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The Way Home has been RENEWED for Season 3!

Exciting news was announced a couple of days ago for fans of The Way Home — the critically-acclaimed hit series has been renewed for Season 3! Set to return in 2025, the multi-generational family drama with a fascinating time travel twist has captivated the hearts and minds of viewers critics alike. Since the first pond jump of the first episode of Season 1, critics noted that the series was a game-changer for Hallmark, and that sentiment continues in The Way Home’s sophomore season.

Jacob Landry

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In the first season, the multigenerational family drama introduced viewers to Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), her 15-year-old daughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) and Kat’s mother Del ( Andie MacDowell), three generations of women who are strong, willful and independent. After being estranged for nearly two decades following the unsolved disappearance of Kat’s eight-year-old brother Jacob (Remy Smith) and untimely death of family patriarch Colton Landry (Jefferson Brown) that prompted Kat to move away from her Canadian farm town of Port Haven, Kat moves back with Alice when she finds herself at a crossroads in life. Shortly after arriving, Alice unwittingly discovers the ability to travel between the past and present via a pond on the family’s land. Soon, mother and daughter become determined to unearth the truth about these past tragedies and attempt to change the course of events. Elliot (Evan Williams), Kat’s childhood friend who always held a torch for her, is there in the present to help guide both of them in their journey, as well as in the past for Alice as his teen self (David Webster).

The Way Home Season 2

Season 2 starts where the shocking Season 1 finale left off and put viewers on the edge of their seats – with Kat exclaiming to Del that she knows what happened to Jacob. As Kat continues her quest to find Jacob and bring him home, mother and daughter uncover unexpected revelations about their origins that bring answers to some questions while new ones are raised.

Lose Yourself

Elliot and Kat have years of history between the two of them. In episode 8, Elliot wonders if he will always be Kat’s second choice; first to Brady, and now potentially to Thomas in 1814. Kat says she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to choose Elliot when he won’t ever tell her how he feels, but Elliot feels stuck as he wonders what Kat may be leaving out about time spent in the past. She has not told Elliot any details about Thomas, but shares everything about Susanna and Jacob. While she tells Elliot nothing has happened with him, she reminds him that he doesn’t have the right to ask, because Elliot was the one who ended the two of them.

The Way Home tells the story of three generations of women – Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), her teen Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) and Kat’s mother Del (Andie MacDowell) – who are all strong, willful and independent. More than 20 years prior, life-changing events prompted Kat to move away from her small, Canadian farm town and she remains estranged from Del to this day. At a crossroads in her life, Kat moves back with Alice to her family’s farm though the reunion isn’t what Kat envisioned. When Alice and Kat unwittingly discover the ability to travel between the past and present, mother and daughter are determined to unearth the truth around the earlier tragedies as they try to change the course of events. Kat’s childhood friend Elliot (Evan Williams) is there for them in both eras as they navigate their journeys across time, helping the three women find their way back to each other.