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Hallmark Channel’s “The Way Home” Season 2 Final episode “Bring Me to Life” airs this Easter Sunday, March 31st


By Judy Shields

The compelling second season comes to an emotional conclusion with the “Bring Me to Life” episode of The Way Home, Hallmark Channel’s critically acclaimed, hit series premiering Sunday, March 31 (9 p.m. ET/PT), and streaming the next day on Hallmark Movies Now. Andie MacDowell (Maid, Cedar Cove), Chyler Leigh (Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy), Evan Williams (Versailles), Sadie Laflamme-Snow (Unicorn Academy, Slasher), Alex Hook (I am Frankie), Jefferson Brown (Masters of Romance, Slasher) and David Webster (Luckiest Girl Alive, In the Dark) also star Del (MacDowell), Kat (Leigh), Alice (Laflamme-Snow) and Elliot (Williams) each receive answers about their past and present, while hope for the future brings new questions.

Chyler Leigh (Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media Photographer Michael Tompkins)

I have to say, before you sit down to watch the final episode of Season 2 of The Way Home this Easter Sunday, please get your drinks, snacks, tissue and most importantly, silence your cellphone because you don’t want to miss a single “second” of this episode.  You do not want to walk away during the commercials either! You don’t want to miss any of the show when it starts back up again!  If you have a DVR, I suggest you record this episode so you can watch it again and again so you don’t miss a single thing. Lots to see in this episode.  Enjoy.

This is one of the best shows on television right now and I can’t believe the final episode is now upon us. But the great thing is Season 3 has been announced and all of us The Way Home fans could not be more excited about that news.  If you haven’t seen this amazing show, you can get caught up on Hallmark Movies Now streaming platform.  They offer a 7-day free trial, so what better way to start watching and catch up before the final episode of Season 2 The Way Home.  Click here to sign up for that free trial: https://www.hmnow.com/?glbnav=hmnow

Andie MacDowell and Rob Stewart (Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media Photographer Michael Tompkins)

The episode will answer many of our questions and definitely wanting more.  Thank goodness Season 3 has been announced!

Time travel questions will be answered!  Can you imagine being able to time travel to see those that we have lost.  I guess that is why I love the show so much since losing my mother 30 years ago this year.  My parents owned a grocery store in Ontario, CA and it was so wonderful being part of that life and how amazing it would be to go back in time to see my mother and father running that store so proudly.

I can’t give away any spoilers, since I just watched the episode, but you need tissue. I have to say Go Elliott!  This episode has horses, my favorite soul animal.  Lives will be changed. You will not want to miss the ending(s) only because it felt like there were more than one ending, but how doesn’t like many endings.  The writing for this show is top notch and this final episode was written by Heather Conkie.  Way to go Heather and thank you for The Way Home.

Sadie-Laflamme-Snow and Evan Williams (Credit: @2024 Hallmark Media Photographer Michael Tompkins)

Have yourself a wonderful Easter weekend and don’t forget to gather the family to watch The Way Home on the Hallmark Channel, Sunday, March 31 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

One thing to remember is…The pond will always take you where you need to GO!

The Cast:

Andie MacDowell (Del Landry)
Chyler Leigh (Kat Landry)
Evan Williams (Elliot Augustine)
Sadie Laflamme-Snow (Alice Dhawan)
Jefferson Brown (Colton Landry)
Kris Holden-Ried (Thomas Coyle)
Spencer Macpherson (Adult Jacob)
Alex Hook (Teen Kat)
David Webster (Teen Elliot)
Vaughan Murrae (Casey Goodwin)
Rob Stewart (Sam Bishop)
James Gallanders (Victor Augustine)
Watson Rose (Susanna Augustine)
Stuart Hughes (Elijah Landry)
Tim Post (Cyrus Goodwin)
Alexander Eling (Noah)
Remy Smith (Jacob Landry)
Agi Gallus (Elderly Woman)
Lincoln Reign McCaffrey (Little Boy)

Andie MacDowell, Sadie Laflamme Snow (Credit ©2024 Hallmark Media Photographer Michael Tompkins)

The Way Home is a Neshama Entertainment production in association with MarVista Entertainment. Executive producers are Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke, Fernando Szew, Hannah Pillemer, Larry Grimaldi, Ani Kevork, Arnie Zipursky, Marly Reed, Suzanne L. Berger, MacDowell and Leigh. The series is produced by John Calvert. Mitch Geddes serves as consulting producer. Story editors are Masooma Hussain, Michael Hanley and Elyne Quan. John Fawcett directed from a script by Clarke. Written by Heather Conkie