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The Understudies Ruled the Stage at Iama Theatre in “Untitled Baby Play”

By Sara Collas

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 06/27/2022 – It wasn’t hard to notice all the beauty on stage for the production, “Untitled Baby Play” that took place during a Saturday matinee at the Iama Theatre Company in Atwater Village.

All the actresses Cynthia San Luis (Penny), Brie Carter (Gillian), Ari Hader (Eden), Ellen Haun (Meredith), Julia Manis (Natalia), and Kristina Mueller (Clara) could easily become famous Hollywood stars with their chiseled cheek bones, good looks, and incredible acting skills.

Instead, they were all understudies to a play whose subject matter is so relevant today.  A woman’s right to make her own life decisions.  Other universal themes in this women-centered play included female friendship, depression, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, societal pressure for women to have babies, and the bathroom as a site of refuge and escape from forced smiles.

Untitled Baby play cast

“The impossibility of being a woman” is what the play is about according to Julia Manis, who played the role of Natalia.  She riveted the audience with a ten minute monologue that ended with a series of dramatic “What Ifs.”  Her monologue was worthy of a Saturday Night Live performance.  An audience member was overheard saying:  “That scene was worth the entire ticket price”.  What if I had chosen to have a baby?  What if my eggs dry up too soon? What if I’m pregnant and don’t know the father’s name. What if I want a child, and my partner doesn’t?  We have all struggled at the choices we’ve made that can haunt us like invited ghosts. The star of the show,  San Luis beautifully captures the emotional rollercoaster associated with trying to become pregnant as she obsessively plans a baby shower.

The writer, Nina Braddock avoids sentimentality and trite clichés surrounding motherhood. “Women die from having babies” she reminds us.

Katie Lindsay (Director), and the Associate Director, Melissa Coleman-Reed

The Director, Katie Lindsay and Associate Director, Melissa Coleman-Reed along with the cast put together a production worthy of a Broadway hit.  A thunderous standing ovation ended this unforgettable play.

Written by Nina Braddock
Directed by Katie Lindsay
Starring Laila Ayad, Anna Rose Hopkins, Courtney Sauls, Sonal Shah, Jenny Soo, Sarah Utterback
Understudies: Brie Carter, Ari Hader, Ellen Haun, Julia Manis, Kristina Mueller, Cynthia San Luis
Creative Team: Lexi Sloan, Paige Hullett, Nikita Chaudhry, Savanha Moore, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Cindy Lin, Dan Weingarten, Michael O’Hara, Andrea ‘Slim’ Allmond, Alexis Chaney, Lauren “Lars” McCuen, Sarah Costigan, Rose Krol, Avery Orvis
Presented by IAMA Theatre Company, Stefanie Black, artistic director

Kristina Mueller and THT reporter
Sara Collas

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