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Ricardo Campos the In Demand Hollywood Director of Photography

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 6/30/2021- Ricardo Brennand-Campos is a Brazilian commercial Director of Photography currently based in Los Angeles. An active member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematographers, his work focuses on hyper tailored lighting with purposeful and effective camera movement. His love for collaboration and a strong sense of team work is evident during pre production. He believes that the collective efforts of all people on a film set that turns a good project into a stunning one. Ricardo is represented by Ajay Ghosh at Zero Gravity Management.

When did your love for photography begin? 

I still vividly remember the first time I looked through the viewfinder of a camera as a boy, probably about 5 years old. I lived in Brazil at the time and something about how the world looked through the camera was immediately inspiring to me. I haven’t set the camera down since then!

After a few years as a gaffer, you began to work behind the camera with representation through Partos Co. under the management of prestigious agent, Ajay Ghosh. What did you learn from this time? 

Working as a gaffer taught me so much. I was privileged to work with some truly amazing DPs that had a collaborative spirit and really looked to me for decision making in lighting. Working as a gaffer was great because it allowed me to execute on what I knew how to do best, while still being able to watch and learn the other aspects for film making that I knew I wanted to strengthen, like camera movement and shot building.

You are a much sought after Director of Photography. What is your philosophy for a great shoot? 

My philosophy for a good shoot is, in my opinion, simple. I believe that the best work is made when everyone on a project feels heard, supported, and can communicate in a clear way. I truly believe that it’s the collective efforts of all people on a film set that turn a good project into a stunning one.

Share your favorite projects

My absolute favorite project that I’ve shot is easily “COLORFORMS” which is a narrative dance film for the San Francisco Ballet and the SF Moma. It was masterfully directed by Ezra Hurwitz, who in addition to being one of the sharpest directors I’ve ever worked with, also eats, sleeps, and breathes dance. The choreography was beautifully designed by Myles Thatcher, who is a member of the ballet, and the film was produced by Lauren Finnerman, our angel producer who supported us all every step of the way and elevated this project more than any of us can give her credit. The film is just under 20 minutes, and I’m really proud of the work we made. Y’all should watch it ASAP!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I most enjoy about my work is how different it is from job to job and the scope of people that I have the opportunity to collaborate with throughout the journey of making a project. I think that early on in my career, I didn’t quite know how to empathize with individual goals that every person has on a project. It usually all boils down to one thing, making a compelling moving image, whether it’s a television commercial, music video, or a ballet film.

Have there been shoots that challenged you as a creative? 

There are always challenges in every job, I would say that most of those challenges tend to occur when shooting music videos. It’s always a tricky equation to solve when you’re trying to figure out how to best use a budget in the most effective way possible to tell the director’s story. Music videos tend to be a labor of love for the music and art as a whole. This is why I’m so picky when I’m looking over treatments for music videos. I want to make sure that I am taking on something that I care about and can feel connected to.

What are your upcoming projects? 

I have tons of work that’s in post right now that I’m excited to watch the release. There’s a hilarious Warby Parker commercial, directed by Alice Mathias and Marian Mathias, who were both such a joy to collaborate with, they’re pros. Additionally there are a few music videos that I’m excited for but can’t say too much about quite yet!

Please share your social media.

You can find me at the legendary handle @directorofphotography. http://ricardocampos.earth/

Ricky Campos is currently represented through Zero Gravity Management.