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Pinktastic Plastixx sets sights on giving all-girl bands their due with National All-Girl Bands Day, concert on Aug. 27

By: Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/15/2024 – Pink Icon Kitten Kay Sera has been part of the LA Pride and WeHo Pride parades for years.

As a spectator.

Last year however, Sera and two of her bandmates were in the parade, and this year the entirety of Pinktastic Plastixx will be in both parades, a dream come true for someone who is in the Ripleys Believe It or Not as “The Pinkest Person in the World!”

Pinktastic Plastixx are an all-girl band formed and fronted by Sera, featuring Alexa Rae on drums, Rocky Rose on keytar and backing vocals, Celinda Chang on guitar, and Aurora Celena on bass guitar.

Growing up, Sera had visions of musical stardom as a Pop solo artist but longed for a full band. “I did the whole singing to a track thing, but it gets lonely, and I always dreamed of being in an all-girl band, but I honestly didn’t think it was possible,” Sera said during an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Times that included Chang and Rae as well. “I honestly didn’t know there were any girl musicians out there.”

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Sera said she placed an ad on Craigslist looking for musicians, without any restrictions on ethnicity or age.

“I put in my ad, ‘all ages 9 to 99’ no ageist bullshit,” she said. “I was open to anyone, I didn’t care what you are, as long as they could play.”

The result, she said, was a lot of ageist and sexist backlash from men who attacked her for her age and gender.

Sera said she didn’t care and changed her approach. She went about recruiting musicians through posts on Instagram, using that platform’s hashtag inventory to find a #femaledrummer, a #femalebassplayer, and a #femaleguitarist or two.

The first person to come into the Pinktastic family was drummer Rae. Kitten envisioned a specific vibe, and through what she describes as a “casting call,” process the others followed, giving the group life and a heartbeat.

“It was always a dream of mine, and it came true!” she said. Their combined talents have elevated the group to a level of more than just a novelty act with real musical talent.

Now, Sera and her Pinktastixx Plastixx family are setting out to make sure everyone knows about all-girl bands, past and present, with a day honoring their achievements.

The first National All-Girl Bands Day, set for August 27, 2024, will honor and spread awareness of female musicians who sometimes get overlooked in a “band setting.” All-Girl bands are often ignored and thought of as novelty acts.

To celebrate the day, in appropriate style, there will be a show at the iconic Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood at 7 p.m. featuring four all-girl dynamos. The Anti Groupies, Turning Jane and Plush will join Pinktastic Plastixx in performing sets.  The evening will include awards for the performing bands, as well as for iconic all-girl bands such as The GoGo’s. Host for the night is going to be Los Angeles Magazine senior editor Lina Lecaro.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Lina as our host because she is such a bad-ass female music aficionado who really loves what she does – and it shows!”, said Sera.

The lead singer of Pinktastic Plastiixx lets out a sigh “Also there aren’t a lot of all girl bands who can get down and play, and I want to bring that back to the commercial forefront. We are not taken seriously or getting the exposure that we need and that has to change.”

“We will have four all-girl bands performing, and that’s a big deal. I would love to eventually start a national tour of only all girl bands and call it Girlchella!” You heard it here in the Hollywood Times first! “It’s shocking.. however, females only make up 20% of all the music festivals. It is totally male dominated …and girls wanna to rock too!”

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