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Kita Alexander – Damage Done

By Kevin Dranoff

“Damage Done” by Kita Alexander is quite a kick for me. The song dropped in 2016 but I only heard it this week. It’s so hard to find good music these days because everyone is making music now. Everyone is an artist. Everyone is a rapper. Everyone can sing. Technology has made it so easy for people to be able to create. Artificial intelligence is on the rise and people can have robots make songs for them. I have such a quirky ear for music and I don’t have time for everything. But I definitely have time for “Damage Done” and I am now following Kita Alexander on Instagram.

Kita has me hooked heavy on this one track. I am going to probably explore her music more but I usually have to warm up to an artist and figure out which other song I’m going to like as much as the one that hooked me. I know that she just dropped a cover of “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne that sounds great.

I’m already enjoying all of her posts on Instagram and I feel like she is so much more down to earth than say Dua Lipa who is the same age. Dua Lipa seems more immature and not as in touch with herself as Kita who is the mom to two young children. Dua Lipa is from the UK and Kita Alexander is from Australia. I tend to really like Australian women’s energy more when compared to England. Shout out to Chelsea Jane who also showed me love by sending me some crystals when I was going through a tough time. Nothing more American than dissing the British around the 4th of July! #DAMAGEDONE

Kita Alexander – Damage Done [Official Music Video]