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Slave Son

by Kevin Dranoff 

New Jersey (The Hollywood Times) 4/30/22 – My favorite rapper Young Zee dropped another new EP called SCUMBAG produced and arranged by FLU.  Written and performed by Young Zee except the guest verses.  Mixed and mastered by Phil Gektor.  Artwork by Richard Ingersoll.  Layout by Realizm

Young Zee never discriminates when it comes to his artistry.  However, it is the music industry that seems to always overlook his commerciablity because of his extremely toxic lyrics.  while at the same time giving Eminem a pass.  You can only buy the music at his website www.youngzeemusic.com.  Scumbag runs for 22 minutes and 32 seconds.  Slave Son is my absolute favorite because it is the silver bullet in the 7 tracks in my opinion.  The one that shoots to kill if you know what I mean.

You can follow Young Zee on Instagram @youngzeebars where he hilariously pokes fun at spotify in one of his posts.  He says he doesn’t know who they are and that they can’t get any of his bread.  You can only buy his music on his website which I posted the link to below the article.

You can listen to the SCUMBAG EP here…


Check out Young Zee’s Youtube Channel