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By Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/16/24 – Remy & Arletta, a Coming-of-Age Teen Drama directed by Arthur de Larroche, offers a captivating and nuanced exploration of teenage friendship and love. Starring Micaela Wittman as Shirley and Riley Quinn Scott as Riley, the film follows two best friends during their Senior year of high school amidst all the pressures and societal expectations that senior students can face. As they navigate the complexities of their deep bond, which teeters on the edge of something more, the story quietly breaks barriers and redefines what love can be. Amongst dealing with teenage existential dread, Remy & Arletta transcends traditional narratives by asking its viewers a poignant question: In what ways can you show up for your friends unconditionally, even if you don’t receive what you hoped for in return?

Micaela Wittman, author, and writer of both the book and film versions of Remy & Arletta was exceptionally clear and intentional with how she wanted to portray the very intricate relationship of the characters. She divulges, “What I wanted to imbue in Remy and Arletta was the depth to relationships and friendships and romantic relationships where it’s just about deep love for another person and not about necessarily what you’re going to get out of them. That was a big lesson for Arletta, and she was so young to learn that. The lesson was: ‘How can I be here for Remy outside of having this relationship be what I need it to be, how can I just be there for her in the way that she needs me to be there for her?’ Wittman maintains, “You kind of get into the headspace of Remy a little bit more in the book Remy and Arletta; you can understand thoroughly what Remy is feeling in the book. She shares the same feelings for Arletta; she’s just at a place where she can really act on them because of what she’s going through at home; it’s a bit nuanced.”

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The most refreshing aspect of Remy & Arletta is its relatability. Life was never as intense and ‘all or nothing’ as when we were all teenagers. Director Arthur de Larroche examines this and proclaims, “I was really lucky to tackle this film. There is a particular experience, and it’s kind of like when you feel like your life is over, but you’re 16. At 16 there’s nothing in the future for you and there’s nothing bigger than the relationship you have. It’s like the green flash of sunset before you’re an adult. This is what Remy & Arletta were able to capture, is this extremely unique confluence between them and how they relate to this while they’re coming of age.”

Remy & Arletta (2023): Two Young Women in Something More Than Friendship

Through Wittman’s intentional writing and de Larroche’s perceptive direction, the story breaks traditional barriers and redefines the meaning of unconditional love. As viewers watch Remy and Arletta navigate their Senior year, they are invited to reflect on their own relationships and the ways they can show up for their friends, even when the outcome is uncertain. Ultimately, Remy & Arletta is a poignant reminder of the enduring power of deep connections and the profound lessons learned during the transformative years of adolescence.