorns function best with tasks and to-do lists. They like to have a job to do, and they like to know what’s coming next. It’s certainly a cute quality. Until it isn’t. This week might be the week to back off that energy a little bit before you drive yourself and your partner absolutely crazy.

When you don’t have enough things on your own to-do list sometimes you begin to “help” others with theirs. Finding chores and assigning tasks like it’s your job. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not. Keep your eyes on your own paper over there and you might actually make it out of this week without a murder. Here’s hoping.

Aquarius: Love and Logic. How do the two fit together? This may be something that has really been bothering you this week. Or month. Or maybe your entire life. It’s odd, for such a logical sign sometimes Aquarius doesn’t know how to carry that over into relationships. Sometimes they are overly logical in them or sometimes there appears to be no logic in them at all. Why? Because that is part of their work. To find balance in integrating logic into their human and emotional experience. And yes, they do have one, in case you were wondering. An emotional experience that is. It may not present the way a water Cancer’s would, but it’s there.

That’s one way to spot what needs work in our lives, the places where we seem to lack balance. Pretty much our entire existence is to figure out how to live and function within this duality we call Earth. So, did Saturn’s retrograde bring a dysfunction in your love life to light? Perhaps a partner that was more logical than love or more love than logic? That’s ok. Now you know. Start working the pendulum back in the other direction. Soon you will find that sweet spot.

P.S. Aquarius can be the king/queen/other of avoidance. Red flags can often just act as mile markers to them, marking the distance of a relationship as opposed to recognizing them as issues within the relationship. “Couples fight” and “Things happen” are the types of overly logical phrases that can keep Aquarius stuck in bad relationships as opposed to facing the reality or much-needed conversation of the situation. So, try that on for size this week and see how it feels.

Pisces: Hats off to you for housing the renegade retrograde-er of Saturn this past week. So now is the time to take all of that good information you were provided and put it into practice. My guess is a lot of things related to your intuition, life, dreams, goals, and relationship with yourself and your gifts came up. It could also have brought up addictions, escapism, and the unhealthy ways you relate to the world around you, including your partnerships. Whatever came up for you last week, take it into account this week while planting your intentions. We can do this work, even when it feels hard.

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