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Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

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By Josie Goldberg

Beverly Hills, California (The Hollywood Times)

The holidays are a time where we embrace our loved ones and for those of us who don’t have a special someone, we dream of a fairytale Prince riding a beautiful, white horse to rescue us. Whether you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, many single women ask God for the miracle of a “Prince”. Well, allow me to share a love story that will give women around the world hope that sometimes even “Prince Charming” can appear even in one of the “difficult” dating markets where at age 25 is considered over the hill…Beverly Hills 90210.

This love story involves a very successful actor, a former model and an exceptional chocolate shop called “Beverly Hills Teuscher – Chocolates of Switzerland”.

Tom Gallop, Actor

Prominent Actor Tom Gallop is best known for his lead performance as Tom Cronin in Bourne Trilogy; The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Supremacy, as well as eight seasons on Will & Grace, also Seinfeld, American Horror Story and the CBS series All Rise. I would say even Tom would give The Golden Bachelor a run for his money!

Tom met Tara in 2015 when they were both getting take-out from a favorite Beverly Hills restaurant. After they began dating, Tara’s daughter brought home Teuscher Champagne Truffles one day and explained the business was closing and she was devastated. Her mother Tara was also very sad and asked Tom” Do you love me?” “If you do, buy me Teuscher. According to Tom, that’s how he got to the finish line and Tara agreed to marry him! Now that’s a man who shows a woman he is serious about her through his actions. Of course, Tara thought Tom was handsome and extremely charismatic as well.

Tom and Tara

When asked what advice she would give to single ladies, Tara believes “All men want an old-fashioned girl that they can wine and dine”. “Men will respond when you expect them to treat you like a lady!” Tara also announced that she and Tom are launching the podcast “For Love & Chocolate” to share love stories and spread the magic of love with clients and people around the world and help others find love!

Tom, Tara and THT reporter Josie Goldberg

In November 2019, Beverly Hills Teuscher was awarded the Best of Beverly Hills Golden Palm Awards “RETAILER OF THE YEAR” presented by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to sit with Tom and Tara to talk all about their chocolate store. Enjoy our conversation.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names have discovered Beverly Hills teuscher including Kris Jenner, Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler, Susan Sarandon, Terrance Howard, Lisa Rinna and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Megan Hilty, SNL’s Cecily Strong, Chrissy Teigen, John Salley, Jon Lovitz, artist David Hockney, Oprah and her bestie Gayle King.

Tom & Tara Gallop with Publicist Melinda Manos

Teuscher was founded in 1932 by Dolf Teuscher, Sr., and Teuscher is now run by Dolf Teuscher, Jr. Born in the Swiss alps, Teuscher has been one of the world’s greatest chocolates for over 90 years. Founder Dolf Teuscher traveled the world, seeking the finest ingredients for his beloved recipes.

Tara explains that customers frequently tell her that they remember who gave them their first Champagne Truffle. I indulged in my first champagne truffle with Tom and Tara!

I invite you, my readers, to find someone special and gift them their first “Champagne Truffle” this holiday season! Go to 371 N. Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. www.beverlyhillsteuscher.com

Champagne truffle tray