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The Way Out, Is The Way In

Cast & Crew of INGRESS to attend the L.A. Release at the Laemmle Glendale on Feb 24th & 25th

By Valerie Milano

Phoenix, AZ (The Hollywood Times) 2/23/24 – “This film asks more questions than it answers”, proclaims Sienna Beckman, producer of the sci-fi film Ingress, which follows the journey of a woman who can traverse between different realities. After losing her husband tragically, she faces her past trauma to find a reality where he’s still alive. Ingress will undoubtedly inspire viewers to expand their horizons to go on an unforgettable excursion through the multiverse on a quest for love and self-realization.

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If all great works of fiction are loosely based on our individual truths and realities, the very same can and should be said for the Inception of Ingress. Writer and esteemed Filmmaker Rachel Noll James describes the initial concepts that were analyzed before creating this beautiful project. James denotes, “I grew up in Santa Fe New Mexico. It’s a town that is very rooted in the metaphysical realm, spirituality and art. I grew up with a physicist father and a mother and she had a number of friends that were very into energy healing and channeling. I came into this story from the perspective of exploring these big concepts in terms of quantum reality, the holographic universe, parallel realities and also this side of knowing actual people that are actual channelers or who explored these other realms of consciousness and imagining what it must be like in the uncertainty and the self-doubt when you’re exploring things that the culture at large would experience and say, ‘that’s not real.’ The film is rooted in the idea that individuals can come to a place of trusting in our own experience and what feels true to us more than what other people would tell us is true about the world.”

The reaches of this film are as limitless as our universe in that Ingress has the ability to spark understanding and familiarity amongst a wide range of viewers.  Rachel underscores the film’s ability to resonate uniquely with each viewer, mirroring the individualized experiences encountered within the multiverse depicted on screen. The director proclaims, “The word Ingress means opening, or a way in; the film provides just that for audiences. It provides an invitation to think about your own life, your own interactions, your own self a little bit differently. There have been so many interesting conversations that have come out of this. What I like about the film is that it seems to touch individuals a bit differently based on their personal experiences.”

Sienna Beckman’s earlier assertion that the film raises more questions than it answers rings true as viewers are left pondering the intricate layers of their own existence. Drawing inspiration from the metaphysical realm of Santa Fe, Rachel Noll James brings a unique perspective to the narrative, infusing it with elements of quantum reality and consciousness exploration. As the director aptly describes, Ingress serves as an “opening” for audiences to reimagine their lives and relationships, sparking intriguing conversations and personal revelations. Just as the multiverse depicted on screen offers infinite possibilities, so too does the impact of this film resonate uniquely with each viewer, transcending boundaries and inspiring a journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, Ingress emerges not just as a cinematic experience, but as a doorway to newfound understanding and enlightenment. Be sure to stay updated with Ingress showtimes by visiting https//:www.emergencefilms.us/ingress.

WHAT:          Los Angeles Theatrical Release of Rachel Noll James directorial debut, INGRESS. Screenings with Cast & Crew in attendance.

WHO:              Filmmaker Rachel Noll James (writer, director, producer, lead actress), Sienna Beckman (producer), Johnny Ferro (actor), Tayler Braasch (editor), and Michael Reola (composer).
WHEN:            Saturday, February 24th, 2024 – SOLD OUT SCREENING

Sunday, February 25th, 2024 – (Director & Producer only)

3:30 PM PT (Talent Arrivals, Photo Ops)

4:00 PM PT (Screening Starts)

5:50 PM PT (Q & A)

WHERE:           LAEMMLE Glendale Theatre

207 N Maryland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 91206.

TRAILER:         www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjyMgQwoYak