By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 12/28/2020 – As a full time physician, super mom of triplets, wife, author and entrepreneur, Dr. Musielak has somehow managed to find time to start her own show, The Dr. Mom Show, in addition to pursuing her dream of writing. Dr. Dee – Mom of Three gives you the real deal! Join her on YouTube and FaceBook LIVE on Wednesday nights at 8pm EST! She is currently booking guests for the new year.

Your parents were missionaries. Tell us about your upbringing. 

I was born and raised in Guyana, South America. It’s a beautiful country, but like in most third world countries, it doesn’t offer as many opportunities. I grew up in a Christian household with parents who are Pastors and missionaries, and my older sister. Having missionaries as parents helped me grow in multiple areas of my life.

Not only spiritually, but culturally, emotionally, and mentally. I consider it an honor now to have been able to travel with my parents when I was younger. It’s given me such an appreciation of life and other cultures.

You are dual-boarded in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. When you were younger was your dream to be a Doctor? 

That answer is yes, yes, yes! I’ve always enjoyed helping other people and putting a smile on their face. The person who really confirmed that serving others was my calling was my Grandma. A few years after my family and I migrated to the United States, my Grandma migrated also and lived with us. She was a diabetic and had some other medical conditions. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to help take care of her. I knew in my heart at that point that I wanted to be a steward to others and make a dynamic impact in this world.

Tell us about your popular podcast, The Dr. Mom Show. 

The Dr. Mom Show focuses on making families’ lives simpler. It’s real people talking about real topics. From the pandemic to preventative care to breastfeeding. My guests range from authors to entrepreneurs & experts in their fields to stay at home moms. The goal is to help parents live with confidence not only in their decisions, but the decisions they are making for their families. Since I am a dual-boarded physician in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, I cover the whole gamut.

What topics should we expect in 2021? Are you looking for guests?

I don’t want to spoil the new season starting in January 2021, but some upcoming topics include information about the thyroid, bullying, healthy eating, and of course, maintaining your mental and physical health during the pandemic.


As a Motivational Wellness Speaker what are topics you are sharing with audiences? 

Of course the majority of my recent talks have been in conjunction with the pandemic. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has not only affected people physically, but also emotionally and mentally. As a result, the rate of depression, anxiety, insomnia, suicide and substance abuse have increased tremendously. With that being said, it hasn’t only affected adults, but also kids. Although the pandemic has definitely overshadowed other things, I still have had the opportunity to speak about women’s empowerment and leadership. I was able to be the keynote speaker at an IT corporate event where they were launching a women’s IT support group and hosted a free live healthy lifestyle Webinar. So far in 2021 I will be one of the speakers at the Success Women’s Conference on January 1st -3rd.

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

People would be surprised to know that I rap. Since I was younger I loved hip hop music. There is something so awesome  about being able to write a lyrical rhyme that goes with a great beat. I have written a handful of Christian rap songs and even have a single called “Shekinah” that I recorded. By the way, my stage name is D’Unique.

You are an International Best-Selling Author. Tell us about your books. 

Well, the first book I published was a devotional for moms. After having my triplets, I went through a season of loneliness. I am a complete extrovert and social butterfly. I never felt sad or depressed, but just felt by myself, even though my husband and family were very supportive. After having the babies, my family stayed with me initially but then I was by myself during the day for the remainder of my maternity leave. It was at that time that I felt God place in my heart the desire to utilize my situation to help uplift and encourage other mothers. It’s a 30-Day Devotional called M.O.M. – Meditate. Overcome. Motivate. It has a daily verse, personal story, affirmation, challenge and prayer.

My second book I had a lot of fun writing, which became an International Best Seller, “The Tripsies & Me.” It is a fun-loving, rhyming book I wrote dedicated to my Tripsies’ which shares the story of some of my pregnancy and their first few days of life.

My most recent book was “Woman of War – Peace in the Midst of the Storm.” This is an anthology of fourteen diverse women with empowering & life changing stories that I compiled.

I have also been a contributing author in two book collaborations, “This Is How I Fight My Battles” & ; “Ain’t No Plan B.”

What have you learned from the pandemic? 

I have always appreciated life and the opportunities that I have, but the pandemic has caused me to cherish life, my health and my family on a whole different level.  The kisses, hugs, and close connections are so much more appreciated. In addition, I have learned to be more patient. I am a total planner, but as we all know, 2020 has changed some of our plans to say the least. This has helped me to be more patient and to be reminded that it’s not my timetable, but God’s timeline and all things work out at the right time.