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Early Praise for One Tough Dame: The Life and Career of Diana Rigg by Herbie J. Pilato

Los Angeles, CA (Special to The Hollywood Times) 5/9/2024 – One of our favorite authors is at it again.

Herbie J. Pilato, author if the wildly successful Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story, has a new book out, this time focusing in on the late Diana Rigg, the distaff star of The Avengers, as well as Game of Thrones, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,  and West End.

And as you will see, the reviews are stunning:

“…an exquisitely well-written and researched book. Meticulous…a superb biography.”

  •  Nat Segaloff, author of Arthur Penn: American Director and A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison

“A wonderful biography of Dame Diana…Pilato brings this brilliant actress back to glorious life, with all her virtues and foibles intact…those who think of Dame Diana Rigg only as Mrs. Peel or Mrs. James Bond are in for quite a surprise.”

  • Bruce G. Hallenbeck, author of Poe Pictures, Rock’n’Roll Monsters: The American International Story and the upcoming Blazing Saddles Meets Young Frankenstein: the 50th Anniversary of the Year of Mel Brooks

“An actress all too often dismissed as a sixties television sex symbol, Diana Rigg was so much more. A pioneer speaking out for women working in the industry, she was independent and hard-working all her life. In One Tough Dame, author Herbie J Pilato explores Rigg’s life and diverse career, from performing on stage in Shakespeare’s plays to television in Game of Thrones, and even some surprises along the way.”

  • Gillian Kelly, author of Robert Taylor: Male Beauty, Masculinity, and Stardom in Hollywood

 “A highly readable, well-documented biography of a dedicated artist in full possession of her art. Those who think of Rigg only as Emma Peel in a jumpsuit have a treat in store when they read the full, exhilarating story.”

  • Bernard F. Dick, author of The Golden Age Musicals of Darryl F. Zanuck: The Gentleman Preferred Blondes