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“Leica, The Greatest Paint Brush In The World”

By Jimmy Steinfeldt

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/30/31 – Leica photography exhibit at Gardenhouse Beverly Hills on 9-29-21

Jimmy Steinfeldt: You are from Australia?

Dennys Ilic: Yes, born and raised in Australia. Melbourne.

JS: Tell me about this photo you are posing with.

DI: It was taken in England with Jason Momoa on the TV series he was working on called Frontier. Beautiful location, foggy, which is typically near the water in the U.K. It was very dark so I was using cutting-edge Leica low-light lenses since the fog had rolled in and it was nighttime. He’s just waiting for the scene to be shot. This is the kind of moment you hunt for on film sets because you don’t have the luxury of time to pose your subject. He’s tough to tie down to a photograph. He has his middle finger extended. I like to think it’s directed at me. It’s one of my favorite photographs of Jason.

JS: Tell me about your relationship with Leica and Paris Chong who put this event together.

DI: Anybody that does their research about Leica will find out that they are an iconic camera manufacturer and they have a beautiful history. I’ve worked with all cameras but working with Leica makes me feel more like an artist. It feels like you are picking up the greatest paintbrush in the world. I am inspired to do great work. I shoot fewer frames and am more thoughtful about the photography.

Leica has this incredible store (in W. Hollywood) tied to the graphic art gallery curated by Paris Chong and it has exhibited some of the most incredible photographers. Photographers like the Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Ut who is here tonight. I can’t stay away from the gallery. I can walk in there just to get a roll of film and run into the legends of photography. I get to talk to them. I’m from another country and Leica Los Angeles has allowed me to build a family of friends here.

JS: Tell me about your necklace.

DI: This necklace is actually made by the marketing manager of Leica in New York, Kiran Karnani. The most beautiful human being you will ever meet. Very inspirational, kind, and a great supporter of artists. She’s a very spiritually connected person. She helped me get through some tough times and sent me this amazing handmade necklace. I wear it all the time and it brings me peace.

Nude by Dennys Ilic

Jimmy Steinfeldt: Tell me about your art.

Kelly Anderson: My company is Art Botanica and I call my work Botanical art. I refer to these pieces as Moss Art. I create things with dried botanicals, flowers, moss. They are like living walls but not actually alive. They have the essence of being alive. They look alive and are vibrant so people can connect with nature in their home but don’t have the upkeep.

JS: Where do the botanicals come from?

KA: Moss doesn’t grow much here in L.A. It needs a moist environment. This moss is grown in Kentucky.

JS: Tell me about this piece you are posing with.

KA: This is called Starburst. The metal decor on this piece creates a contrast piece. It ties into the cosmos and astrology. I also do pieces that have crystals and rocks. My focus is using things from nature.









Leica makes the world’s finest cameras and you can follow them at: https://us.leica-camera.com/Stores-Dealers/Leica-Stores-Worldwide/Leica-Store-Los-Angeles
Gardenhouse is a new boutique luxury residence in Beverly Hills and can be seen at: https://bhgardenhouse.com/
Photographer Dennys Ilic and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut