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Jonathan Baker’s Oscar Party

Marc Anthony Nicolas Producer ("The Talk") CBS

By Josie Goldberg

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (The Hollywood Times) 03/12/2024

This year’s Oscar viewing party was held at the residence of prominent film director Jonathan Bakers in Beverly Hills. His home is the former home of Warren Beatty & Annette Bening.

For those of you don’t know Warren Beauty is a prominent American actor and film actor that has won many awards.  I have been going to Jonathan’s Oscars viewing parties for many years, but this years felt different. I went before as an Actor/TV Personality. But just like other talents like Mr. Beatty I evolved to being a celebrity reporter/journalist. This year I got to work on the red carpet and interview all types of celebrities and talent. What was cool was I found my niche and what I am really passionate about as a reporter/journalist.

I have to say that this year I had a fabulous date and he ended up being the star of the ball! I have to say I stunned everyone with his presence.  My date was Marc Anthony Nicolas, two-time Emmy award-winning television producer for the television show The Talk on CBS.  Plus, he has worked on other successful shows such as The Tyra Banks Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show.  Marc is also a television celebrity host himself and in 2014 he launched his own celebrity talk show called the On Your Marc Show on the Lifestyle Network which he interviews celebrities which have been (Sharon Osborne, Vivica A Fox, Lance Bass, Carne Wilson and Christina Millian). Marc is the first Filipino man in Hollywood to have his own talk show. (Fun fact)

The amazing thing is we met by fate at a party where I was speaking to a radio/host producer (CrystaL Zahler) on where am I ever going to meet a tv talk show producer so I can one day journey into hosting on tv? I told her I feel like it’s never going to happen because I’m not around these execs and when you’re not in that energy how am I ever going to get them? I told her I’m stuck, and I am at the end of the road and can’t see the light. This has never happened because I had success in my past getting on reality tv, modeling for playboy, earning my spot in SAG/ AFTRA union, even reading for David Milch at HBO back in the day! Oh, and even getting on page six celebrity section in my bikini with A list Actors for the New York Post. I told her maybe it’s not meant to be! But then at the last second when I went to get my car from Valet, Marc smiled at me and said “Your dress is very elegant and that was the beginning of our friendship” I said you’re so cute and handsome in your tux, you must be a fashion designer? He said no I am a supervising producer for The Talk on CBS.  I almost fell over because 20 minutes prior I was complaining on how I have never met any television talk show producers and or accomplished celebrity hosts.  My manifestation came to light. I realized then that there is hope and to keep pushing through! (always good luck on Oscars)

Josie Goldberg & Marc Anthony Nicolas

When Marc accompanied me to Jonathan Bakers Oscar viewing party, I was a bit nervous. I mean he is very accomplished and I’m a new reporter!  I was working on the red carpet and just going for it! I think I had some delays in my career because I am a Maverick in all I do. I just shot from the hip! So, at Jonathan’s Bakers party “Only Josie Knows” was back!

Tara Sutphen, Psychic

The first celebrity I interviewed was world renowned Psychic and Hypnotherapist Tara Sutphen. Tara is also known as an author and radio host of iHeart radio.  She is not only talented but radiates energy for execution of excellence. Sometimes I can’t get my thoughts out with the right wording especially when I’m over excited but that day I had no problems. Every thought that came to me I was able to execute my questions to the guests on the red carpet and get the best interviews (her hypnosis works) I asked Tara as an artist a lot of us are very intuitive but sometimes we confuse intuitive with delusion and what’s her advice on that? Watch our interview and she will explain how to differentiate the 2.  She also answered love and sex questions for all us gals complimentary which was more than nice!

I also met a very beautiful super talented on-air host, Hannah Fletcher. I had the idea for us to cross interview each other while we were waiting for talent to arrive, and she is so brilliant in her questions that I realized where exactly I stand with my purpose of reporting.

I realized that my whole career in entertainment was about evolving my art as character, but it was very important to make money along the way! I’m an artist but I am a businesswoman first. For some reason every time I talked about money it was like talking about the devil. I did not understand why it was so taboo, so to avoid controversy I learned at a very young age to go for network tv shows, union jobs and you won’t have those problems. But being a reality star and blessed with a big personality I would find myself stuck because those shows are never union, and the money goes to the top 1 percent so it was hard to get. So, I go back and forth in my head “is there a way to evolve one’s career in the entertainment industry and make enough money to build a stable future even if you don’t make the 1%? That’s what I am going to try to uncover and report while on my journey to the top. It really bothers me, because we are all so talented and work super hard and we as an Industry need to figure out how to be in a better position financially. Let’s be honest, most of us can’t and won’t be in any other business/careers in our lifetime. Most die trying, so why not figure out a way and make the Entertainment industry financially friendly. We can make change! A lot of people don’t understand that if you don’t make a good income while you’re building your career one can never advance. You can only work for free for so long before you get left at the gate.

It was very nice of Jonathan Baker to invite the press inside his lavish party after we closed the red carpet. The food was fresh and clean, and the open bar was cool as the guest could let loose and I could get some juicy gossip. I also realized that I got some incredible interviews inside the party as well.  For example Jonathan Baker has his film Fate (a supernatural love story) going into production in the next 2 week  Jonathan Baker is a former friend of Hugh Hefner, so a lot of his party was beautiful, gorgeous models.

Josie Goldberg And The Models Of Beverly Hills Model Management
Guess Model Rachel Pizzolto

I met one who is a model for Paul Marciano (Guess Brand) Rachel Pizzolto, 6-footer (gorgeous).

Also, owner of Beverly Hills Model Management, JoeB Nino came with his five beauties on his arm. I felt the Playboy Mansion party vibe again and I loved it.

Also, Eric Wheelwright, who is a producer was there and he told me that Hugh Hefner’s friends are very upset about the lies Holly Madison is saying about Hef as well as A&E (Secrets of PLAYBOY) documentary that is currently airing.  They are putting together a documentary on his legacy and truth of Playboy.

I bumped into actor Jimmy Van Patten, whose deceased father A-list actor Dick Van Patten and I had a very close friendship with through my ownership of thoroughbred racehorses. He was my VIP date for Breeders Cup for many years. Jimmy has a movie out called 7 days to Las Vegas currently on Amazon Prime.

Actor Producer Jimmy Van Patten

They are working on the sequel right now. David Young, Editor of Event-NewsEnterprise was there and gave such a charming answer to my question when I asked him if he is here to meet ladies at the party? Since I am an actor and former model, I saw a lot of my colleagues and friends that I have worked with in the past and they gave me so good interviews because they know I spread the good news fast. I love reporting from the inside as well as on the front lines. So, I am not your typical reporter!

I am “Only Josie Knows.”

Stay tuned