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Interview with Kelly Browne, Go-To Gratitude Expert and Author of the Bestselling Thank-you Book Series, “101 Ways to Say Thank You”

By Virginia Schneider

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 03/16/2023

A heart-healing guide to forgiveness, apologies, and mindful tools for peace from Kelly Browne, go-to gratitude expert and author of the bestselling thank-you book series, 101 Ways to Say Thank You.

In a world that can feel divided and disconnected, everyone wants a quick fix to solve their personal issues. But sometimes it’s not so easy to just “get over” something that has hurt us deeply. With the right mindfulness tools—meditation, reflection, and the spirit of intention—we can enjoy a daily lifestyle of personal awareness and wellness. The practice of mindful forgiveness encourages us to disempower resentment by releasing the offending incident, rendering it powerless and helping us to move toward healing and peace.

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Browne. Enjoy the conversation:

Kelly Browne draws on her own history of healing from heartbreaking trauma to share what she has learned about the modern-day art of how to mindfully forgive—personally, publicly, and electronically—and make amends.

This insightful transformative guide will teach you how to:

  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Navigate challenging family bonds and hurtful situations
  • Recognize when to keep friends and when to let go
  • Create a culture of professional manners in your workplace
  • Understand the art of the public apology
  • Forgive those who have passed away

Offering personal stories, priceless practical guidance, journal prompts, plus therapeutic tools to open your heart, 101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness is for anyone seeking to embrace the power of forgiveness to forge a happier, healthier life.

Five time best-selling author, Kelly Browne is the go-to gratitude expert on thank-you note etiquette for adults and kids.  Kelly lives in Los Angeles, maintains a popular website and blog, and uses social media to promote the “magic of gratitude.” Her advice has appeared in Parade, The Wall Street Journal, eHow, Tinyprints, and Jezebel—among many others—along with TV and podcast appearances.

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