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Maggie Szabo Drops Self-Love Anthem “Choose Me”

By Kat King

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/17/21 – After going through a pretty painful breakup, Maggie Szabo is here to show us all how strong a bounceback game can be with her latest track, “Choose Me”, which drops Valentine’s Day. Over a year ago, we caught up with Maggie for a fantastic interview by phone. This year, however, we’ve decided to step up our own game and set up a Zoom call with Maggie to talk about everything she’s been through, where she’s at now, and where she’ll be heading next with her music.

Maggie, a Canadian-born singer-songwriter with a real zest for life, spends much of her free time out of doors, drinking in the sunshine and staying as active and healthy as she possibly can. Her Instagram, for the record, is chock-full of fabulous photos of Maggie rockin’ the LA lifestyle to the ‘T’! I wanted to ask Maggie to share more about the story behind “Choose Me’ and what it means for her to be making music that’s so analogous to where she is in her life. Is that something she does on purpose or is it something that just springs out of her? Well, for Maggie, who’s been singing and dancing since she was a little girl back in that tiny Canadian town, it’s got to be a little bit of both. As close as she is with her mother, I can imagine how hard it can be not to be able to visit as the borders are still closed for now. Maggie tells me she has been doing her best to stay positive and stay busy.

Her latest track, “Choose Me”, explores toxic relationships.

As a general rule, relationships can be fun and a lot of work, but they can also do a lot of damage to a person’s sense of self-worth when they’re not healthy, or when one person, in particular, is struggling with addiction. Sometimes, people find themselves in a relationship where it’s very one-sided, with only one person showing affection. That’s just a case where two people are incompatible but don’t even know it. After a certain amount of time goes by, one or both of them realizes it’s more like a platonic friendship than a romantic one. Of course, in other cases, it’s sad to say that emotional, verbal or physical abuse is going on, but the person being abused is afraid to leave (and for very valid reasons, by the way). There are so many reasons why relationships end. In Maggie’s case, she says she just had to stay true to herself.

Although it was painful, Maggie knows what she wants in life and she knows what kind of person she wants to share it with, and that’s partly she wrote “Choose Me”, but she wanted it to be interpreted more broadly than just being about a person. Maggie wants her listeners to feel as empowered as she does to overcome whatever toxic thing it is they may be at odds within their lives. Who wants to be in a relationship with someone who is only there out of habit, or familiarity, or worse: because they’re simply too scared to be alone? Definitely not Maggie! She’s truly inspiring her fans to rise above their struggles and embrace themselves wholeheartedly, and I’m really proud to know there are more and more women in this day and age coming to understand what self-worth really means for themselves. It’s a beautiful movement of self-love, not selfish haughtiness, that we’re seeing flourish right now, thanks-in large part-to the #MeToo movement, which of course has empowered women everywhere to stand up against sexual harassment and assault in every corner of our society. “Choose Me” is out everywhere music streams and the music video drops Friday! A huge thank you to Maggie Szabo for participating in this interview and we look forward to hearing more music from you real soon!