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“Inherit The Wind” – Pasadena Playhouse – NOW through November 26

Two of the nation’s leading lawyers go head-to-head in the ultimate battle of wit, wisdom, and will in this powerful drama. In a fresh production boldly reimagined for today, will this small-town courtroom bring us together or tear the nation apart?

By Judy Shields

Pasadena, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/05/2023 – By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, 2 hours, including one intermission.

L-R actor John W. Lawson and Alfred Molina after the play talking with John’s family, who came out from the Banning area to see him perform (Photo THT)

My first time at The Pasadena Playhouse to see a play…Inherit the Wind, I could not have asked for a more amazing one.  From the opening musical rendition of “Old Time Religion” sung by Pam Trotter, who plays Mrs. Krebs and joined by other cast members. There was one cast member who sang several times and The Hollywood Times knows is John W. Lawson. It was great to see him live onstage and hear his amazing voice.  Way to go John!

The cast start to come on the stage as they prepare for Colonel Brady, played by John Douglas Thompson, who is coming to Hillsborough for the Trial of The Bible v. Darwinism.  To be there onstage in the presence of these amazing actors was heartwarming.  Once Alfred Molina walked in to take his place in the courtroom, you could just sense that being there on that stage is where he is just so comfortable and brought his character to life.  Dressed in jeans and a collared shirt with a pair of cool looking braces (aka suspenders) holding up his jeans.  Great costume choice for a lawyer.  They go through the motions of picking the jurors, and there is humorous moments now and again between the two lawyers and the judge, played by Rene Rivera. To sit there and watch and listen to Molina and Thompson go head-to-head during the trial portion of the play was truly mesmerizing that you will find yourself holding your breath as not to miss a word or their movement.

John Douglas Thompson and Alfred Molina Go Head-To-Head in Inherit The Wind (Photo by Jeff Lorch)

Another moving and emotional scene was the Reverend Jeremiah Brown, played by David Aaron Baker. It truly made me feel like I was in church as he preached to all us townspeople, that I even found myself yelling out AMEN!

Rachel Hilson as Rachel Brown (Photo by Jeff Lorch)

I have to tell you after watching Rachel Hilson in This is Us and to see her up close and personal as Rachel Brown was true stage acting.  She held her own and gave us a performance we will not forget. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

I really enjoyed the musical numbers performed by the actors.  Who doesn’t like great musicals and this play had some of that as well.

Actor Chris Perfetti, who I just love on Abbott Elementary did an excellent job as reporter/journalist E.K. Hornbeck.  He just stepped out onto that stage, pencil and notepad in hand and made it his own and we all listened and watched as he spoke.  It is really a great thing to see an actor you like in a TV series and/or movie, then have the opportunity to see them live on a stage, I’ve yet to be disappointed.

If you haven’t gone out to see a play lately, do consider this one at The Pasadena Playhouse. Grab some dinner before at the many restaurants close by. You will not be disappointed, and you will want to see it again!

Bravo to the entire cast and the creative team.

Inherit the Wind
Pasadena Playhouse, 39 S. El Molino Ave. in Pasadena November 1-26, 2023

For tickets (starting at $35-$117), call 626.356.7529 or visit Pasadena Playhouse


The Pasadena Playhouse is excited to share that they will be partnering with TodayTix to offer special Courtroom Seating for Inherit the WindYou’ll get the opportunity to get in on the drama of the Courtroom with Onstage Gallery or Jury Box seating!

Courtroom seating view of the stage (Photo THT)


Courtroom seating view of the stage (Photo THT)

These were the best seats EVER!  If you have ever been lucky enough to be upgraded to first class on an airplane and then must sit back in coach, you will understand my excitement. I have to say honestly, I was nervous before the doors opened knowing that I was going to be sitting onstage.  But once I found a seat and the play started, WOW! I am spoiled and this is how I want to see plays from now on.  Way to go Pasadena Playhouse and whomever came up with this idea, Bravo.  I guess since we were considered townspeople, it made sense to have audience members be part of these onstage seats and have this type of seat available to purchase through TodayTix. Several of the cast members sat up in different seats and that was totally cool to have them so close and their verbal involvement during the time they sat in these onstage seats.

Courtroom onstage seating view of jury box and audience seating (Photo THT)

Here is a great photo that shows the courtroom seating behind the actors taken by photographer Jeff Lorch.  Way Cool!

inherit the wind
Alfred Molina, Abubakr Ali, and Cast in Inherit the Wind (Photo by Jeff Lorch)

The 17-member cast is led by Alfred Molina as Henry Drummond, John Douglas Thompson as Matthew Harrison Brady, Chris Perfetti as E.K. Hornbeck, Abubakr Ali as Bertram Cates, David Aaron Baker as Reverend Jeremiah Brown, Rachel Hilson as Rachel Brown, Jared Bybee as Dunlap, Brian Calì as Meeker, Marlene Forte as Mrs. Brady, Matt Gomez Hidaka as Howard Blair, Thomas Hobson as Tom Davenport, Michael Kostroff as Mayor, John W. Lawson as Bannister, Philip J. Lewis as Sillers, Gabriella Pizzigoni as Melinda Loomis, Rene Rivera as the Judge, and Pam Trotter as Mrs. Krebs. See bios here.

The creative team includes Sara Ryung Clement (Costume Designer), Omar Madkour (Lighting Designer), Jeff Gardner (Sound Designer), Darryl Archibald (Vocal Arranger), and Jeffrey Bernstein (Vocal Director), Miranda Johnson-Haddad (Dramaturg), Ryan Bernard Tymensky, CSA (RBT Casting), David S. Franklin (Stage Manager) and Miriam E. Mendoza (Assistant Stage Manager)

I hung around after the play and was able to get a great photo of Alfred Molina talking to three of his fans who were also sitting on stage.  He was so engaged in their conversation, and they were talking about them being in drama classes and he was very encouraging about that with them. I told him how amazing he was, and he was thankful for that comment and thanked us all for being there to support him, the cast, and The Pasadena Playhouse. So humble. Thank you, Alfred Molina.