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Industry Insiders Bill O’Hanlon, Nancy Deckant, and Leslie Bowe New Book, The Songwriter’s Guide To Protecting Your Songs and Collecting Your Money

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Project Receives High Reviews and Praise From Music Industry Publishers, available Now In Ebook Format With Paperback Pre-Orders Open Until May 3rd On Amazon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 3, 2024) — The Songwriter’s Guide To Protecting Your Songs and Collecting Your Money is an essential addition to any songwriter’s library. From managing your music business to navigating newly established royalties, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for aspiring and established songwriters alike. Available now in eBook format with paperback pre-orders open until May 3rd on Amazon, this “how-to” book demystifies the complexities of the songwriting business in a clear and accessible format. The book is available for purchase at online retailers and can be ordered at Amazon HERE.

Authored by a trio of industry insiders, Bill O’HanlonNancy Deckant, and Leslie Bowe, this book is more than just a guide; it’s a labor of love born from their own experiences and struggles in the world of the songwriting business. Each author brings a unique perspective to the table, from Bill’s extensive literary background to Nancy’s hands-on experience as a songwriter, songplugger, and publisher, and Les’s dedication to research and insight.

Bill O’Hanlon, Nancy Deckant And Leslie Bowe
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To celebrate the launch of The Songwriter’s Guide To Protecting Your Songs and Collecting Your Money, a special book launch party and writers’ round will be held at the Commodore Grille in the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt on April 13th from 7 to11 pm. Hit songwriters including Tom Douglas (“House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert) and Jason Sever (“Seein’ Red” by Dustin Lynch), and Jenny Tolman (Married In A Honky Tonk), among others, will be playing to support the launch of this important book.

For more information on the book launch event, visit www.nashvillecool.com/press.

“Becoming a songwriter doesn’t come with a manual for safeguarding your songs and ensuring you receive your rightful earnings,” said Bill O’Hanlon. “If you’re a self-administered songwriter or independent artist, chances are you’re missing out on potential revenue.”

“The book is a roadmap to collecting thirteen royalties, some of which were non-existent before the enactment of the MMA,” explained Nancy Dekant, “ensuring that songwriters stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.”

“Our goal was to consolidate the essentials into one easily accessible resource,” remarked Leslie Bowe. “It clocks in at just 100 pages, offering a concise and straightforward read for all.”

The book has garnered high praise from respected music industry publishers who understand the challenges and intricacies of the songwriting business.

Shar’n Clark, Publisher at Shake ‘Em Up Music, emphasizes the book’s indispensability, stating, “This book is so inclusive in material that any self-administered songwriter should have it a part of their library. It should be required reading before anyone considers themselves a songwriter.”

Reflecting on her own experiences, Debbie Zavitson, former A&R with Sony and Publisher at Debbie Z Entertainment, remarks, “I wish I would’ve had this book when I started in the business!”

Zach Green, Founder of the Red Door Hang, lauds the authors’ expertise, describing the guide as “a great read for any songwriter written by some formidable industry vets.”

The book is infused with practical advice, real-world anecdotes, and step-by-step guidance. Readers can expect to find answers to burning questions such as the basics of  “Where exactly should I register my songs to collect all the royalties due to me?”, “When should I copyright my song with the Library of Congress?” and “What is sync, and what royalties can you expect to earn from it?”  Also included are samples of essential agreements that all songwriters need.