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Sue Wong’s Birthday Party

Celeste Escalera- Blocquer, Aaron Madariaga, Josie Goldberg, Tatiana Tom, Sara Kil

By: Josie Goldberg

Malibu, California (The Hollywood Times) 04/20/2024

It was another beautiful day in Malibu, California on April 20’ 2024. The entertainment industry had a special birthday to celebrate, and it was for the talented and successful fashion Designer Sue Wong.

Sue Wong is a Chinese born American Designer with a contemporary twist on old Hollywood glamour style. The party was at her home in Malibu. If one is not from the Los Angeles area, when people have homes in Malibu, they are not your typical homes, they are like Villas. You’re basically right on the Pacific Ocean and feel like you’re in paradise. The city atmosphere just leaves.

The one thing that really impressed me was the food the Chef prepared. The selection was Mediterranean, and my favorite was the barbequed drumsticks. I was chomping away, I mean literally. The fresh air, the ocean view and amazing food, what else could make a guest happy? Okay I admit it, if the food is not good, I get moody. Food makes or breaks my day! I did an interview with the Chef, and she said that she grew up in the industry and has been cooking her whole life. The Chef also has done many events at the White House for the Bush administration.  She said that Sue Wong picks the dishes, and they make them for her. Sue is very talented in many ways. She is a true artist.

Sue Wong Models wearing her fashion line

Sue Wong had a very nice attendance from various artists, brands, and celebrities. I was able to catch up and see what our entertainers are up to, and here is what “Only Josie Knows” could find out. I spoke to actress Fallon Smythe, and she told me she is eager to get working again. Thank God all the strikes are over. You have seen her on CW Gotham Knights and various shows. I asked her if there was a “Make a Wish Project” for working actors and which show would she pick and she said she would go back in time and want to be a cast member of FRIENDS. We joked about the 1 million payments to actors an episode. She was very charming, and I could see how audiences love her.

Next, I spoke to Producer and TV Host Katelyn O’Shaughnessy of Destination Divas on Travel Channel, Dining Divas California on (WeTV) airing this summer and cast member of Dining Divas (California) Priscilla Vento. The show is about a group of women empowering each other in business while exploring the culinary seas in California. They are casting season 2 for Dining Divas (CA) so if interested reach out to Katelyn and or Priscilla via Instagram.

Dinning Divas California Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, Josie Goldberg, Priscilla Vento

I would like to thank Sue Wong for opening her home to all of us. I was so impressed with her models who were wearing her beautiful colorful dresses, especially fashion model Tatiana Tom.  The designs of the gowns were magnetic for the arrival of Spring. That’s when all of us have a new chance to bloom in our life.

Tatiana Tom wearing Sue Wong FashionI also found a new drink “a1c Drink”, because doctors have advised that this is the best drink for someone with diabetes and has zero sugar and zero calories.  It has aloe vera, black tea, and Vitamin D in it. I drank it and made me feel good!

The event was expertly co-produced by Publicist Jackie Lewis and her team at Jackie Lewis Media and Events

I am “Only Josie Knows” and wishing Sue Wong a very Happy Birthday and wishing her to make this year her best yet.