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Multi-Platinum Artist Sisse Marie Stars Alongside Mike Epps & Katt Williams In Meet The Blacks 2

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 6/24/2021- Multi-platinum, Danish Music award-winning artist, songwriter, and actress Sisse Marie: stars in the highly- anticipated sequel: “The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2″, which is currently airing in theatres.  Sisse plays the character Salt alongside Hollywood’s favorites such as Mike Epps, Kat Williams, Danny Trejo, Snoop Dog, and more.  Despite COVID theatre restrictions, the movie garnered more than $1M in box office sales opening weekend.

You recently made your transition from music to film and TV. Why was this a natural progression to your career? 

I started my professional music career when I was 15, so I have been in the music industry half of my life. Naturally, I was ready to try something different; for me, songwriting and acting is not that different from each other. In songwriting, I create a song from an idea or a few notes in my head. In acting, I create a full character from some written lines in a script. From nothing, you can create everything. In both crafts it’s about opening up your imagination and vulnerably sharing your feelings, then communicating them in the best way possible. So everyone can feel, see and understand the depth.

What is it about acting that moves your soul? 

In the process of creating a character, I get to experience a perspective and lifestyle that I wouldn’t in my current life. I don’t judge “her;” and I can’t, otherwise, I can’t play the character. As humans we always have a reason or explanation for why we are doing what we are doing and playing a given character allows me an opportunity to experience expansiveness.

It’s a beautiful process that helps me to have more compassion in my life in general. I love to dive in and find all the light and the darkness in a character. It’s exciting to allow myself to feel whatever is needed while not being afraid or ashamed of those emotions. In the process, I experience that all emotions are valid and beautiful.

What led you to your role as “Salt” in “The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2?”

I believe it was one of the first movies I auditioned for. It’s easy for me to go into my killer mood. It must be the Viking blood that runs in my veins. Ha ha. I think the director Deon Taylor saw that in the audition.

Why is this a perfect role for you? 

I didn’t have to do much. I guess I can look and act pretty evil when I choose to.

What excites you the most about this project?

The brilliant comedians in the film. They work so differently from how I would work and that was so inspiring to me. They totally go with the flow.

How did this role challenge you?

Culturally, it’s been difficult for me to catch onto all the colloquial jokes.Understanding and following these brilliant comedians was challenging for me. They are so fast! I am from Denmark after all so some of the jokes and comments flew over my head.

Can you share a funny moment on the set?

There were so many! But I really enjoyed the energy behind the scenes. People would sing, dance and laugh. It was amazing to be a part of.

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