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We need to talk about the Ex!

“We were on the phone one day and we were like, ‘we should do a podcast!!’

By Valerie Milano

Gulf Shores, AL (The Hollywood Times) 5/15/24 – Podcast aficionados are in for a treat as best friends and former contestants of the renowned talent show X-Factor, Carly Rose and Diamond White, unite forces to bring their weekly chats to life in an engaging podcast format! Delve into the world of X-Factors, as they delve into the current chapters of their careers and personal lives. Brace yourselves for an exciting pilot season of Ex-Factors, where listeners are in for an unforgettable experience.

Carly Rose, one half of the dynamic duo, shares that the way the podcast came to be in a very natural happenstance. Rose recalls, “Every time we would hangout, the conversation would naturally get to this reminiscent place about X-Factor and that turned into, ‘I think there is something interesting here that people would want to listen to.’ It made sense.” Viewers will definitely take note of how easy the conversation and energy flows amongst the pair; Ex-Factors promises to leave a refreshing mark on the genre of podcast media. 

While there will be guest stars on the show, including additional former contestants of Ex-Factor, the girls are very eager for one person in particular to grace their microphones. Diamond White reveals, “I would love to get one of the judges on the podcast, preferably Simon Cowell because he’s a tough nut to crack. I just want to get into his brain and ask, ‘what were you thinking when you brought me back for the live shows.’ I feel, to this day, that my being brought back was not planned. I really need that question answered!” Carly follows up in agreement, concurring “That would be epic, I would love to talk to Simon in a more casual way. That is something that we have talked about on the podcast. We have mentioned that Simon has kind of created this persona on all of his shows that he is a mean, hardass, guy when in fact he is actually such a nice guy. I think it would be cool for our viewers to see that side of him.”

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Ex-Factors isn’t merely about revisiting the past; it’s about illuminating the present, inviting listeners to join a journey where nostalgia intersects with newfound revelations. Rose states, “The ethos of the show is to give people that were known for something, other than how they started, a voice to discuss how they have pivoted in their career and how they have changed directions. That’s what we want to give voice to with this podcast.”

Prepare to be transported into the world of Carly Rose and Diamond White, where every episode is a testament to the enduring power of friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of truth!