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TCM Classic Film Festival Media Reception 2024

By Judy Shields

Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 04/18/2024

I always look forward to TCM Classic Film Festival and the Media Reception is always the best way to start off the festival. It is great to have the opportunity to see the five host and what they are looking forward to hosting at the festival.  They all are looking forward to being on the red carpet for the opening night which features Pulp Fiction this year with John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman. I’m sure everyone missed having Bruce Willis there.

The Fantastic Five – TCM host L-R: Ben Mankiewicz, Eddie Muller, Jacqueline Stewart, Dave Karger and Alicia Malone

They always have the best hors d’oeuvres, like sliders, bacon wrapped figs, eggplant balls and Bruschetta with all types of veggies and ricotta cheese. Top that off with some wine, soda or sparking water.  It always great to run into fellow journalist to get caught up from the last time we saw each other and what they are looking forward to cover or was able to get invited to like the opening night red carpet or the hand and footprint ceremony and favorite movies we all want to catch during the four day film festival.

If you have never bet to this festival, it is about time you look into it and get yourself a ticket for the upcoming weekend. Lots of great classic films, star to share their stories and authors to sign their books available at the TCM book store. TCM host Dave Karger will be signing his book on Sunday as well as Billy Dee Williams who has a new memoir out now.

At the reception held at Club TCM were many artifacts and costume collection that TCM have on display. Here are a few photos:

Here was a poster on the side of the Roosevelt Hotel:

Photo of our cool media badge:

Host Ben Mankiewicz told us all the Turner Classic Movies’ (TCM) award-winning podcast The Plot Thickens will premiere season five, Decoding John Ford, on June 6, co-produced by Novel.  Ben Mankiewicz strips back the mythology to reveal Ford’s brilliance – alongside the often ugly, uncomfortable truths about his life and movies, asking whether we can ever truly separate art from the artist. This season features scores of never-before-heard archival interviews, including John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, James Stewart, Woody Strode, and John Ford himself.

Sounds like yet another great The Plot Thickens podcast.  I cool thing Ben said was that their own Eddie Muller did the voice for John Ford and literally did a great job taking on that role and Eddie said he wanted to wear the patch, but he couldn’t read the script. That gave us all a good laugh!

Eddie Muller as John Ford

I had the opportunity to say hello to Eddie and it was really cool that he remembered me from a Zoom interview we had last year about his Noir Bar book and I showed him a photo of a drink from his book and he was impressed by that photo.

I also spoke with Alicia Malone and she to recognized me from our Zoom interview about her book Girls On Film and I asked her what has she been working on and she said she is working on another book that will be about foreign films from Australia and England coming out sometime next year.

Click HERE to buy you a pass for this weekend.  To all of us that have our passes have the best classic movie weekend!

Ben Mankiewicz speaks on stage at the Media Welcome Reception in Club TCM at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel during the 2024 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, California.