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Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation and The Skinny Line Co-Founders Partner to Helping Women Navigate Their Health and Well-Being

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 3/28/2021- The Skinny Line www.theskinnyline.com, is a women-led organization that empowers all women to make healthy changes by giving them the motivation to realize their full power and potential. They have announced a strategic partnership with Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation. https://theskinnyline.com/cancer-schmancer/. This powerful partnership unites two organizations whose shared goal is to transform and save lives and to work together to create and promote communities of strength, hope, and resilience, something which is needed now more than ever. The Skinny Line is led by Julie Sagoskin (fashionista),  Jacqui Justice, and Lisa Avellino. These dynamic women also are co-hosts of a hit show and just rebranded it on  TALK RADIO 77 WABC. “Ladies, It’s Not Our Fault, It’s Our Hormones and High Heels!” to  “Ladies, What the F” Fashion. Food. Fitness & Fun! answering the question of ‘What the F is going on lately?  https://wabcradio.com/show/ladies-what-the-f/

The Hollywood Times spoke with Julie Sagoskin, CEO and co-founder of The Skinny Line about the success of The Skinny Line and her luxury magazine, Resident. 

You are the Editor-in-Chief of Resident Magazine New York’s leading lifestyle and luxury publication. Share your background. 

I have been passionate about writing since a young age – especially when I realized that I could not do math! I started my career in the publishing industry at the age of 16 when I developed my own column in International Equestrian Magazine, “Sidelines.” I would travel all over to press conferences and conduct interviews with Olympic riders. I became obsessed with the adrenaline rush of being in the middle of all the action and getting the inside scoop before anyone else. I went on to study English and Journalism at Boston University and eventually wound up working at the flagship station of CBS Radio in New York where I would develop feature stories and interview celebrities on the red carpet, backstage at premieres, etc. As the editor of Resident Magazine, I am able to oversee the overall production of the magazine, from the initial concept to print. We cover everything from celebrity news and covers to fashion spreads, plus travel, dining, wellness, and more. Our events have been regularly featured on Page Six, The Today Show, and other national outlets (before COVID, of course!) During the pandemic, we were honored to showcase some of New York’s health heroes from Mount Sinai Hospital on a cover. I am also a member of The Writer’s Guild of America and co-host the women’s talk show “Ladies, What The F! Fashion. Food. Fitness & Fun!” on WABC 77 Talk Radio along with Lisa Avellino and Jacqui Justice, fitness and nutrition experts who bring along their expertise, insights and of course, fun! https://wabcradio.com/show/ladies-what-the-f/

Tell us about what led you to start The Skinny Line? 

I am so proud to be a part of this brand, which is not just a diet plan, but a movement. My Co-founders, Lisa Avellino ( fitness guru), and Jacqui Justice (world-renowned nutritionist) are incredible women and widely respected in their respective fields of fitness and nutrition. We all know what it means to be a busy woman and how important it is to control our own health and diet destiny. We wanted to form a community based on our shared beliefs that all women want and deserve to look and feel their best. As editor of a luxury and lifestyle magazine, I am regularly directly photo shoots, sitting front row at Fashion Week, and working the red carpets with A-list personalities and celebrities. I have heard all the backstage gossip on who is doing what to stay slim and fit. I wanted to bring some of this inside scoop to other women because all women of all backgrounds are superstars!

We also wanted to create a line that would be easy and accessible – you can incorporate The Skinny Line 30-day plan and products into your lifestyle, whatever that means for you. Now more than ever, as we still find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, we are uber conscious about what we put in our bodies, so we wanted to form a plan with supplements, shakes and even a spritz (Skinny Spritz!) all ingredients are FDA compliant, carcinogen-free, pharmaceutical grade and toxic-free. We worked with top researchers to make sure the products were safe, and our nutritionist put a healthy eating plan together with great-tasting recipes which you can integrate with the five products which make up the plan. Everything is whole food-centric and encourages organic eating with ingredients that promote and boost your metabolism, plus your immunity. That’s why this program is not just a diet, but YOUR safeguard. By keeping you in shape, your body is better equipped to help fight off diseases, from COVID-19 to the common cold to certain cancers, and even heart disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

What are key challenges people are facing and how can The Skinny Line help?

One word – immunity! When it comes to staying safe and protected from pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, a healthy immune system is essential. Our focus as we navigate COVID-19 continues to be our health, as well as the health of our family and friends. Our 30-day plan has just the right recipes, supplements, and food products to make this happen. This program is centered around whole foods, organic meats, plant-based foods, and other ingredients that provide the body with the nutrients and vitamins which are essential to keeping our immunity strong. We provide recipes and meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From fruits and leafy vegetables to foods rich in antioxidants, your body will absorb the nutrients which are key to boosting your immunity. And trust me, everything is tasty! I loooove to eat, so I would never sacrifice taste. We do not believe in cutting calories. Instead, we are focused on which calories we should be consuming.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 continuing to spread, especially with new strains starting to take over, why is The Skinny Line a “Health Movement?”

We are a women-led organization that empowers all women to make healthy changes by giving them the motivation to realize their full power and potential. We essentially want to inspire women from all over the country to realize that they have the power to do anything, and what is more important than taking control of your health and wellbeing? We are realizing now how important it is to get a head start on our health – no more waiting around. We want women’s voices to be heard on all the topics that matter to them, that’s why Lisa, Jacqui, and myself collaborated on not only The Skinny Line but also came to host “Ladies, What The F! Fashion. Food. Fitness & Fun!” on WABC 77 Talk Radio where we like to say YOUR voice is OUR mission! We highlight the facts as well as misconceptions about the latest diet trends and everything we women are concerned about. Should we get vaccinated? Is there more I can do to protect myself and my family? We are always here to answer your questions. It is like having your very own stylist, fitness instructor, and nutritionist! In addition, in the diet program, Lisa has created her own Skinny Line fitness plan, while I give you my tips on how to do the Skinny Line Closet Detox!

Lisa Avellino, Julie Sagoskin, and Jacquie Justice

What is included in The Skinny Line Diet Plan? 

It typically takes 30 days to turn a behavior into a habit. The first step is to commit to the challenge, that is why we recommend starting with The Skinny Line 30-Day Plan. Once you have committed to eating clean for 30 days, your body will follow as your mind directs. Your plan includes:

  • Delicious Easy-To-Follow Recipes
  • Time Saving Grocery List
  • Tips, Tricks & Advice
  • Personal Support
  • Skinny Spritz
  • Skinny Shakes
  • Skinny Suppress
  • Skinny Boost
  • The Skinny Line Fitness Plan
  • The Skinny Line Closet Detox

After The 30-Day Skinny Line Plan then you can choose and use any of the Skinny Line products as needed. You can email us at the skinny line for guidance and questions at [email protected]

Our whole food, immunity-boosting, and cancer prevention diet plan are:

  • Rich in nutrients known as antioxidants that boost the immune system and help protect against cancer cells
  • Loaded with fruits that may lower the risk of stomach and lung cancer
  • Packed with vegetables containing carotenoids, such as carrots, brussels sprouts, and squash, which might reduce the risk of lung cancer, mouth, pharynx, and larynx cancers
  • High in non-starchy vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and beans, which might help protect against stomach and esophageal cancer
  • Eating oranges, berries, peas, bell peppers, dark leafy greens, and other foods high in vitamin C may also protect you against the esophageal, cervix, and endometrial cancer
  • Eating organic, preservative-free meats can ensure that you are getting all your vital nutrients without risking unwanted effects from potentially hazardous chemicals.

You recently joined forces with Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation. Why is this partnership so important? 

We are so proud of this partnership as we are both so passionate about helping to educate and inspire women on how to stay cancer-free or get through their diagnoses as speedily as possible. All women are warriors, they just need to find their inner power. Best known as “Fran Fine” in the hit series The Nanny, Drescher founded the nonprofit Cancer Schmancer following her own triumph over cancer, turning her pain into purpose with a mission to educate people about a healthy, preventative lifestyle so that they wouldn’t have to suffer through what she did. Like Fran says, “Let’s not get sick in the first place. How’s that for a cure?”

Our shared goal is to transform and save lives and to work together to create and promote communities of strength, hope, and resilience. The Skinny Line alliance with Cancer Schmancer is multi-faceted and supports the lifesaving mission of Cancer Schmancer; educational videos, support of the Cancer Schmancer Master Class Health Summit, Online Edu-Series, Corona Care 4 You, and Cabaret Spectacular. The Skinny Line product will be featured on the Cancer SchmancerShop Our Partners’ page in the online store at www.cancershmancer.org. 33% of all sales of The Skinny Line will go to support Cancer Schmancer.

Julie Sagoskin

We are dedicated to improving and saving lives, and in Cancer Schmancer, we have found an organization whose passion for creating real, sustainable change amongst women is aligned perfectly with our own mission. We are so proud to partner with the incredible team behind this nonprofit which has proven itself to be a pioneer in the health and wellness landscape when it comes to supporting women and their families in the biggest fight of their lives. Cancer Schmancer is focused on prevention by helping people to navigate their medical choices and of course, what they put in, on, and around their bodies – something we know all about at The Skinny Line.

What is your mission for this partnership? 

We want to raise awareness of how we can all take care of our bodies through healthy eating which in turn can help prevent cancer. That’s why we are donating 33% of all proceeds to Cancer Schmancer. Please visit us at theskinnyline.com to learn more, as well as by going to The Skinny Line Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Skinny Line offers chemical-free Immunity Enhancing Products, spritzes, and creams. Tell us more. 

Anytime is the right time to quick start your clean eating lifestyle. Start by spending 30 days steering clear of pre-packaged and processed foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Rid your diet of refined sugars and flour. Eat whole clean meals that will fuel your body and leave you feeling energized and sustained. Each specific product that is integrated into your healthy eating lifestyle has a purpose in the plan – from keeping you feeling full and satiated to working effectively with the specific foods we help you introduce into your diet.

The Skinny Line 30-day weight loss meal plan explores the importance of nutrition when it comes to boosting immunity to ensure that the body is equipped as possible to fight off viruses like the Covid-19 and safeguard against diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and certain cancers. Our products include:

(2) Skinny Line shakes (vanilla or chocolate) are great for when you are on the go or too tired to cook. As they have all the high-quality Skinny Line nutrients you need to feel full and energized for hours. Made with a pea and rice protein blend that supports antioxidant systems in the body. This sugar and stevia-free formula provide an array of micronutrients to maintain lean body mass during increased physical activity. Ideal for vegans, individuals who are sensitive or allergic to soy and/ dairy, or even those just seeking an alternative source of protein. And since they’re so low in calories and carbs, these tasty shakes can also get you lean and mean without any cravings or hunger pangs.

Skinny Spritz a sublingual spray (2 spritzes under the tongue before each meal) is a natural way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body by optimizing fat metabolism and converting fat into cellular energy. Skinny Spritz is composed of essential nutrient groups that promote healthy metabolism, liver, and heart. The ingredients in this blend are gaining awareness worldwide for their effectiveness (when supplemented) for weight control, glucose control, and cardiovascular health.

Skinny Suppress is a weight loss aid that contains vitamins, minerals, and a bulking agent to create a feeling of fullness and help curb appetite.

Skinny Boost, a significant blend of “fat loving” lipotropic and B complex vitamins intended to increase your fat-burning metabolism, protect against the abnormal fat accumulation in the liver, and remove and transport fat out of the body.

The Skinny Lines whole food-centric, immunity-boosting, and nutritious recipes help to build the foundation of a healthy body and a healthy body is always stronger when fighting stress and disease.

The Skinny Line Exclusive Fitness Plan will help boost your immune system and fight off infections. This workout is designed to allow immune cells to perform efficiently; increases blood flow, reduces stress and inflammation, and can strengthen antibodies.

The Skinny Line Closet Detox: getting your closet in shape will help keep your mind focused and ensure a relaxed daily routine. Organize your shelves based on color coordination, purchase ‘skinny’ hangers, stick to basics and put things away based on the season. Follow the six-month rule-if you have not worn it in six months, donate it! When your space is more organized and filled with only those things that make you look and feel good, you can stay stress-free, and that adds to your overall well-being. This in turn helps to strengthen your immune system-all while picking out your favorite pair of skinny jeans. After all, it is about looking and feeling good from the inside out.

At the Skinny Line, we channel our passion for elevated living to create the highest quality and best tasting Skinny Line immunity-enhancing products and recipes.

What are the key ingredients to safeguard your health against diseases? 

Our products are all pharmaceutical grade, FDA approved, and carcinogen-free. The ingredients used help you to lose up to ten pounds or more, strengthen your immunity, eliminate visceral fat, reduce joint pain and chronic systemic inflammation, lower cholesterol, increase metabolism to burn fat, promote lean muscle mass, reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, and increase energy, mental acuity, and endurance.

Our Skinny Line Shakes are a sugar-free source of unadulterated vegetable protein sourced from non-GMO peas and rice, providing 17 grams of high-quality protein in every scoop. It is a true natural vegan protein that has high bioavailability and tolerability. It is a safe alternative for people with allergies to milk and milk products which must avoid casein or whey proteins, and for those with lactose intolerance.

Skinny Spritz, our proprietary sublingual spray, is a blend of African Mango extract, green coffee bean extract, and raspberry ketones which support a healthy metabolism, liver, and heart. The ingredients in this product have gained interest worldwide for their overall ability to improve the function of leptin, a key hormone that regulates appetite, thermogenic activity, and weight loss.

Skinny Sculpt is a topical enhancement cream, formulated with some of the same ingredients that are commonly used in micro-needle therapies. The key ingredients, Deoxycholic Acid and Phosphatidylcholine are bio-identical compounds similar to what the body produces. They help smooth and improve skin texture, plus tighten, tone, sculpt and rejuvenate by targeting fat spots and cellulite areas in the body.

Tell me about the radio show and podcast on ABCTalkRadio 77 “Ladies What the F is going on lately?” hosted by you and your co-founders Lisa Avellino, fitness expert, and Jacqui Justice?

Our show is all about how wellness influences fashion and vice versa. We want to address your concerns, that’s why we like to say that YOUR voice is OUR mission! We regularly feature leading health experts to answer all of your pressing questions about today’s unpredictable world where nothing can be taken for granted. We also bring in the fun with A-list celebrity interviews and segments such as “Trendy, Timeless Or Time To Go” and “What The F!” Lisa, Jacqui, and I are all experts and industry insiders with decades of experience. We have seen and heard it all and are so excited to bring the “backstage scoop” to our listeners. We are especially proud of our latest segment called “Bringing New York Restaurants Back!” where we feature famed restaurateurs, chefs, and personalities from The Food Network to discuss how they are staying New York Strong and keeping afloat. Make sure to subscribe to our podcast page by going to wabcradio.com and clicking on podcasts where you will find “Ladies, What The F!”

 What is your vision for The Skinny Line in 2021

We want to continue to inspire women and show them the ways that they can be the best version of themselves. It’s time to take control of your health by investing in yourself. We have so much more access now to scientific research and know the changes we can make in our daily lives that can have a lasting impact. We want our movement to get even stronger as we continue to empower more women to use their voices and find their strength from the inside out.

Find us at www.theskinnyline.com

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