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Rob Ryan: Of Coding + Sunflowers!

By Valerie Milano

Phoenix, AZ (The Hollywood Times) 2/8/24 – The cinematic and technological world alike eagerly anticipates the global debut of Ori Yardeni’s latest masterpiece, The Man Who Saved the Internet with a Sunflower. Set to take audiences on an exhilarating journey through the technological revolution of the 1990s and beyond, the captivating dramedy chronicles the extraordinary life of American entrepreneur Rob Ryan. Through the lens of British actor Martin Delaney, audiences will be transported into the tumultuous world of Silicon Valley, where Ryan’s innovative spirit and unwavering determination transformed the landscape of the Internet forever. As the first installment of a planned trilogy, Yardeni’s film promises to delve deep into the intersection of technology and humanity, shedding light on Ryan’s groundbreaking Sunflower Code—a tool that not only rescued the Internet from collapse but continues to inspire a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. With its timely exploration of the Internet’s challenges, from bullying to fake content, The Man Who Saved the Internet with a Sunflower stands as a testament to Ryan’s indomitable spirit and the ever-evolving landscape of our digital world.

Filmmaker Ori Yardeni

The foundation of internet connectivity is owed to none other than entrepreneur Rob Ryan. This story of tenacity, dedication, and drive will hopefully be an inspiration to all, just as it was an inspiration to writer/director Ori Yadeni. He explains in an interview to THT, “It’s just an amazing story and in a way, it has been a lifetime dream. Our whole world has been shaped by the internet. In 1992 the internet was headed for collapse; the cost to sell was much more expensive that it was to buy for consumers. Rob Ryan found a way to solve the problem and our world was forever changed; but no one knew his story. So, when I met him, I wanted to find out how this came to be, and he proceeded to tell me the story of him being fired from every company in the Silicon Valley until he found his destiny. And he found it through a method he invented called the Sunflower Code. When we talk about influential people like Steve Jobs, they’ve done significant work, but Rob Ryan laid the foundation.”

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(Actor Martin Delaney)

As the film suggests, the creation of the Sunflower Code is just part and parcel of a much larger story. How is the internet maintained from the point of saving to now? Fortunately, Yadeni plans to dig deeper for a 2nd installment of this film series. He discloses, “Today AI is here, and we really don’t know what to expect. In 10 years from now people may live for a longer time especially with our efforts of anti-aging; the internet will be a much stronger tool for these 2 efforts, but it will need to be monitored. I believe this will cause frustration between generations. This will be the premise for my next film, how to save the internet from itself.”

The film was written and directed by entrepreneur and media creator Ori Yardani, whose resume includes 700 films, media productions, multi-sensory cinema attractions using the 2D, 3D, 4D and 6D methods and interactive films.

At the close of such a phenomenal film, audiences will be left not only captivated by Rob Ryan’s remarkable journey but also compelled to ponder the future of their own digital landscape. Ryan’s tale of resilience and innovation resonates as a timeless testament to the power of human ingenuity. To stay connected with this film as it makes its way through the film festival circuit, please visit the film website at https://www.themenwhosavetheinternet.com or on Instagram at @themanwhosavedtheinternetfilm!