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Envy of Satan Directed by Bill Timoney Taps into the Horror Genre of Today 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 2/02/2021 –  Bill Timoney has brought together three accomplished actors and an incredible script that taps into the horror genre of today with plot twists and turns. It is fun and entertaining and honors film history in a very unique way. When two wealthy eccentric sisters seek a filmmaker to make a fetish parody video for a birthday gift, they hire a Filmmaker notorious on the dark web for his torture “snuff” films that may (or may not) be actual human sacrifices in satanic rituals, The Envy of Sata will be filmed at various locations in upstate New York and showcase the acting talents of Ellen B. Williams, Dan Becker, and Kristin Samuelson. The Hollywood Times spoke to this talented cast and their goals for their GoFundMe Campaign. https://gofund.me/939644ef

You have an extensive background in horror films. Tell us what inspired you to write, Envy of Satan. 

Bill Timoney:  Thank you for describing my Horror genre background as “extensive,” but it’s not nearly as much as I want it to be. I grew up on the genre movies of Universal’s black & white Monster cycle, then Hammer Film’s color remakes.

Envy of Satan has an outstanding cast including, the tempting Dan Becker, the whimsical Ellen Williams, the refined Kristin Samuelson, and the resourceful Dani Martineck. Tell us about your cast. 

Bill Timoney:  My boyhood heroes were Boris Karloff and Peter Cushing. Then, when I began to make my own Super 8 movies in my backyard, AIP’s “King of the Bs” master Indie Filmmaker Roger Corman was my hero. I particularly liked ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, as well as Roger’s Edgar Allen Poe adaptations that starred Vincent Price.

What inspired you to write THE ENVY OF SATAN? 

Bill Timoney: I was inspired to write THE ENVY OF SATAN while watching an old college chum of mine get involved as a performer in the “torture porn” Horror sub-genre.

You launched a GoFundMe Campaign for the film. Why is this film important? 

Bill Timoney: I know all four members of our cast, through my side-biz where I coach actors and provide career consulting services (I’ve been around, and I’ve paid attention). I’ve known for some time that I wanted to work on a project with all four… so I wrote something we could do together!

Ellen, Kristin, and Dan came together to launch the GoFundMe campaign; they are doing all that heavy lifting without any assistance from me. I’m delighted that they see enough value in my script to want to raise the budget for production. I don’t know about “important” when it comes to genre cinema; for me, the #1 objective of such a story-telling project is to take the viewer on a fantastic ride! In that respect, I think more like the stage impresarios of yesteryear; always give people their money’s worth!

Why should people want to support Indie Filmmakers? 

Bill Timoney: “Support Independent Film!” That’s Jeanenne Garafolo’s final line of dialogue in the movie MYSTERY MEN. Frankly, that attitude puts me off a bit, for it sounds like a request for a handout. The indie film should be subject to the same marketplace rules of every other business; make a great product that will satisfy the buyer, and you’ll stay in business. On the other hand, even the lowest low budget short film ain’t cheap to make. So I’m glad that GoFundMe exists, so that genre fans hungry for something new and satisfying can make a little investment to bring it to fruition. I’m reminded of the Monty Python members who wrote the script to THE LIFE OF BRIAN. Unable to secure financing from traditional sources (for fear of angering conservatives). They pitched their project to former Beatle George Harrison, who committed to financing the project on the spot. He said “I really want to see this movie. But if I don’t put up the money it needs to get made, I know it won’t get made.”

Who is this film for? 

Bill Timoney: THE ENVY OF SATAN will entertain both horror genre fans and the more discerning, non-horror indie film viewer. But to explain “why” would give away the surprise!

Do you have any additional thoughts? 

I am over the moon that Ellen, Kristin, Dani, and Dan were thinking enough of my script that they’ve invited me to direct them in the film project. I haven’t directed a short since I made “Fright Site,” a short that promoted a horror online creative writing project. My main actor in that project was Bryan Cranston, whom we filmed during a hiatus from his TV series “Breaking Bad.” I expect my artistic collaboration on THE ENVY OF SATAN will be just as – if not even more – thrilling and exciting!!!

Kristin, tell us about your character Emily. 

Kristin Samuelson: Emily is the no-nonsense sister of Agatha, played by Ellen B. Williams.  Together, these two wealthy sisters seek to make a fetish parody video for a birthday gift.  They hire a filmmaker notorious on the dark web for his torture “snuff” films.  And let’s just say…they’re all in for a treat.

What attracted you to Envy of Satan? 

Kristin Samuleson: Bill Timoney wrote in a genre that he’s comfortable and knowledgeable:  Horror.  A well-crafted story, I liked his clever use of words and the joy Agatha and Emily have in carrying out their plan.  He wrote the script for Ellen, Dan, and me, and you can tell he took care to write a role that was perfect for each of us.  Emily’s personality aligns with my let’s-get-down-to-business personality.  It’s a great opportunity to work with amazing actors who also happen to be friends.

Is this your first horror film? 

Kristin Samuleson: No. Horror films are everywhere and there are so many types of them!  Anyway, my first was “Rook.”  I was a psychiatrist dealing with a sheriff who had gone crazy while dealing with a prisoner he was holding.  Then I had the pleasure of playing Eric Roberts’ wife in a film, “Jake’s Road.”  A group of young adults, peers of our sons, became involved in bizarre murders in the woods type story.  I also played the motel manager at a place where Dolph Lundgren came looking for a room in a cool “disease” film, “Don’t Kill It.”

Tell us about working with Writer and Director, Bill Timoney. 

Kristin Samuelson: I came to know Bill as an acting coach. I had a couple of auditions that I wanted some help with and we spent a lot of time talking. He’s so knowledgeable of the history of different areas of our industry.  He was a stand up comic at one point and gave me scads of info about comics and comedy clubs when I had something to prepare related to comedy clubs in LA. A horror film is a passion of his and he can give you a history lesson without batting an eye. He’s also a real supporter of actors.  He knows it’s a random career and we all need to know someone believes in us.

You launched a GoFundMe Campaign. What is your hope?

Kristin Samuelson: My hope is to find believers who want to help us make this intense, but fun film.  We’re offering Associate Producer credits to anyone who contributes $2,000 in the hopes that some people would love to see their names in the credits and on IMDB!  The last film I produced and acted in has won 17 awards at various film festivals, so it would be an opportunity to be recognized as a producer.  We’re also offering a chance to be in the film as an Extra!  For a donation of $500, you can be in the film and will see your name in the credits.  We want to raise the funds we need, but we want those donors to be part of the Team!!

How important is it for people to support Indie Filmmakers? 

Kristin Samuelson: Indie filmmaking has moved into the mainstream!  We regularly see series on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. that started as someone’s idea for a web series.  Where would the film be without Blair Witch Project, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Requiem for a Dream, or The Big Sick?

Ellen, How does Envy of Satan help you to delve into your creative self? Tell us about your role as Agatha. 

Ellen B. Williams: It is a rare and exciting opportunity to create a role that has never been done before, to put your own stamp on it. As I begin to work on the role of Agatha, I look for the clues that Bill has given us in the script—and it’s a wonderfully rich script—to provide backstory. And of course, it’s fabulous to have a writer like Bill who knows the history and tradition, if you will, of the horror genre. He also knows my work and what I can bring to the table and has written my part accordingly. I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice it to say that Agatha and Emily are two very different characters, and it is great fun to imagine their backstories! That is what I am working on right now—I know some of Agatha’s past from the script, but it is up to me to flesh out her emotional landscape.

Why will the audience love this film? 

Ellen B. Williams: Oh, there are so many reasons!! THE ENVY OF SATAN has a little something for everyone—a psychological thriller that speaks to all generations. That’s the thing about Bill and his knowledge of not only the horror genre but film in general: the past has informed the present in very satisfying ways. And it is fun! There are some comedic lines and situations that are unexpected, along with the intrigue of the central storyline.

What intrigued you about this script?

Ellen B. Williams: I knew that Bill would write a script that highlighted the strengths of all of us. We, as a cast, trust him implicitly, so I knew that we would love it! Kristin and I had been looking for a project to do for a couple of years, ever since we reconnected after 35 years. We found that we had retired from our classical singing lives, and devoted ourselves to this challenging, wacky, and hugely fulfilling life of acting, so here we are! Dan Becker is an acting friend of ours from class, and Dani has been a part of Bill’s world for a while, so a chance for all of us to create something together was the draw, with Bill at the center.

You launched a GoFundMe Campaign. What do you want people to know about your team and this film? 

Ellen B. Williams: We are a close-knit group, and we want to make this film a relief from this past year. With all of the loss—of life, of jobs—to the major setbacks in the arts, we wanted to put something into the world that gives back a little. And entertains—we can only watch our beloved movies and TV shows so many times! Let’s tell some new stories, and engage new audiences…We are all storytellers, and our team shares that passion to engage, to entertain, and to take all of us into a different realm. I think that imagination is one of the greatest things that anyone can be blessed with, and we have had a ball, imagining so far the world of these two sisters.

What led you to The Envy of Satan? 

Dan Becker: I met Ellen in an acting workshop and we just clicked. Ellen eventually introduced me to Bill Timoney. I started working with Bill for several months on creating content and rehearsing scenes for auditions when Ellen, Bill, and I discussed the idea of working together. She then mentioned how Kristin would be a great addition to a project as well. So Bill, being the great influencer that he is, created a chilling script with the three of us in mind.

Tell us about your character. 

Dan Becker: I play the role of Snuffy. Snuffy is an internet celebrity with his very own successful dark web series based around torture scenes. He’s an egotistical but mysteriously dark man. He gets off on his fame almost as much as the idea of torturing an innocent little victim. Loves the spotlight. Hates the daylight.

What intrigues you about horror? 

Dan Becker: I enjoy watching or reading horror because I’m curious as to how this is going to shake me. How will this get my blood pumping? No pun intended. I want to be thrown off of normalcy for a change. I enjoy the rush of having my fearful side tapped into.

You launched a GoFundMe Campaign. Why is this film so important? 

Dan Becker: This film is extremely important to not only me but to the entire cast. This would be a huge step in our careers. It’s a brilliant script, written by a prodigious pioneer to this business in Bill Timoney and it deserves to be produced and seen by many.

GoFundMe Campaign. https://gofund.me/939644ef