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Jeannie Seely Celebrates Five Year Anniversary As An On Air Personality At Willie’s Roadhouse On SiriusXM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 12, 2023) – Grand Ole Opry legend Jeannie Seely joined the SiriusXM Willie’s Roadhouse family as an air personality five years ago when she made her debut over Memorial Day weekend. The Grammy winner, country hitmaker and award-winning songwriter recently renewed her contract to continue her weekly show, Sundays with Seely, where she shares intimate conversations with Opry performers and fellow artists. With her charm and quick wit, she connects listeners with her memories and personal stories. Sundays with Seely airs on SiriusXM’s Willies Roadhouse (ch. 61) from noon to 4 pm ET Sundays, re-airs at midnight to 4 am ET on Sundays, and is available on the SXM App.

NASHVILLE, TN – OCTOBER 08: Recording Artist and SiriusXM Host Jeannie Seely speaks to Recording Artist Bill Anderson at SiriusXM Nashville Studios at Bridgestone Arena on October 8, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

During her five-year tenure, she has hosted and been instrumental on several SiriusXM specials, including  Willie’s Roadhouse Virtual Family Christmas, a Prime Country (ch. 58) Town hall featuring Exile, and has been featured as a special guest on the The Beatles Channel’s (ch. 18) The Beatles Y’all Together Now with Tracy Gershon. Jeannie was also celebrated with An American Classic virtual town hall and album release special.

“It is still hard for me to believe that I get to be a part of this wonderful family!! I had been listening to Willie’s Roadhouse for quite a while, loving the voices of Charlie Monk, Dallas Wayne and Paula Nelson, but I never even thought about doing what they do,” shared Jeannie Seely. “I was so thrilled when I was given this opportunity, and I can honestly say that it has become one of the highlights of my career,” shared Jeannie Seely. “I look forward to doing the show every Sunday and hearing from so many fans that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to know otherwise. Thank you Willie Nelson and SiriusXM for granting me this privilege!”

“I’m so glad Jeannie Seely is on the Roadhouse,” said Willie Nelson. “She is a good friend and does such a great job.”

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to send Jeannie Seely some questions and here is her answers to those questions:

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Congratulations on your five-year anniversary as part of Willie’s Roadhouse on SiriusXM Radio.  Tell us a little about how you got this cool job?

Jeannie Seely: Thanks! I was asked to speak at a Charlie Monk fundraiser.  Every time I fired a shot at Charlie, he would make an attempt to defend himself, but I fortunately was able to shoot him down.  The executives of Sirius XM were there and thought that I would be good for this time slot.  Charlie and Dallas Wayne both championed my cause to be a part of Willie’s Roadhouse and I’m so grateful.

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Which guest on the show made you laugh until you cried and why?

Bill Anderson & Jeannie Seely SiriusXM Willie Roadhouse

Jeannie Seely:  We try to share stories that will make our listeners laugh as well as each other laugh!  It’s always fun to talk to Bill Anderson…he always has fun stories to tell, going way back to hosting Fandango and of course the Country Family Reunion shows, so he’s one of my favorite guests and one I can always get to talk to me!

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Who is the one guest you really want to have on the show with you?

Jeannie Seely:  I would love to have Dolly Parton as a guest one day, and I’m sure she would.  I just haven’t been brave enough to ask her yet!  But that’s coming soon!

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Tell us your favorite memory of your dear friend Willie?


Jeannie Seely:  All of my memories of Willie are special.  We go back to 1964 when he was recording the album “And Then I Wrote” in Los Angeles and met in the studio.  Later I rented him office space when he was setting up a West Coast Publishing office.  Of course, being able to open shows for him on Fair Dates in 1981 & 1982 was an exciting time for me.  Having a small part in his movie Honeysuckle Rose, watching him work as an actor, which is really hard work I discovered!  After the flood of 2010 here in Nashville where I lost my home and car, the first call I got asking me where he could send a check since I had lost my mailbox, was from Willie! And one of the memories I will always treasure is hearing him say I’m doing a great job on the Roadhouse!

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Do you get to pick the music you play on the show and if so, what inspires you to choose those songs?

Jeannie Seely:  I get to choose some of them, and they are usually recordings I have added of whoever my guest is on that particular show.  Sometimes I answer requests if possible, such as adding more gospel since we are a Sunday show. Sometimes I add more female artists if I see the computer has been a little ‘unfair’ to us!

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Are you at home or in the studio during these shows?

Jeannie Seely:  We figured out how to do our shows from home during the pandemic when the studios were closed, and we just never went back.  Traffic and parking are issues here in Nashville so we’re happy to just stay here on the bank of the Cumberland although I do miss seeing everyone at the beautiful SiriusXM Studio.

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Do you have one room in your house with all your beautiful clothing? You are an inspiration for fashion.

Jeannie Seely:  I have a small dressing room off my bedroom adjacent to a walk-in closet where we try to figure out different outfits. I think that is part of any performance, but I also like to consider my audience.  With that in mind, I try to put together outfits that my fans can also do if they like that particular look.  I’ve never created an ‘image’ for me as I have always considered myself just like any other American woman, except that my job is to write songs and perform.

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  Can you share a backstage story from the Grand Ole Opry that you will never forget?

Jeannie Seely:  I will certainly never forget the night I fell on the Opry stage!  I was stepping back to turn show over to Mr. Hank Snow. I had on the double layer chiffon pants and when I stepped back on it, the fabric slipped, and I went down.  I broke my tail bone, but as the medic was wheeling me off, he asked where I hurt, I said my tailbone, and he asked, “which one”!  I quietly told him I only had one.  I believe he was thinking I had maybe broken a hip!  But there were so many wonderful good times and special performances, one where I got the lights from the audience when I did not expect it.

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  You are such a busy gal with new music, Opry stage time, events, concerts, awards ceremonies, and radio DJ, what is your secret to looking great and keeping up with it all?

Jeannie Seely:  I thank you, but I have no secrets really.  I try to eat healthy, do stretches and get as much exercise as possible, pace myself, and get as much sleep as possible with a husband and a cat! But overall, I believe it’s because I simply love what I do and realize how fortunate I am to still be living my dream.  Happiness looks good on everyone.

The Hollywood Times: Judy Shields:  What’s one question the press has not asked you that you would like us to have asked, and the answer to that question?

Jeannie Seely:  I really can’t think of anything I haven’t been asked.  The press that I have worked with have all been very professional and seem to know what their readers want to know.  One thing I like folks to think about, is what I believe success is.  I believe success is your own happiness, being grateful and happy where you are, caring more about what you think rather than what others think, and knowing you are doing the best you can.

Thank Mrs. Jeannie Seely. Those were some amazing answers, truthful, funny and inspirational.  Don’t miss this wonderful woman on SiriusXM radio Sunday mornings.  Sundays with Seely airs on SiriusXM’s Willies Roadhouse (ch. 61) from noon to 4 pm ET Sundays, re-airs at midnight to 4 am ET on Sundays, and is available on the SXM App.

If you have the opportunity to see her live at a concert or on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, do so, you won’t be disappointed!

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About Jeannie Seely

Jeannie Seely (Photo courtesy of B! Noticed Public Relations & Management)

Jeannie Seely‘s deep, moving vocals earned her the nickname “Miss Country Soul,” a title still used today. An esteemed singer, songwriter, producer, actress, author and on-air personality, Seely added another title, “Doctor,” to her resume when she was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Arts from Lincoln Memorial University in 2019. The third female country artist to win a GRAMMY® and the oldest female Grammy-winning artist who is still living. She is among a select group of country artists who have scored No. 1 hits as a solo artist, duet partner and songwriter. On September 16, 1967, Seely fulfilled her lifelong dream of joining the Grand Ole Opry®, becoming the first Pennsylvania native to do so. Nearly 56 years later, Seely makes clear that it’s still a thrill and an honor each time she performs on the world-famous stage, which she has performed over 5300 times. From her 1966 Top 10 Billboard album, The Seely Style, which featured “Don’t Touch Me,” to her self-produced album, Written in Song, consisting entirely of songs she’s written and recorded for more than 10 Country Music Hall of Fame® members, Seely‘s recordings have spanned seven decades. Seely first appeared on the Billboard charts in 1966, continued to score entries for 13 consecutive years on various Billboard charts, and as recently as 2022, has had a presence on the MusicRow charts. Seely also garnered a No. 1 on the Record World Country Singles chart in 1971 and a No. 1 on the Bluegrass Today chart in 2019. In his 2003 book, Finding Her Voice: The Saga of Women in Country Music, music critic Robert K. Oermann wrote, “With her chin-out, tough/tender, heart-of-gold manner, Jeannie Seely remains one of Country’s most completely modern female personalities,” and that statement still holds true. With a strong social media following and over four million views on her YouTube channel, Seely continues expanding her international presence as music sales and fans’ messages pour in.

Jeannie Seely (Photo courtesy of B! Noticed Public Relations & Management)

She appeared in Willie Nelson’s movie Honeysuckle Rose and sang on the film’s RIAA® platinum-certified soundtrack, and for the past four years, Seely has hosted her own show, Sundays with Seely, on SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse. She also served as a disc jockey on her own Armed Forces Network Show, which launched after her tour abroad for the troops. She continues to receive letters of appreciation from American soldiers for her support. She is also a fierce advocate for musicians’ rights and takes much pride in her involvement and support for the cause. Nelson, along with Rhonda Vincent, Bill Anderson, Lorrie Morgan, Ray Stevens and many more of her friends, joined Seely for her most recent recording project on Curb Records, An American Classic, which has seen rave reviews and three radio releases. Most recently, Seely recently won the Song of the Year Award at the Arkansas Country Music Awards and was honored with the Mississippi Career Achievement Award at the Mississippi Music Awards.

Keep up with all things Jeannie Seely at www.jeannieseely.com.